Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof?

Merrel is a notable brand in the shoe market but most people want to know about its waterproof property. So, providing a clear answer to this concern Merrel manufactures shoes in large proportions but only 300 models of its footwear are waterproof.

It means that it does manufacture waterproof shoes but not all of its footwear is waterproof. Therefore, one person needs to be careful in finding waterproof shoes. 

Well, providing you with the piece of cake, those shoes that are labeled as outdoor activity boots, like hiking or running have waterproofing features. 

These shoes contain waterproof membranes i.e. Gore-Tex which provides the footwear with the ability to withstand water. Well, Gore-Tex becomes a general rule for the Merrel. So, the most common tag they use with their waterproof shoes is “Gore-Tex”, “Hydo’ OR “waterproof”. So,  these tags become another hassle-free way to find Merrel waterproof shoes. 

Here the title waterproof means that the shoes contain a waterproof material. It provides more resistance against the water but shoes with this label are generally heavy than others. 

Note: Not all of it hiking boots are waterproof. So, to find actual hiking plus water-proof boots it is more advisable to consult its website and look for the tag GTX or Gore-Tex.

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof?Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof

Well, not only a Gore-Tex but some other attributes add to the waterproofing ability of Merrel shoes. Let’s quickly look at them.

Waterproof Material:

Merrel shoes contain waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex or leather that resist water.  These materials are beneficial in keeping the feet dry and wet-free. 

Here most of you might wonder what is this Gore-Tex. Or is it waterproof?

Well, A Gore-Tex is a water barrier and breathable lining that is derived from polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE).  This synthetic material makes this lining highly waterproof and it can stand vigorously against plenty of water as it has a hydrostatic rating of 2000. It means that you can wear Gore-tex shoes in the heavy rain. 

But if you spend several hours in water then it will lose all its property. 

Seamed seal:

These shoes also sealed seams that do not let a single drop of water penetrate the shoes, letting the feet dry and infection-free.

Durable Water repellent coating: 

Another feature that adds to the waterproofing property of the shoes is the DWR coating that repels the water and prevents it to soak into the shoe upper. 

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof? – Best Merrel Waterproof Shoes 

Here are the best Merrel footwears that are favorable to wear in wet weather. 

Merrell Moab GORE-TEX:

These shoes are beneficial to wear in wet weather as their Gore-Tex keeps the feet protected against the water. Moreover, these shoes contain a Padded collar and protected toe cup along with the Virbam insole that provides a secure fit and natural movement. Most interestingly, its rubber sole ensures a strong grip on the wet surface thus, set a shield against a slip or a fall. 

Merrel Branda 2 Waterproof:

These shoes are famous because they contain a waterproof Membrane which keeps the water away from the feet. Moreover, they possess other features like nylon shank, Rubber soles, EVA midsole, etc that are highly beneficial in providing appropriate comfort, support, and proper fit. 

Merrel Siren Edge Waterproof:

They are another outstanding footwear that can resist water. They are highly supportive and comfortable to wear in wet weather as they contain TPU overlay, Rubber soles, Removable padded insoles, etc. 

All these features are valuable in assuring great comfort to the feet. 

You can also look for:

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof? – Place to Buy These Shoes 

You can look for these shoes at its Merrell Offical site. However, depending on the promotion or deal you can also buy them from Amazon. 

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof? – Waterproof Tips 

Unfortunately, you bought a pair of shoes that do have water-repellent properties. Now being low on the budget you are not able to buy a new one. Well, worry not, and look at the following tips and tricks that help you to keep your feet secure from getting wet during your voyage 

Remove insole:

The very first step to waterproofing your shoes is to remove the insole. Here use a knife or a screw Driver to remove the insole from the footwear. Be careful by using these instruments otherwise, you will be injured. 

Once you get succeed in removing the insole put them aside in a clean place.

Clean the shoes:

Use a wet cloth or a shoe brush to remove the loose dust particles or debris from it. Don’t be harsh while cleaning otherwise you will damage its leather. 

Air dry: 

Once you are done cleaning the shoes, let them dry naturally. Direct contact with the heat ruin it’s material. 

Use waterproof spray: 

After ensuring proper cleaning of the shoes use waterproof spray all over them. Make sure that every part of the shoe is covered under it. After spraying leave the shoes overnight so, that it spray fully absorbs in the shoes. 

Merrel offers its shoe spray as well with the name of “Rain and Stain waterproof spray”

Put the removed insole back into the shoes:

After leaving the shoes over time, put the insole back in it so that, water won’t penetrate the shoes. Moreover, it also provides you with a snug fit. 

Leave it over time again, as it will help the insole to stick to the shoes properly.

Repeat the steps if necessary: 

Repeat the above mentions step when you find that your shoes are not providing you protection against the water

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are Merrel Shoes comfortable?

Merrel shoes are highly comfortable thanks to their cushion insoles and breathability that make the shoes friendly to wear. Moreover, this comfort varies from person to person. So, make sure to buy the shoes after a proper try. 

Can I  wear my Merrel shoes on a hike? 

Well, these shoes are known to be hiking shoes because they provide excellent support and traction on different surfaces.

What materials are used while manufacturing the Merrel shoes?

Merrel shoes contain premium quality leather, mesh up lining, and other high-quality materials. That makes the shoes sung, supportive and durable. 

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, Merrel manufactures waterproof shoes which keep the water away from the feet but makes sure that all of its footwear are not waterproof. 

If you want to entertain yourself with the Merrel waterproof shoes then look for shoes that have a label of Gore-tex or waterproof.

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