Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots

Allen Edmonds is a notable American footwear brand that was founded in 1922 in Belgium, Wisconsin. This brand has a long history of making high-quality men’s footwear. It was first known for military boots but later it widened its product line by manufacturing loafers, wingtips or Oxfords, etc. Today, it is famous because of its classic and timeless designs that only make use of high-quality materials to maintain its reputation. 

In contrast to it, the Thursday Boots company was started by Connor Wilson and Nolan Walsh to overcome the gap between working Boots and Fashion footwear. It is a New York brand that creates high-quality boots which lie in between the Fashion boot and Working boots. 

While Allen Edmonds has a long history of manufacturing high-quality boots, Thursday Boots are comparatively a newly established brand that gains public attention due to its aesthetic footwear design.  

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday BootsAllen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots

Well, Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boots both are well-known men’s footwear brands. But there are some differences between them that you want to put into a concern before making a purchase decision.  

Allen Edmonds is a classical footwear brand that uses high-quality materials and great welt construction techniques while manufacturing shoes. They use prime quality material such as full grain leather, a Cork footbed, durable rubber, leather sole or sung insole, etc. That makes the shoes highly reliable to wear 

Apart from it, Thursday Boots specializes in making high-quality boots at affordable and accessible prices as compared to Allen Edmonds. It is a traditional luxury brand that uses full grain leather, Cork footbeds, and great welt construction, the same material used by Allen Edmonds. But the major difference is that they are manufactured overseas to keep the costs down. 

In terms of style, both of the brands when they came into the market brought style versatility with them. But Allen Edmonds showed more concern in making Classic dress shoes, however, Thursday boots offer more casual options that are best to wear for both formal and daily wear.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the further feather that distinguish both of them 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Material

The classic boots of Allen Edmonds contain premium quality leather such as Cordovan or calfskin, etc. They also use a range of other materials such as suede, nubuck, and exotic leather like alligator and ostrich. All these leathers are best in providing comfort to the wearer and longevity to the shoes. But most interestingly, this leather when formed in the shape of shoes by using great welt construction and other material like cork footbed rubber soles, etc, makes them phenomenally and the best choice to wear.

Comparatively, Thursday Boot is a new brand that emphasizes affordability and feasibility by using materials like full-grain leather, suede, or nubuck. They also use Cork, rubber soles, and padded insoles that double the comfort of the shoes. 

Moreover, Thursday boots contain stitch-down construction that adds a lot to the shoe’s flexibility and snug fit. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Comfort 

Both brands design their shoes to provide great comfort to their wear. However, their approach to comfort varies among them. 

The use of high-quality material and outstanding construction techniques of Allen Edmonds make their comfort above all,  that every man desire to have. Other than this, their special features of using Cork insole provide the shoes with the molding property. This property benefits in ensuring extra sung and comfortable fit around the feet.

In contrast to it, the major focus of Thursday boots is to provide comfort straight out of the box. Which means that they do not require a break in time. Other than this, they make use of soft leather and offer a wide range of cushioning in shoes. These cushions are shaped up in the most modern look to anticipate providing an ergonomic fit. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Construction 

Although both are notorious  brands of men’s footwear they use different and unique construction approaches while designing their shoes

Allen Edmonds uses a great welt construction technique which means stitching of sole, upper, and inner lining together. This technique provides the shoes with the two most interesting features: First, it increases the durability and longevity of the shoes, and second, it makes resoling of shoes super easy. 

Thursday boots on the other than use stitch down technique which means direct stitching of the upper and the sole of the boots. This provides the shoes with a very strong bond and also makes the resoling of the boots hassle-free. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Style and design 

Allen Edmonds is a traditional brand that pays special heed to the classic design of the shoes which include wingtips and dress boots. They are best to wear in any business meeting or formal gathering. 

