Are New Balance 550 True to Size

Are New Balance 550 True to Size?

In the heart of Boston, New Balance carved its niche, challenging footwear giants like Nike and adidas. The New Balance 550, an archived retro masterpiece, seamlessly blends basketball prowess with lifestyle elegance. Revived from the 1980s, its collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore and Teddy Santis’s touch gave it a fresh lease of life.

The ALD x New Balance 550 release was eagerly anticipated by sneaker aficionados globally. The Sole Supplier, a hub for sneaker experts, frequently highlights its minimalist design, juxtaposing it with photos of other renowned shoes. Yet, amidst its sleek design and Steven Smith’s 1989 legacy, the question of its fit remains.

Switching between footwear models, the quest for the perfect shoe size is ever-present. Over the past two years, reviews have been a mixed bag. Some find their regular size just right, while others debate sizing up or down. The market’s voice seems divided, making the sizing conundrum even more intriguing.

Are New Balance 550 True to Size?

The New Balance 550’s elongated and slightly narrow silhouette often leaves buyers second-guessing their typical New Balance size. Drawing parallels with stalwarts like Nike and Adidas can shed some light, but sizing recommendations often hinge on individual foot anatomy and comfort preferences. This discourse aims to demystify this with comparative visuals and expert takes.

For the average footed individual, being in between sizes might suggest opting for thicker socks and sizing up for enhanced comfort. The shoe’s design, especially the toe box, can be a tad restrictive for those blessed with wider or flatter feet. In such cases, considering half sizes could be the key to optimal comfort.Are New Balance 550 True to Size

Side-by-side photos and expert opinions in this article will offer a comprehensive view. The toe box, in particular, has been a point of discussion. While it caters well to standard feet, those with specific requirements might need to delve deeper into half sizes or other adjustments for that perfect fit.

New Balance 550 Size Guide


The New Balance 550 sneakers are typically true to size in length. Many customers have noted that their fit aligns closely with the brand’s sizing chart. However, there’s a slight lean towards the shoe being marginally longer. This means that if you’re on the edge of a size, it’s a good idea to refer to the sizing chart to ensure the best fit for your foot length.

When you think of the New Balance 550, it’s crucial to remember that trying them on is the optimal way to determine fit. Considering they might run slightly longer for some, always use the sizing chart as your primary guide to find the best shoe length for your feet.


The width of a shoe is a vital factor to consider, especially with the New Balance 550. These shoes are designed to accommodate various foot shapes and come in 2 width options: standard and wide widths. For those who have wider feet, the wide widths are your best bet to avoid a shoe that feels too tight. On the flip side, if the shoe feels too loose, you might be looking at a width that’s too wide for you.

While everyone has a favorite sneaker colorway, it’s important not to compromise on fit. If your desired color only comes in a standard width and it feels tight, consider sizing up by 0.5 sizes. This will give your toes the correct room they need while ensuring the classic style and all-day comfort of the New Balance 550.

Arch support

New Balance 550 sneakers are renowned for their excellent arch support. This is largely due to the innovative combination of the EVA foam midsole and ENCAP technology. Together, they provide maximum cushioning that’s both durable and hard to compress or break down over time.

For those who wear their sneakers regularly, it’s reassuring to know that the support doesn’t wear out quickly. If you have high arches or special requirements, the shoe’s design allows for an easy insert of shoe inserts. Similarly, individuals with flat feet who need more support can benefit from this feature. The sneakers also come with a removable insole, making them easy to wash or swap out.

Toe Box

The toe box in the New Balance 550 is designed to offer a roomy and comfortable fit. With its generous space, it promotes natural toe movement, reducing the risk of cramps, blisters, and other foot problems. However, this design might feel a tad too roomy for those with narrow feet.

If you have wide feet and find the toe box too snug, it might be wise to size up for a loose fit. Conversely, if you have particularly tiny feet and find the toe box too spacious, consider sizing down. This ensures that regardless of your foot’s width, you can enjoy a snug fit without compromising comfort.

New Balance 550 Sizing Women’s

In the market for a pair of running shoes? The New Balance 550 has caught many eyes. Before jumping into a decision, it’s essential to guide yourself through the sizing. For an ideal fit, considering your foot’s width and length is vital. Armed with a measuring tape, measure your foot in both inches and centimeters.

 Cross-reference these measurements with the New Balance size chart, especially noting the Women’s Foot Length and the corresponding New Balance Size. If your size aligns with D/2E, you’re looking at an Extra Wide option. This ensures maximum comfort and support, letting you rack up mileage without the dread of pain or blisters.

For women’s sizes, the New Balance 550 ensures an impeccable fit. However, it’s always advisable to double-check the measurements before buying. The right shoe size not only offers support but also promises prolonged comfort, especially for those long runs. So, grab your measuring tape, measure, and consult the size chart. After all, comfort translates to more miles without pain.

New Balance 550 Sizing Reddit

Diving into the Reddit forums for sneaker advice? You’re not alone. Many are on the market for a perfect pair of sneakers, and the New Balance 550 is a brand that frequently pops up. 

However, some users suggest the shoes might run a bit small. If you’re on the fence about the fit, size charts available on the brand’s website can be a reliable guide. When looking to purchase, always consider whether you have wide feet and refer to the provided sizes. Order with confidence, but if your gut feels otherwise, remember most brands, including New Balance, offer easy returns and exchanges.

A pair of New Balance 550 sneakers can be a stellar addition to any collection. However, before committing to a purchase, it’s wise to heed tips from seasoned Reddit users. Many emphasize the importance of checking the brand’s size chart and ensuring the shoe is the right fit. This is especially crucial for those with wide feet. But, if you happen to misjudge, rest assured. Returns and exchanges have got your back. Always trust your gut and enjoy your new shoes!

