Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Providing a clear answer to this query, well, Yes Merrell shoes are good for wide feet as they propose a range of the shoes such as hiking boots, running, or causal shoes to facilitate wide feet. They undertake the pledge and provide a vast selection of shoes in wide and extra-wide fits. All these footwear are recognized for putting forward outstanding comfort, remarkable support, and durability. 

These shoes feature a wider toe box and most importantly a wide fit that aid to conquer tenderness or any foot pain. 

Moreover, they also come with half a size up and multiple width suggestions that further elevate solace for the feet. 

Therefore, if you are scrutinizing buying comfortable outdoor shoes, especially for wide feet then they are valuable considering. 

Let’s quickly look at the attributes Merrel shoes ensure for bringing forth the fellow feeling to wide feet. 

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet?Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet

Merrel shoes provide numerous options for Wide feet such as 

A Roomy Toe box:

Merrell shoes are Beneficial for wide feet as they provide a roomy toe box to make their wearer easy and comfortable. It manufactures varieties of shoes with different toe box designs to accommodate disparate foot shapes and sizes. 

Other than this, a few of its shoes also come with different widths, this features also make the shoes extra roomier. This extra room in the shoes helps its wearer to avoid the issues like Blister Formation, Ingrown toenails, or Bunions. 

Most importantly, it is beneficial for those whole depend on the custom orthotic to avoid any foot impediment. 

Cushion Insoles: 

Well, Merrell shoes are known for providing remarkable cushion insoles. But, for wide feet, it is extremely important to look for footwear that not only offers enough room but also provides cushion insoles to support the feet.

Therefore, keeping the health of Customer in the mind, Merrel manufactures shoes with both of these features that help in reducing foot fatigue and provide additional comfort. 


The thing to make sure of is, that every person is born with their uniqueness, and in the case of shoes, what suit for one person never suits other. Therefore, the best way to find shoes is to try them on before handing money to the cashier. It will help you to know whether shoes provide desirable comfort or not. 

Arch support:

Generally, Merrell designs its shoes to ensure good arch support which is extremely promiscuous for wide feet. 

This arch support help to disturb the weight evenly therefore it is imperative for wide feet to look for requisite arch support to maintain the overall comfort of the feet. Other than this, It also set a shield against any foot or ankle injury. 

Breathable materials:

Most Merrell shoes contain mesh-up lining that makes them breathable. This material allows the air to circle the feet keeping them cool, dry, and away from agitation.

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet? – Meaning of Wide for Merrell 

According to Merrel, “Wide” means the width of the shoes, therefore, they Manufacture some wide shoes for those who want extra room in the toe box area. They are majorly designed by keeping in view the comfort of Wide feet.  

This wide option is marked by “E means wide ” OR “2E means extra wide” for wide shoes such as 9W or 9.5 EW.

However, if you want to buy your shoes from another website like Amazon you can simply look for the Letter J and some numbers. For example, if you want to order regular-width shoes then the letter J with five number like J23456 give you that clue of shoes with normal width. And if you want to buy wide width then Letter W after J and 5 digits (J23456W) indicates that, Yes! This is shoes pertain to the Wide Width. 

It is important to note that not all of the Merrel shoes have Wide or Extra Wide widths, so, before investing in the shoes check its product description or consult with any customer service representative. 

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet? – Appropriate Size

Merrel shoes offer a huge option of shoe sizes starting from medium to extra wide widths and lengths. So, to entertain yourself with the proper fit follow each step cited below

Measure your feet:

Measure your feet with the help of foot tape or a ruler. This will provide you with an idea of what size you should appraise while shopping 

Try the shoes:

Before purchasing the shoes try them on. It will help you find an area that is elevating pain and aches in the feet. 

Consult a shoe expert: 

If you are not able to find the right size of shoes. Seek help from the shoe expert as it succors you in finding the pertinent size of the footwear. 

Size chart: 

Pursue the size chart provided below as it will provide you with a clear indication of footwear that suits your feets’ width and length.

Size chart for Merrel Wide Shoes for Men: 

[table id=24 /]

Size Chart for Merrel Wide Shoes for Women:

[table id=25 /]

Are Merrell Shoes Good For Wide Feet? – Popular Merrel Shoes For Wide Feet

Though Merrel shoes offer versatile wide feet footwear. So, to make your shoe hunt effortless here, we will amuse you with the best option of shoes that is exemplary for your wide feet. 

[table id=26 /]

People Also Ask for: 

What are Merrel shoes?

Merrel Shoes are a brand of footwear known for its high-quality material, support, and fit. These shoes are designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, or workout, etc. 

Do Merrel Shoes manufactures waterproof shoes?

Merrel Shoes manufactured a few waterproof shoes. It uses waterproof materials like Gore-Tex, sealed seams, and other waterproof materials. These materials help the shoes to withstand the water, keeping the feet dry and protected. 

How to take care of Merrell’s shoes?

To take care of Merrell’s shoes, make sure to clean them daily. Use the old damp cloth or a shoe brush to wipe off the dust from it. Avoid direct contact with the heat and do not use any harmful chemicals on it. Otherwise, the material of the shoes will be affected worse. 

How long do Merrell’s shoes last?

Well, the average lifespan of Merrell shoes is 6 months to 2 years. However, by taking proper care of these shoes, you can prolong their life. 

Bottom Line:

So, after having a deep debate on Merrell and its fit,  we can easily conclude that they are recommended for wide feet but, here you must find shoes by giving them a try, not at the suggestion of others. Otherwise, you will never find the right size.

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