Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support?

Merrell is an illustrious American footwear brand founded by Randy Merrell in 1981. He was first a craftsman who designed custom boots, especially for Hikers. But later with the collaboration of Clark Matis and John Schweizer (two Rossignol executives) form his footwear brand which is named after him MERRELL. This brand because of using innovative technologies and quality materials like Gore-Tex and Vibram soles instantly became the center of attention. 

Beyond this, in the 1990s, Merrell amplifies its product line by introducing shoes like sandals and even Causal boots. 

Moreover, in 1997 it was procured by Wolverine Worldwide, a globally appraised brand that is now the owner of brands like Saucony, Hush Puppies, and even Sperry.

Today, this brand offers versatile footwear including running, hiking, and causal shoes, and now become eminent among casual wearers and outdoor aficionados.

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support?

Well, Merrell shoes are outstanding footwear in terms of Arch support. This company shows a great commitment to producing mindblowing shoes, thanks to its high-quality material, exceptional features, and advanced technology that ensure natural support to the overall mechanics of shoes.
Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support

Moreover, a prominent feature that makes the shoes fork out excellent arch support is Contoured Footbeds. These footbeds ensure comfort and support by mimicking the shape of the footwear. They usually contain EVA foam which is not only durable and lightweight but also plays a beneficial role in absorbing shocks and reducing the pressure from the feet while walking. 

Other than this, its Midsole support also adds a lot in proving stability and arch as well as heel support. Midsoles of Merrell footwear contain a TPU overlay that creates a solidified yet amenable influence at the base of the feet.

Additionally, these shoes also possess other technological attributes like shanks, heel counters, durable outsole patterns, etc. All These features provide profound effects in terms of arch support and natural walking. 

Altogether, these shoes are excellent to wear if you want a pain-free walk. But it is essential to note, Merrell shoes possess different arch supports, therefore look for those shoes that are appropriate to your desire and foot type.

Well, to know more about these shoes. Let’s have a detailed look at the elements that double the arch support.

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support? – Elements that Contribute to Arch Support 

Merrell shoes possess numerous key features that make the shoes provide remarkable Arch support.

  • Contoured footbeds: Merrell shoes have contoured footbeds that can mold as per the shape of the feet. These footbeds assist in distributing the weight evenly on the foot, ensuring a balance and painless walk 
  • Supportive midsoles: Well midsole is a layer between the footbed and the outsoles. Merrell shoes have midsoles made up of EVA foam which results in proving firm arch support, it also helps in absorbing the shocks.
  • Heel cups: Merrell shoes possess remarkable heel cups that prevent overpronation and supination. It is good for people that have high arches. Notably, these heel cups provide extra support to feet. 
  • Rocker soles: The rocker soles of Merrell shoes doubles the arch support as they invigorate natural gait and take the edge off fatigue. Alike the heel cup it is also significant for flat feet.

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support? – Other Factors 

Beyond the arch support, Merrel shoes also offer some outstanding features such as

  • Traction: These shoes are designed to provide great traction which makes the walk hassle-free, especially during hiking or running on the trail.
  • Breathability: The upper of Merrell shoes contains mesh up lining or Gore-Tex that makes the shoe breathable by allowing a sufficient amount of air to pass through the shoes. This revolving air keeps the feet dry, cool, and infection-free.
  • Water protection: These shoes contain waterproof material like Gore-Tex which resists the water soaking into shoes.
  • Cushion: Merrell shoes are designed by using cushion footbeds, lining, etc. It provides the feet cloud-like feeling
  • Arch type: One of the astonishing features of Merrell is that they design the shoes to facilitate different arches like High arches, Low arches, or flat feet which results in providing customized support to the feet. 
  • Shock absorption: These shoes have an outstanding shock-absorbing property that helps to reduce the stress on the feet caused by walking or running.

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support? – Pros

  • Merrell shoes are the best choice to wear if you are suffering from foot or arch pain. The arch support provided by these shoes overcomes fatigue, especially for those who have flat feet or high arches.
  • These shoes are designed to ensure proper foot postures, thus reducing the chances of foot pain, and back or hip soreness. 
  • The Arch support provided by Merrell shoes is above all, as it absorbs the shock that arises from each footstep, setting a shield against knee, foot, or ankle injury. 
  • Merrell shoes have a wide range of cushions which results in uprising comfort and reduces the impact of soreness on feet. It is beneficial especially when you work for long hours on your feet. 
  • Merrell shoes help in distributing the weight evenly by insuring extra stability. This stability provides you with a strong grip. 

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Arch Support? – Cons 

Although Merrell shoes are the ideal choice for daily wear, here are some drawbacks of it as well which you should keep in consideration

  • Some people have raised the issue that although they provide outstanding arch support, their fit is crucial means that the support which these shoes provide is not at the right place for feet. 
  • Merrell shoes are not very cheap, not everyone can afford these shoes.
  • Merrell shoes do require break-in time which means they are stiff initially and result in a lot of discomforts like blister formation or tightness on the feet. 
  • Some of the Merrell shoes are heavy, so it might be a problem for those who prefer lightweight shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Merrell manufacture good quality shoes?

Merrell is known for producing super-quality shoes. It uses recent technology and innovative methods to make the shoes supportive of the feet of its wearer. So, yes they manufacture good quality shoes. 

Are Merrell shoes true to the sizes? 

Yes, these shoes are true to the size but it is better to test and trail the shoes by putting them on or consulting size charts, as it will help you to demonstrate whether shoes suit your feet or not. 

Can I wear my Merrell shoes during Hiking? 

Generally, Merrell shoes are designed to provide great support and comfort to the feet. Also, its advanced construction technique makes these shoes durable. So, yes you can wear your Merrell shoes on a hike. 

Are Merrell shoes good for running? 

Well, Merrel does manufacture some of the shoes outdoor activities shoes but those are not for running. Therefore it is better to look for the actual running shoes brand. 

Are Merrell shoes worth the price? 

As Merrell shoes are made up of premium quality material, modern technology, and innovative construction, all these features combine making the shoes durable as well as comfortable, thus worth the price.

Final Verdict:

In a net shell, these shoes are best for providing arch support, especially during trail running and hiking. But to get additional benefits from these shoes it is best to look for shoes that are perfect for you in terms of fit. The more perfect fit it provides, the more it will be supportive. Therefore, consult the size chart or try these shoes. It will help you to find appropriate-fitting as well as super supportive shoes.

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