Are Merrell Shoes Made In China

Are Merrell Shoes Made In China?

Merrell is the most prominent American Footwear brand that gains public attention because of its high-quality outdoor activities shoes which include hiking boots, trail running footwear, and casual boots.

These shoes are the most renowned among Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts which adds a lot in spotlighting these shoes in the fashion world. 

But here the first thing that comes to mind is where these shoes are manufactured because manufacturing is what makes the shoes a true staple for a wardrobe. 

Are Merrell Shoes Made In China?

Generally, Merrell shoes originated from the USA but unlike the other shoe companies this brand, after getting famous,  become part of several countries and China is one of them. Are Merrell Shoes Made In China

China is regarded as the world’s substantial manufacturer which results in producing huge varieties of products. And because of its huge labor force, affirmative production cost, and infrastructure Merrell chose this country in the first place. 

Other than this, when Merrell was owned by Wolverine Worldwide then with the collaboration of China’s most famous shoe company ” Xtep International Holding Limited”, it started producing a wide variety of footwear without compromising on the quality of the shoes and therefore earned its reputation in the Global market.   

Here music to the ears is that it not only limited itself to the production Market of America and China but also extended its shoe business to other neighboring countries like Vietnam and South East Asian countries.   

History of Merrell shoes:

Being a well-known American Footwear brand it was established in 1981 by Randy Merrell. Well, Randy Merrell at first designed custom boots for people but later with the companionship of Clark Matis and John Schweizer they formed their shoe brand by the name of Merrell and because of the production of High-quality outdoor boots, this brand became a trademark in the shoe world. 

In 1983, the first-ever hiking boot “The Wilderness” of this brand came into the market, and with the blink of an eye, it became popular among hike lovers. 

Its outstanding design, fit, and traction created a mouth-watering effect on its viewer that whoever studied it desired to have it in their closet.

Moreover, Being on a roll, Merrell shed its blood, sweat, and tears to expand its product line by introducing causal and running boots without underestimating any nook of the shoe features. And in 1996 their hard work paid off when they introduced CHAMELEON“, the first waterproof and breathable hiking boot. which become a true staple in no time. 

Other than this, when this brand was owned by Wolverine World Wide, the world’s largest leading marketer for footwear brands like Hush Puppies, Saucony, etc. It adds huge innovation in the design of footwear that gains public attention and becomes the talk of the town. 

Moreover, in the 2000s another astonishing event occurred in the history of Merrell when it began its work by collaborating with the famous supplier of rubber soles ” The Vibram” which proves to be significant for it a lot. 

Interestingly in the past few years, Merrell work hard to introduce innovative design in their model by getting an advantage from technologies like M – select Grip and M Select Dry that not only provides outstanding traction but ensures great protection to the feet by making them waterproof and highly breathable.

Due to its hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm, today Merrell has become a well-recognized brand that is sold in more than 190 to 200 countries without any decrease in quality, comfort, support, and durability.

Other Countries Where Merrell Shoes Are Made: 


Well, America is the birthplace of Merrell whose roots resides in Rockford, Michigan.

When Merrell was owned by Wolverine World Wide then the contract was signed with a 3rd party to get its shoes ready. This 3rd party exists in South America, and they use to design shoes according to the preference of the people. 

Other than this, most of its production houses reside in Mexico, Arkansas, and the Dominican Republic. They are involved in manufacturing 15% of Merrell products.

In consonance with their quality, design, and comfort these shoes are still manufactured in America.


Apart from America and China, Vietnam is another country that is top on the list for manufacturing Merrell shoes. After the trade war between America and China, Wolverine diverted its focus and began to move toward Vietnam where they not only manufactured super-quality shoes but also provided the least production cost. So, about 70% of Merrell products are manufactured in Vietnam which is highly likable among the customers

Community Concerns: 

Are Merrell Shoes Worth the Price? 

Merrell Shoes manufacture high-quality shoes that add a lot to comfort, durability, and fit. These features are beneficial and quite worthy of their cost. Therefore, you can fearlessly pick them.

Can I resole my Merrell shoes?

Well, they can be Resoled but only a few of its shoes attain this feature. Therefore, you must visit a shop of professional shoemakers that guide you on whether the model you pick is perfect for the resoling or not.

Do Merrell shoes provide resistance against slip? 

Merrell shoes contain strong durable rubber soles that provide a strong grip on different grounds. This grip works well in providing resistance against slips, protecting one person from a fall or injury. 

Are Merrell shoes beneficial for Flat feet?

Merrell shoes are famous because of their supporting features like outstanding Cushioning and great arch support. These attributes of Merrell shoes make them Highly beneficial for flat feet.

Can I wash my Merrell shoes? 

Yes, you can wash these shoes but make sure to wash them by hand. Because machine washing can ruin its material.  

Final Verdict: 

So, after checking out, we can easily state that these shoes were first manufactured in China but after the Trade war between its production house and the homeland means America and China, diverted its focus and now they are manufactured in different parts of the world.

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