Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – History 

Allen Edmonds came into existence in Wisconsin USA in 1922. And rapidly gain the attention of high-quality men’s footwear brands. The very first priority of this brand was to make shoes for the military people during world war ll, but later they widened their product line in terms of footwear, clothing as well as accessories. 

Whereas, Red Wing was founded in Minnesota USA in 1905. Initially, they focus on producing shoes for miners as well as farmers. But slowly and gradually they increase their varieties of shoes without compromising on durability and craftsmanship. This brand become the center of attention because of its rugged boots that are good to wear in harsh weather conditions.

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Material 

Both brands use premium quality material. Let’s have a look at each of them one by one. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Red WingAllen Edmonds Vs Red Wing

Allen Edmonds:

  • They use high-quality full-grain leather for their shoes. These leather include calfskin, Cordovan, suede, etc. Each one of them is known for its durability and softness. 
  • The leather sole, as well as rubber sole, is the basic priority of Allen Edmonds to use in their shoes because they provide superb grip on different tractions
  • They make use of cork insoles that mold according to the feet of the wearer over time. 

Red Wings:

  • They use oil-tanned and rough-out leather
  • In terms of soles, rubber, and Vibram soles are basic priorities of them to provide slip resistance.
  • They use the cork footbed for ensuring outstanding comfort and support for the feet. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Design 

Keeping in mind the preference of the people both brands of footwear offer different designs. 

Allen Edmonds focuses on the classic as well as timeless design by highlighting traditional features such as cap toes, wingtips, and brogues. They ensure great attention to even the minute detail of the shoes. Moreover, they offer versatile design styles and colors along with customization offers.  

In contrast to it, Red Wing is famous because of its rugged, utilitarian designs with features like durable leather and heavy-duty stitching. Though they offer different ranges of colors and materials, they focus mainly on the functionality as well as durability of the shoes. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Style

Both of these shoe brands have their style preference. Such as

Allen Edmonds uses classic and traditional styles for their dress shoes. This style makes them perfect to wear at any formal or business event. They offer versatile styles such as loafers, oxford brogues, etc.

Apart from it Red wing shoes, are known for their working boots. They contain thick and sturdy leather that is designed to withstand bad weather. The style of the shoes that they offer includes classic working boots, moc toe boots, chukkas, etc. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Comfort 

The First and foremost preference of every individual is to look at the comfort of the shoes. No matter whether the shoes are of a famous brand, if your shoes are not comfortable for your feet then it is the worse buying.

Therefore, paying heed to the comfortability of both the shoes, Allen Edmonds is regarded as comfortable shoes because of the best quality material they use. Apart from their outstanding construction, they use cork footbeds that mold as per the feet of their wearer over time, providing them with the most comfortable fit. Interestingly, they offer different ranges of widths which seems beneficial for wider as well as narrow feet.

Whereas, Red Wing shoes offer thick and supporting soles and comfortable cushioned footbeds. That is good for those who have to work for the whole day. However, these shoes require a little break in time, which makes them uncomfortable initially. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Durability 

Though both of these brands become the talk of the town when you highlight their durability then interestingly, both have an incredible reputation for manufacturing super quality durable shoes.  

Allen Edmonds, despite the mind-blowing quality, uses the special technique known as Great Welt construction. This technique adds a lot to the longevity of the shoes. Other than this, they offer versatile styles of shoes, ideal to wear to any party, business dinner or formal occasion, etc. This style includes dress, formal and casual shoes. All of these shoes are manufactured by giving special attention to great welt construction which is a time-tested method.

In comparison to it, Red Wing shoes mostly design working boots that can tolerate bad weather conditions. Therefore, they use high-quality leather and different construction techniques that are suitable for different working environments, thus ensuring the great durability of the shoes. 

Nevertheless, the durability of the shoes depends on how the wearer uses them. If he takes great care of them they can serve for longer. Apart from that, if you are looking for boots that can withstand bad weather conditions in a different working environment then picking the Red Wing shoes is phenomenal. However, for dress shoes, Allen Edmonds is always the first choice of people.

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Price 

Being a well-known shoe brand. Both of them differ in terms of prices. 

Allen Edmonds is more expensive as compared to the Redwings. But this price varies in terms of material, style, design, and features of the shoes. 

As you know that both brands are at the hipe because of their durability and craftsmanship, therefore investing in these shoes proves to be beneficial in terms of lifetime service.

Utimelty, buying any of the shoes from these two brands depends upon one person’s desire, budget, and preference.

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Similarities

  • Both brands make use of super-quality material for their shoes.
  • Both of them are USA well-known brands. 
  • The classic styling of the shoes is the key use by both of them.
  • To increase the durability and comfort of the shoe, both of the brands use the Good Welt construction technique.
  • Moreover, these shoe brands offer customer service in the form of resoling. That extends the life of the shoes. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing – Difference 

  • Both brands possess different shoe styles. However, Allen Edmonds is known for its dress shoes whereas Red Wing is famous for its working boots 
  • Allen Edmonds is made up of High-Quality leather whereas Red Wing uses a combination of leather such as suede, Gore-Tex, or canvas in their shoes
  • The technique that is used in the Construction of Allen Edmonds is Goodyear welt whereas Red Wing uses different construction methods like the stitch down technique which means stitching the sole directly to the upper of the shoes.
  • Although, Both of the brands manufacture highly comfortable as well as durable shoes. However, Allen Edmonds is more expensive than that Red Wing.
  • Allen Edmonds is mostly preferred by offices or businessmen for their dress shoes. In contrast to it, people who work in the construction or manufacturing industry demand red-wing shoes.

Allen Edmonds vs Red Wing – Comparison Table

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which shoe brand is better, Allen Edmonds or Red Wing? 

Well, both of the brands are good to wear on any occasion. Therefore, it depends on What you are looking for. If you want to go to any formal function and desire to wear classic shoes then Allen Edmonds are splendid. Whereas, if you want to wear practical working boots, Red Wing is perfect.

Can you resolve Red Wing shoes?

Yes, Red Wing shoes can be resoled. This service offered by the company adds a lot to the life of the shoes 

Do Red Wing shoes provide a proper fit? 

Red Wing shoes do provide a perfect fit but once they complete their break in time. It is recommended to try these shoes before buying to assure the fit and true sizing.

Is Allen Edmonds worth the price? 

Allen Edmonds is worth the price because they are made up of great Welt construction. This construction provides the shoes with remarkable comfort and durability.

What is the warranty provided by Allen Edmonds shoes? 

These shoes provide a one-year warranty that covers craftsmanship and material.

Bottom Line:

In a net shell, both of the shoes are known for their quality which is good in their way, therefore choosing among them depends upon a personal preference, especially the budget. 

Want to go buy dress shoes for a formal gathering Allen Edmonds is good to go, whereas if you are looking for shoes that make your whole day walk pain-free while working, then  Red Wing is perfect.

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