In comparison, Thursday Boot is a trendy brand that offers a style starting from formal to casual wear. Moreover, they offer huge versatility in color and design that make people pick the shoes according to their desire. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Arch Support 

Both of these brands also differ in terms of Arch support

Allen Edmonds offers a lot of shoes and boots that provide outstanding arch support as they contain remarkable techniques and materials that allow the shoes to provide sung fit around the feet. Moreover, a few of the models of Allen Edmonds provide different arch support which can be altered as per the custom orthotics for more comfortable support.

While Thursday boots generally provide less arch support as compared to Allen Edmonds. They majorly focus on styling and comfort of the shoes rather than arch support.  

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Fit 

Allen Edmonds come in the market with the traditional fit which means that initially, they are narrow but with the proper care and daily wear they mold according to the shape of feet. 

Apart from it, the Thursday box comes with a wider toe box which provides enough room for toe movement. These shoes seem significant for wider feet. Other than this, they offer sizes such as half sizes and wide sizes which help one person to find perfectly fitted shoes easily. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Price 

Both are incredibly famous brands however price is the most apparent difference that lies among them.

Allen Edmonds is considered the most expensive footwear brand as compared to Thursday Boots.

However, it is important to note that the discount and promotion given by them make these shorts quite budget-friendly. 

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Similarities 

Despite their differences, a few similarities also lie between both brands. Such as

  • Using High-quality material is the major focus of both of these Brands
  • Both of the brands use handcrafted construction techniques to ensure the longevity, comfort, and durability of the shoes.
  • They provide a huge option for the style of the shoes, best to wear at any formal or informal occasion.
  • Both of the brands use great welt construction techniques, this technique promises the longevity of the shoes and also provides the option of resoling.  

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Major Differences

Though both of the shoes contain high-quality material, however, there is a major difference that both these shoes hold. 

  • Price: Allen Edmonds are generally more expensive than that Thursday boots. This is because Allen Edmonds has more complex construction as compared to the Thursday boots.
  • Quality: Although both of the brands use high-quality material in their shoe manufacturing, Allen Edmonds is one of the most famous and popular worldwide. They use premium quality materials and outstanding construction technique that makes them highly durable and supportive. 
  • Styling: Thursday shoes are known for their modern and stylish design whereas Allen Edmonds is notable because of its classic, traditional styling. 
  • Manufacturing: Allen Edmonds shoes are manufactured in the USA for over 100 years while Thursday boots are made in Mexico since 2014.
  • Comfort:  Both of these footwear brands are highly comfortable and supportive. Allen Edmonds uses cork footbeds that when molded provide more sung fitting of the shoes whereas Thursday boots contain Foam footbeds.

 Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots – Comparison Table

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What style of footwear do Thursday boots offer?

There is a variety of footwear offered by Thursday Boots such as leather boots, chukka boots, Chelsa boots, working boots, and many more

Are Thursday boots true to the size? 

Generally, Thursday boots are true to the size, however, the company asks its customer to have an accurate measurement of the feet before purchasing them. Other than this, these shoes also require break-in time, which means they provide a more sung fit once the leather mold is according to the feet of its wearer. 

Does Thursday Boots company offer a return policy?

This company does offer a return policy but only in the united states within 30 days. Whereas, international customers are responsible for the return shipping cost

Can Allen Edmonds and Thursday boots be resoled?

A great welt construction technique is used in the manufacturing of boot shoes, so they can be resoled, resulting in increasing the lifespan of the shoes. 

Can I wear my Allen Edmonds and Thursday boots in wet weather?

Well, both brands ensure great protection against the water, keeping the feet dry. Allen Edmonds provides a waterproof option whereas Thursday boots use water-resistant material in their shoes. This means that they are significant in keeping the feet dry during wet weather. 

Bottom Line:

To sum up, Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boots are reputable brands but the difference in price and preference makes people think about them. 

If you are looking for upscale classical styles shoes and are willing for a large investment then Allen Edmonds fit better with you.

But, if you are short in budget and want high-quality yet trendy shoes then Thursday boots are no less than Allen Edmonds

Ultimately, it all depends upon your preferences, desires, and budget.

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