Are Hey Dudes Waterproof

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Hey, Dudes are extraordinary shoes gaining popularity because of their comfortability, versatility, and ease of use and this means that they are used as everyday footwear that will make them dirtier or sometimes wet.

Many think water exposure is not good for true shoes but for Hey Dudes, you get some relaxation as Hey Dudes made of recycled materials tend to withstand water slightly better than other shoes but are still not waterproof.

Talking of Waterproof, Not all hey dudes are waterproof like the leather and wool hey dudes are much more sensitive to water than other models and these will be destroyed when getting in touch with water. Similarly, canvas and stretch-cotton upper hey dudes are much more resilient to water and you can even wash them in the washing machines as well but too much time in water and these shoes will start tearing apart.

So you must understand the difference between the materials of the hey dudes to know which can get wet in rain or can absorb water and which cannot.

Just know about delicate materials like leather, wool, and suede and keep them as dry as possible and wear your canvas or cotton hey dudes in rain or anywhere without getting worried but keep in mind that they are only water-resistant and water exposure for some time won’t ruin the shoes than keeping them soaked in water for a day.

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

So now that you know they certain hey dudes can withstand water exposure and you can wear them in rainy conditions or wash them in the washer but still getting your hey dudes wet doesn’t mean that they are waterproof.

Just keep in your mind that hey dudes are not waterproof but they are much more resistant to water than other shoes on the market making you think that you can get them near the water for as long as you want but that’s not the case.

The breathable materials like canvas or cotton allow water to pass through that means when you wear them on a wet road or when it rains you will also get your feet wet so if water won’t destroy the shoe your weight will when walking with wet shoes and having insoles inside which are not waterproof.

Can Hey Dude Shoes Get Wet:

Hey Dudes like other shoes demand proper attention and care and there are certain materials like canvas and stretch-cotton designed to withstand water but other materials can quickly get damaged as soon as the water comes in contact. 

Similarly, the canvas Hey Dudes have memory foam insoles which are also not water-resistant and cannot get wet, and when you want to wear your shoes in the rain or want to wash them pay close attention to remove the insoles. When it comes to cleaning the washing machines just use proper measures like using cold water as hot water can damage even the canvas material and avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents.

Why Hey Dudes are Not Waterproof:

Many shoes on the market use different techniques to make shoes waterproof and one of these methods is Scotchgarding that you can also do with your shoes to make them waterproof and then either you have leather, suede, wool, or canvas shoes you can wear them in rainy weather, throw them in the washer without worrying about the damage as the protective layer will keep water away from shoe but only from outside. Similarly, if shoes catch wet mud or stains then you can simply wipe the shoe with a cloth and you will get a clean shoe in no time.

Many brands use hydrophobic layers like Gore-Tex, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and a few other materials to make a waterproof shield on the shoes to protect the shoes from getting damaged once they come in contact with water. Fortunately, Hey Dude does have a model known as Paul Sox H20 that is built as waterproof but that’s also more water-resistant than waterproof and can be washed in the washer but won’t be able to handle too much water exposure for a long time.

On the other hand, the hydrophobic layer isn’t the only way to make shoes waterproof as some materials have an outer coating of wax to boost the water-repelling function.

If the shoe isn’t waterproof then there are many silicone-based sprays available in the market that and this method is known as Scotchgarding in which you spend a few bucks to get a dedicated rush for brushes to make them waterproof.

Can Wearing Socks Make Shoes Waterproof:

Wearing socks with Hey Dudes is normal which many people think isn’t but wearing socks to make hey dudes doesn’t make sense because many people wear these shoes barefoot. Socks add an extra layer unless you get waterproof socks but that is just going to protect your feet from the water, not the shoes. Mostly the waterproof socks can be slightly compromising for your aesthetics.

How to Machine Wash Hey Dudes:

At this point, you are aw, are of the factthatudes are machine washable but that d,oes have sharings like what type of detergent you should use and at what speed you should run the machine and hot or cold water to put in the washer.

Machine wash must be your last option when you feel like your Hey Dude loafers are desperate for wash and a hand wash won’t be enough to get rid of the stubborn stains.

Check the Material:

Before you put Hey dudes in the washer you must check the material of the shoes as not all the materials are machine-wash friendly like Leather, Suede, and Wool, which are cleaned with totally different methods for cleaning leather you have to use a polisher or conditioner as water will make leather hard and brittle leading to cracks. 

If you are uncertain about certain materials then check the manual you receive with the shoes to find out more about those shoes or get information from the company’s website.

Remove the dirt:

Once you have identified the material of your shoes then get started with removing dirt the first approach towards removing dirt is to remove dirt by dabbing the pair together or peeling off the big patches or chunks of dirt by hand or with a sharp object like a knife. While removing the dirt be gentle as too much pressure with a sharp object can damage the shoe as well so make sure to do it deep enough so that you don’t end up damaging the parts of your shoe. 

After that, you can use a soft-bristled brush to brush the dirt away and most of the time that’s more than enough to get rid of the dirty patches without washing the shoe but still the embedded dirt and grime can be removed by washing.

Prepared the Load:

Before you put the shoes in the washer or the bucket full of water. Do not forget to remove the insoles as they are not waterproof or even water-resistant and similarly remove the laces as well to prevent tangling issues it would be better to wash the laces and insoles separately.

Once you have removed the insoles and laces from the shoes now you have to put the shoe in a pillowcase that will protect shoes from twisting and scuffing and tie the pillowcase with a knot. Plus, you can add multiple pairs in the pillowcase to wash all of them at once, and to balance the load, put some towels in the washer and avoid putting shirts or clothes beside the shoes in the same washer.

Add water to Washer and Run it:

The most important step when washing Hey Dudes is to choose the slow spin cycle that will move shoes inside the washer with slow speed and gently also use cold water in the washer and avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can Hey Dudes be used as water shoes? 

Hey, Dudes made of Cotton or Canvas can be used as water shoes because they are breathable and resistant to water but too much water exposure can damage Hey Dudes permanently.

Can Hey Dudes float on water? 

Hey, Dudes are made of recycled materials that float on the water, and to keep them soaked inside the washer you have to press them by putting something heavier on the shoes to keep them inside the water for a desired time duration.

Is it OK to put Hey Dudes in the washer? 

Different hey dude materials like Canvas and Cotton are water-resistant and can be inserted in the washer or used in rainy conditioners but other Hey Dude materials like leather and wool cannot withstand water as they lack water-repelling characteristics.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dudes?

Wearing socks with Hey Dudes isn’t compulsory but it won’t look bad if you wear socks with Hey Dudes. Although socks will act as a protective layer to keep your feet dry but wear or not it’s totally up to you.

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