Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes

Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes?

Allen Edmonds is the most famous American company that was established in 1922, in Belgium. The very first focus of this company was to make high-quality shoes for the Militants, especially at the time of world war ll. But, gradually they extended their production and broadened the varieties by including loafers, Oxfords and wingtips, etc, and become the largest organization that manufactures luxurious footwear for men.

The reason they are becoming proper day by day is the use of high-quality materials in their production. Moreover, the cork style insoles as well as Goodyear welt make these shoes not only comfortable yet highly supportive and durable. Therefore, these shoes become an utmost priority for men. They prove to be the staple for the men’s wardrobe. 

Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes? 

Generally, Allen Edmonds is good footwear for men as they use high-quality material and are best known for their craftsmanship. 

This is one of the most stylish and popular brands of men’s footwear that does not compromise the comfort, support, and best fit of the shoes for the sake of the look. 

They are best in appearance as well as beneficial for foot health, as they use hand-woven full-grain leather along with the cork for ensuring the sung footbed. Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes

This brand is gaining the hipe day by day because of its classic and versatile design of footwear. 

Though these shoes are expensive, however, a one-time investment makes these shoes highly worth it. As they contain multiple qualities such as longevity, high support, appropriate comfort, and sung fit.

Let’s have a detailed look at the properties that make Allen Edmonds good shoes. 

Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes? – Properties 

Numerous features add a lot to making the shoes of this brand outstanding. Let’s discuss each of them.

High-quality material:

The utmost key that makes these shoes beneficial for the foot is the high-quality material that is used in their production. Allen Edmonds uses premium quality leather, tanned leather soles, and flexible cork that ensures great comfort and durability. Moreover, these materials have the property to mold according to the feet of their wearer, providing the most sung fit. 


These shoes are best known for their craftsmanship. The most skillful artisans are found in this shoe company that makes these shoes above all. Moreover, this brand keeps in mind the miner things in such a way that even the smallest details can cater with great ability providing the shoes with great beauty as well as functionality. 

Use of Goodyear Welts: 

A special and unique technique is used in the production of these shoes i.e. Goodyear Welts construction. It is the method that involves the stitching of the insole, outsole, and upper together. These techniques double the amount of longevity that shoes possess. They also provide the most interesting features such as resole which make a one-time investment of the people worthwhile. 

Classic style:

These shoes are best known for their classical as well as traditional style. They come into the market with huge versatility starting from formal wear to casual looks. Each design of the shoes magnifies the overall outfit. 


This brand provides a wide range of customer service that helps them to earn a good reputation. Their customer services include recrafting old torn shoes, free returns, shipping, etc. 

Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes? – Popular Style of the Shoes 

There are varieties of footwear that this brand manufactures. Let’s have a look at a few of them 

Park Avenue:

Park Avenue is the most notable footwear of this brand. It has a cap-toe Oxford design. They contain the leather sole and welt construction that make these shoes highly comfortable and durable. This comfort makes these shoes popular among business professionals as well as high authorities for years. These are the shoes that every person desires to have in their closet. 

Moreover, they come in the market with the versatility of design, style, and color, making them remarkable to wear on any formal occasion. 


These shoes come in the market with the classic style that is ideal to wear with the Vintage type of dresses. Apart from the Goodyear welt construction, these shoes contain Dainite rubber soles along with flexible insoles that collectively make the shoes significant to wear for the sake of comfort. Moreover, they are true to the size which makes the walk effortless and pain-free.

Allen Edmonds Sullivan street boots:

This is one of the stylish boots of Allen Edmonds which is best to wear with formal dressing. Interestingly the upper of these shoes contains both calfskin leather as well as full-grain leather which is excellent for a timeless look. Same as others they also contain Dainite rubber soles as well as welt construction to ensure outstanding comfort for their wearer. 

Fifth Avenue:

These shoes are one of the best-selling of Allen Edmonds as they come in the market with an elegant design. They contain Calf skin leather that provides a splendid professional look. 

Strand Cap-toe Oxford:

These shoes are designed in classic yet stylish ways that make them ideal to wear with any jeans or dress suit. They have throat lacing as well as a perforated upper design that provides a chic look whenever paired up with any outfit. 

McAllister Wingtip:

Marked this footwear as another best collection of Allen Edmonds. Their upper design provides a timeless classic look. Perfect to wear on any formal occasion.

Dalton Wingtip:

These shoes come under the category of Blucher boots that are designed by using Dainite soles, and Calfskin leather which adds a lot to their significance. Moreover, perforated leather along with open laces make them phenomenal to wear at formal gatherings. 

Are Allen Edmonds Good Shoes? – Pros and Cons 

  • They are ideal to invest in as nearly all of its shoes contain Goodyear welt construction which ensures the longevity of the shoes. 
  • They are true to the size and provide a proper snug fit. 
  • These shoes are classy but not so lustrous, thus making them significant to wear on any men’s occasion. 
  •  They are highly valuable as Allen Edmonds provides the option of recrafting old shoes. Thus, it proves to be worthwhile to spend even a single dollar on it. 
  • They are highly expensive. As a result, few men are not able to afford it.
  • As they are made up of high-quality material, sometimes they require little break in time.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who wears Allen Edmonds? 

Allen Edmonds is a men’s footwear brand that produces high-quality classic shoes for them. Moreover, the company says these shoes are according to the taste of high personalities like George WH Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, etc.

Does Allen Edmonds run big or small? 

The sneaker of this brand is half a size up than your normal sneakers. Whereas their formal dress shoes are true to the size

What is the heel length of Allen Shoes?

The length of Allen Edmonds shoes ranges from 2.7 inches, 3 inches, or 4 inches, to provide enough comfort to the feet. 

How long do Allen Edmonds’s shoes last? 

These shoes are made up of high-quality materials that ensure great durability of the shoes, making them serve you for the rest of your life.  

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, Allen Edmonds shoes are one of the most famous and notable among Americans. They are perfect for foot health as they are made up of high-quality material. Though they are expensive, investing in these sorts of shoes proves to be beneficial in terms of durability as well as comfort. 

Now the choice is yours whether to buy ordinary shoes which do not assure any durability and comfort or to buy high-quality shoes such as Allen Edmonds.

Else, if you want to invest in any footwear then spend on those shoes that prove to be worth it.

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