Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Wide Feet

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Hey Dudes are a footwear marvel that is designed in different styles and shapes to ensure you feel comfortable despite the size of your foot.

Some hey dudes are designed with stretchable materials that don’t run narrow and can adapt to different foot sizes, while others are designed in regular fitting to ensure grip without compromising comfort.

Hey Dude’s construction makes them great wide-fit shoes but for that you must choose the right length and width of the shoe that can fit your wider feet and this article helps you find the right fit.

People with wide feet cannot grab just any size as sizeable feet are larger in length as well as width. Few Hey Dudes materials are considered ideal for a wide fit and have wider toe boxes to ensure the shoe is comfortable, secure, and snug fit.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Wide Feet

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

As discussed earlier, not all Hey Dudes are offered in wide fit but there are some options available like Hey Dudes Wendy Sox Classics and Hey Dude Wally Sox classics, both are stretchy, comfortable, and forgiving enough to adjust even for a unique shape of the foot.

Standard Classic Hey Dudes have average width and there is an unnoticeable sizing difference in all the versions and models. But still Hey Dudes can easily be worn for wide feet as some fabric forms and that’s why people prefer wearing Hey Dudes over Vans slip-on or Crocs as they are looser and wider fit overall.

What makes Hey Dudes Comfortable for Wide Feet?

Class Hey Dudes are made with lightweight and stretch fabric that feels like thick socks against the side of the foot and wearing one with average width will not feel narrow on your feet as the fabric stretches and conforms according to the shape of the foot. So, even if you are a normal Hey Dude regarding sizing, you will experience more comfort than a Vans Slip but slight tightness on the toe box as they are not as wide as Crocs.

Even if you wear a slightly tighter or narrower model of Hey Dudes with wider feet, you won’t feel pain as Company manufactures each pair with thick memory foam insoles under the foot as well as on the sides to cushion the feet to walk freely and painlessly.

How Are Hey Dude Shoes Supposed to Fit?

The construction of Hey Dudes is based on recycled materials and smaller sizes and stretchy fabric ensure the shoes never fit loose and slip off your foot while walking. Either get a classic or a casual model for men or women, Hey Dudes fit true to size compared with other popular brands and your feet won’t feel boxed.

Best Hey Dudes For Wide Feet:

So now that you have got enough information about fitting and sizing of Hey Dudes for wider feet, now, let’s talk about the available options for Wide feet people.

Best Men’s Hey Dude Shoes for Wide Feet?

Hey Dude Chan Stretch Loafer:

Men having relatively wider toe boxes can go with Chan Stretch Loafer by Hey Dudes which comes in a slip-on design with double gore to quickly wear it.

This regular-width shoe doesn’t come labeled wide or narrow but the stretchy material will adapt to your foot shape and there is a memory foam insole that can be removed to make it roomier for sizeable feet. 

Moreover, the EVA midsole not only provides you comfort but protects the feet from shocks so this shoe is a treat for your wider feet as it’s breathable, cushioned, and doesn’t weigh your feet down.

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Funk:

Another perfect for wide feet Hey Dudes is Wally Sox Funk which also has breathable inner lining and no-tie elastic lace for tightening and ultralight EVA outsole.

Surprisingly, this model is slip-resistant and allows you to wear this non-slip pair on surfaces like snow and other slippery surfaces.

If you are genetically inspired by wide feet then this is the right fit for your feet with ergonomic, leather-lined, replaceable memory foam insoles and skin-friendly material.

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Funk:

The last considerable option for wide feet men is Wally Funk which has a rounded toe design and flex and fold technology to take care of your feet’ health.

Plus, there are elastic no-tie laces to adjust it accordingly and the organic cotton canvas material feels lightweight and comfortable the rest is taken care of by the line inside made with oxford cloth.

Best Women’s Hey Dude Shoes for Wide Feet?

Hey Dude Wendy Canvas Sparkling:

Wide feet in women are rare but still possible and for those types of feet, the ideal contender is the Sparkling model by Hey Dudes, which is a slip-on that you can easily wear and remove from your shoes and your feet moves freely in these shoes with uniform fitting.

Plus, the shoe has an ultrasoft insole that is removable and a breathable textile upper that protects the skin against sweating.

Hey Dude Wendy Sox:

Wendy Sox is another comfortable and stretchy shoe that has leather lining inside to keep your feet warm and comfy when walking on rough terrains the ultralight soft EVA sole gives you superior comfort and stretchy fabric gives you sock-like support.

Do Hey Dudes Fit Wide Feet?

As discussed earlier, Hey Dude compared with all other brands produces the most comfortable and lightweight shoes out of recycled materials these shoes are neither narrow nor extra-wide fit but somewhere in the middle and a few stretchy materials are suitable to wear for wide feet like classic models of Hey Dudes.

Are Hey Dudes Good for Bunions and Hammertoe?

Wearing narrow or point-toe box shoes is not only painful but dangerous in the long run as when the toe does not get enough room to lie flat and that situation results in Hammertoe.

Similarly, another situation is called Bunions in which the crowded puts pressure on the big toe and other toes bend or curl due to which a problem is caused in the foot that makes things worse over the long run.

That’s why Hey Dudes are designed keeping this situation in mind to have extra-wide shoe styles and rounded and wider toe boxes to ensure you never develop these foot diseases.

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