Are Merrell Shoes Good For Running

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Running?

Merrell is a famous outdoor footwear brand that manufactures shoes for hiking and trailing. While there are a few footwear that can be used as running shoes. 

Due to their comfort and durability Merrell shoes prove to be essential for runners, as it prevents injury or any foot discomfort. That’s why they are preferably about fanatic athletes and outdoor savants. 

Moreover, a few Merrell shoes possess low profile construction to ensure natural movement however few of them benefit in providing extra comfort and support to the feet.

Talking about these running shoes Trail Glove is highlighted as the best trail running or running shoes that provide the feeling of Barefoot running. These shoes contain a Vibram outsole, breathable upper, and zero heel drop that help in providing great traction support and allow the foot to have natural movement.

Other than this, you can also go for option Merrell Agility Peak which is designed traditionally and contains a sturdy outsole to ensure a strong grip as well as a cushioned insole to provide the feet with a cloud-like feeling while running. Moreover, the support and stability provided by these shoes make them a significant choice for trail runners who have to come up with challenging terrains. 

Furthermore, Merrell also designs shoes for road running like Bare Access XTR which contain a breathable upper along with a durable outsole that provides great support and outstanding traction while running, thus preventing falls or injuries.

Apart from these shoes, other footwear of Merrell is prioritized by the enthusiastic runner and daily wear. So, without idling away the hours let’s quickly give an eye to them. 

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Running?Are Merrell Shoes Good For Running

So, providing you with the five-finger exercise, we have enlisted each model of Merrel running shoes that collaborate in finding the perfect running footwear. 

1.) Merrell Vapour Glove 4:

This footwear is regarded as the best footwear for running as they are light in weight and provide a strong sturdy grip on the ground because of its rubber soles. This grip is necessary to have a secure and safe fight. Moreover, they contain special construction techniques that make the shoe highly durable i.e. slip down construction. 

Most importantly these shoes have a breathable mesh-up upper that makes the shoes perfect for the feet as it keeps moisture and infection away from the feet, by allowing enough air to circulate the feet.

  • TPU overlay. 
  • Rear sling locks in the heel. 
  • EVA foam insoles. 
  • Roomier and appropriate fit.  
  • Extra space in the heel area
  • No heel tab

2.) Merrell Moab:

Merrell Moabs are an excellent choice if you are looking for trail running shoes as they are light in weight and provide outstanding comfort to the feet because of their no break-in period. Moreover, these shoes have a fellow feature of Vibram eco step outsole that helps in improving the grip on wet, slippery surfaces, resulting in appropriate support and balance while running.

  • Rubber sole
  • Recycled mesh up upper
  • Removable PU insoles
  • 100% pure leather
  • No water protection
  • Not much durable 

3.) Merrell MTL Long Sky 2:

These shoes are truly valuable for the athlete who have wide feet and their lightweight and high durability make these shoe jet-like for mountain trails. Moreover, these shoes are productive for technical terrain as they clinch huge support and resistance against slip and injury. Other than this, its environmentally friendly nature and breathable upper not only make these shoes perfect for foot health but also makes running enjoyable.

  • Wide Toe box
  • Environmental friendly 
  • Durable
  • Great fit 
  • Not recommended for narrow feet
  • Dust can easily rest on these shoes 

4.) Merrell Agility Peak 4:

These shoes are renowned for their cushioning and great ample support that make them complementary and special when you are unsure about the surfaces that come your way. Other than this, its appropriate fit, lightweight, and comfortable upper make them highly recommended if you want to keep your foot health in consideration. Moreover, these shoes are good especially when you are planning to run on the soft surfaces

  • Rubber sole
  • Protective toe cap
  • Flex-grooves
  • Breathable upper
  • Not suitable for fast running 
  • Difficult to slip on

5.) Merrell Nova 2:

These shoes are traditional trail running footwear and are notable because of their forefoot and barefoot cushion, excellent to provide comfort to the feet. Other than this, these shoes possess a strong grip that promises secure and fearless running. Moreover, these shoes have heel counters which help in providing the desired fit of shoes. Most interestingly, its lightweight makes these shoes the center of attention as they are beneficial for those who want safe, secure, and comfortable running.

  • True to the size
  • Protective grip
  • Vibram outsole
  • Great lacing system 
  • Heavy 
  • They are not good to wear in wet weather as they do not provide a desirable grip on wet surfaces. 

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Are Merrell Shoes Good For Running? – Pros

Merrell shoes are a splendid choice, especially for trail running because:

  • These shoes are known for outstanding durability, which is the utmost priority of running. 
  • These shoes possess excellent traction which is significant for trail running as well as for hiking. 
  • Most of the Merrell shoes have high-quality insoles and comfortable lining which has the power to absorb the shock, providing a cloud-like feeling to the feet. 
  • These shoes come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors which means you have a huge option of picking up the footwear that matches to desire, preference, and outfit. 

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Running? – Cons 

Merrell shoes are generally not designed for running but few of its shoes sell in the market with the tag of running shoes. Nevertheless, there is still a downside of Merrell shoes for running

  • Merrell shoes are manufactured with a minimalist approach which means that these shoes have a low cushioning level. This cushioning is not worth it for those who desire to make a protective and supportive impact while running. 
  • The support provided by these shoes is good for hiking and trailing but when it comes to road running they are poor in providing extra support to the feet, thus increasing the risk of falling. 
  • Most of the Merrell shoes are heavy which means they are not good for running, as running demands lightweight shoes. 
  • These shoes offer a narrow fit. Therefore, it will be a source of discomfort for runners who have wider feet.

People May Ask for:

Do Merrell shoes provide an appropriate fit?

Merrell shoes are known for their true size but the difference lies when it comes to the foot type. As some runners find them running small and others large. Therefore, to avoid this problem, the best way is to try them on. It will help you to find the appropriate size of shoes that suits your feet. 

Do Merrell shoes provide resistance against water? 

Yes, Merrel shoes provide resistance against the water but not all of its shoes are waterproof. Therefore, if you are planning to go to wet areas, then you can benefit from Merrell Moab 2 or MQM Flex.

How long do Merrell’s shoes last? 

Well, the life of Merrell shoes depends upon how you wear them and take care of them. However, these shoes last for 300 to 500 miles.

What makes Merrell so famous? 

 Merrell shoes are famous because of their high-quality footwear such as hiking boots, trail running, or outdoor footwear. This footwear makes them famous. 

Is Merrell suitable for winter? 

Yes, Merrel manufactures shoes that are good for the winter. However, it is important to look for these shoes.


So focusing on each model of Merrell shoes we can confidently claim that they are good for runners but here we need to look for the models that have running properties, as not all Merrell shoes are good for running. 

Most importantly, if you’re looking to purchase running shoes then keep the comfort, durability, fit, and cushioning of the shoes in mind. As more comfortable and durable the shoes will be, the more you will be confident while running.

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