Are Chacos Good For High Arches

Are Chacos Good For High Arches?

Chacos is the most renowned and popular brand of outdoor sandals that is acknowledged because of its longevity and fellow relationship with feet. These shoes are a true staple for the wardrobe of outdoor enthusiasts but most people wear them for daily use, as the comfort and support provided by these shoes are sumptuous. 

However many of you ponder on the fact that Are these shoes good for high arches?

Are Chacos Good For High Arches?

Well, providing clear insight on this query, yes, Chacos are good for high arches because they are beneficial in providing appropriate arch support which acts as a pat on the back when it moves forward to disturb the weight of the body evenly on the foot.

Other than this, these footwear have contoured footbeds that help in overpowering the pain that is associated with high arches. Are Chacos Good For High Arches

Most interestingly, the footwear design by Chacos contributes to providing customized fit to its wearer in a way that the material of these shoe molds as per the need and preference of the wear. Also, these shoes possess great durability that makes them beneficial in terms of withstanding daily wear and tear. 

These features of the shoes make them a true virtue for people suffering with high arches as they provide nothing but desirable comfort, support, and fit. Therefore, these shoes are titled as a lucrative shoes for high arches. 

So, after getting a positive response regarding the Chaos, you must take a few of the things in Consideration. Therefore, without further due, Let’s have a  more in-depth vision of High arches and Chacos 

What do you mean by high arches? 

High arches are a condition of abnormality in the arch area. Generally, arches are the curve part of the foot that helps to distribute the weight of the body evenly and those with high arches are unable to have this even distribution which leads them to suffer pain, swelling, instability, and even a  high risk of injury. Therefore to overcome this instability most people look for good pairs of footwear. So, while searching the shoes, you must take into account the feature that shoes have.

Shoe Attributes That Are Essential For High Arches:

While looking for footwear to treat the pain of high arches you must look at the following attributes

Footbeds: The shoes must have contoured footbeds so that they provide sufficient arch support and help in the even distribution of weight.

Adjustable straps: This feature is one of the most important features as it makes the shoes tighten or loosen up as per the comfort of its wearer. The secure and adaptive fit provided by adjustable straps is good for high arches. 

Cushioning: People suffering from high arches are more vulnerable to shock compared to normal foot arches. Therefore, you must look for shoes that provide sufficient cushion to the feet which helps to absorb the impact of sudden shocks. 

Breathability: The breathability of shoes is necessary as it helps to keep the feet dry and infection free.

Orthotics: Your doctor must advise you to go for custom Orthotics, as it help to reduce the soreness in the feet. So, search for the shoe that provides you with the option of Custom Orthotics. 

 Now, Let’s find out, whether these features are in the Chacos or not 

Attributes That Makes The Chacos Shoes Beneficial For High Arches 

Here are the attributes that make this footwear good for high arches. 

Arch support:

Chances are good for the high arches because of its property of providing excellent arch support. The footbeds of these sandals are designed in a way that they match exactly the shape of the foot, providing an even distribution of the weight and cushioning to each and every nook of the feet.

Moreover, other elements of Chacos that add a lot in providing appropriate arch support are its molded footbed and adjustable strap system. These features combine together to reduce the impact of injury or swelling. Most importantly, these features improve the posture of the foot by ensuring its natural alignment.


Chacos sandals are best in providing great traction to people with high arches. As these shoes contain Vibram outsoles that provide great strength and excellent grip variety of surfaces like wet or slippery. 

For people with high arches, it is essential for them to always look for shoes that provide support as well as great traction. And in this case, Chacos proves to be best because its adjustable strap system ensures outstanding support while its rubber sole with thread-like design puts forward awesome traction. 


Generally, Chacos shoes are famous because they last for years which means that these sandals are best for high arches. 

People with high arches find difficulty in choosing appropriate shoes for their feet. Therefore, if one of the Chacos shoes proves to be friendly to them, then it means that they can get benefit from it for years. 

This long-lasting ability of the shoes comes from its polyester webbing, string rubber outsole, and contoured footbed. Other than this, Chacos also offer a lifetime warranty to adjust the strap, which shows great commitment towards durability and quality. 

Custom orthotics:

Well, most of the high arches people look for shoes that offer them the facility of custom orthotics. And for this Chacos shoes are best because these sandals contain removable footbeds which can be replaced by customized orthotics. This allows them to enjoy the most sung fit in their favorite Chacos footwear. 

Nevertheless, while replacing the insole of the shoe with custom orthotics, make sure that it fits properly to the shoes in order to avoid any discomfort in the shoes. Moreover, you can also adjust its straps to get a more secure and supportive fit in your Chacos shoes. 

Toe protection:

Chacos shoes are also beneficial for high arches as they provide foot protection, especially in toe areas during any outdoor activity.

These shoes contain a thick rubber sole that protects the feet from any sudden stride or hazard. Apart from it, the Chacos shoes also possess a reinforced toe cap which provides additional protection to the toe. 

Here, the key to consider is that Chacos are neither designed for high Arches nor do they have a label for protective shoes. Therefore, in order to protect your feet from injury it is good to go for  close-toe shoes because Chacos have mostly open-toes designs which may increase the chances of a toe injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wear my Chacos shoes for water-related activities?

Yes, Chacos shoes can be worn in water activity because these shoes are designed with a material that has a great ability to stand against the water. Also, it has a quick dry property which means that it keeps your feet dry and moisture free. 

How can I clean my Chacos shoes?

Well, Chacos shoes can be cleaned by using warm water, a bar of mild soap or detergent, and a brush. Make sure to clean gently, otherwise, its effect is the material. Moreover, do not use any harsh chemicals on these shoes because the material of the shoes will lose its shape 

Is Chacos true to size? 

Yes, Chacos are designed  to be true to the size. However, few people find them large or even small. Therefore, before picking any of the footwear it is recommended to try on the shoe.

Final Crux: 

So after highlighting the feature of Chacos, we can say these shoes are good for the high arches because they provide outstanding support and customized fit but the comfort of the Chacos varies from person to person.

So to avoid any complications it is recommended to first consult your foot specialist who advise you whether the shoes are good for your feet or not.

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