Tips To Check Your Shoe Fit

Ensuring a proper fit for your shoes is crucial for comfort and foot health. Here are some tips to help you check the fit of your New Balance 550 shoes.

Measure Your Feet

To get the most accurate shoe size, it’s best to measure your feet at the end of the day. This is because feet tend to swell as the day progresses. Using a ruler or measuring tape, determine the exact length and width of your feet. Whether you prefer centimeters or inches, make sure to note down both measurements.

Check The Size Chart

Once you have your foot measurements, refer to the New Balance 550 size chart. This chart will guide you in matching your foot measurements to the correct shoe size. It’s a handy tool to ensure you’re getting the best fit possible.

Choose Your Correct Width

The New Balance 550 comes in two widths. It’s essential to select the one that best fits your foot shape. A shoe that’s too narrow or too wide can lead to discomfort and potential foot issues down the line.

Size Up If You Wear Socks

If you wear sneakers daily, consider the type of sock you’ll be wearing with them. The sock’s thickness can significantly affect the shoe’s overall fit. For instance, a thicker sock might require you to size up to ensure a proper fit.

Be Patient For A Break-In Period

The NB 550, with its leather upper, might feel stiff initially. However, with time, it will become softer and mold to the shape of your foot. Ensure there’s enough space in the shoes to move your toes without them sliding forward. Watch out for signs like your heel slipping, pinching, rubbing, or any excessive movement. If the shoes are too tight or too loose, they might not be the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do New Balance 550 Shoes Run Big or Small?

When it comes to the New Balance 550, many often wonder about its true fit. These athletic-style casual shoes have been compared in length to other brands to determine if they run true to size. One detail that stands out is the toe box. Some find it a bit narrow in width, which might be a point of consideration for potential buyers.

In the world of footwear, the fit is paramount. The New Balance 550, being a blend of athletic and casual design, is no exception. While many users find the length to be true to size, the toe box’s narrow width has been a topic of discussion. This detail is crucial for those who prioritize comfort in their footwear choices.

Do New Balance 550 Shoes Fit Wide or Narrow?

From personal experience, the New Balance 550 is known to have a narrow toe box. This might pose a challenge for those with wide feet. It’s often recommended to size up, perhaps by a half size, for a more comfortable fit. For comparison, shoes like Crocs are wider and provide a roomier toe box. On the other hand, the Nike Air Monarch 4E is known for being extra wide shoes. So, what can one expect from the New Balance 550? While they lean towards standard sizing, they might feel narrow for some, but this article aims to shed light on that.

The New Balance 550’s fit has been a topic of much discussion. Based on experience, its toe box can feel narrow, especially for those with wide feet. In comparison to the roomier Crocs or the extra wide Nike Air Monarch 4E, one might need to size up by half for a comfortable fit. However, in terms of standard width, the New Balance 550 generally adheres to standard sizing, as detailed in this article.

Do New Balance 550 Stretch?

The New Balance 550 boasts an upper made of synthetic leather and mesh, enhancing its breathability. Over time, these materials tend to stretch and mold to the feet, a specialty of the shoe. Those with a neutral stride, neither rolling inward nor outward, will find an efficient and comfortable run. The shoe also features a 10 millimeter drop from heel to toe, with an EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam midsole for cushioning. The outsole, made of rubber and blown rubber in the forefoot, ensures durability. With such breathable and stretchy materials, the shoe can accommodate various foot shapes.

Crafted with synthetic leather and mesh, the upper of the New Balance 550 offers both breathability and the ability to stretch. This ensures that the shoe molds to the feet, especially for those with a neutral stride. The 10 millimeter drop from heel to toe, combined with the EVA foam midsole, provides cushioning for a comfortable run. The rubber outsole, with blown rubber in the forefoot, adds to its durability. Given these stretchy materials, the shoe is designed to accommodate a range of foot types.

Do New Balance 550 Crease?

The New Balance 550 is constructed with artificial leather, which can be prone to creasing. The board-lasting technique and the stiff cup sole can exert pressure on the toe box, leading to potential creases. However, these creases can be minimized or even erased using methods like wet towel ironing. It’s essential to be aware of this characteristic when considering the shoe’s aesthetics.

Creasing is a common concern for many shoe enthusiasts. The New Balance 550, made with artificial leather, is no exception. Due to the board-lasting technique and the stiff cup sole, the toe box might experience pressure, leading to visible creases. But fear not, for techniques like wet towel ironing can help reduce or even eliminate these creases. Being informed about this aspect can help in making an informed purchase decision.

How Does The New Balance 550 Fit?

The New Balance 550 is renowned for its fit, striking a balance between true to size and accommodating those with wider feet. If you’re seeking basic comfort for long periods of use, this might be your go-to. 

Many suggest that if you have wider feet, considering a half size up might be beneficial. When it comes to care, a simple cleaning wipe does the trick, especially for pairs with leather. Styling-wise, its retro look pairs seamlessly with shorts, jeans, or joggers.

Why is New Balance 550 Popular?

Introduced in 1989, the New Balance 550 was initially a running shoe designed for stability, control, and to address pronation – the inward rolling of the foot upon impact. The updated version offers runners enhanced support, a wider toe box, and a breathable mesh upper. The midsole foam in the current version ensures comfort while the option for a wide width caters to a broader audience.

How Do New Balance 550 Fit Compared to Nike?

In the vast market of sneakers, comparing the New Balance 550s to Nike shoes reveals some notable differences. Generally, if you find yourself between sizes, it’s advised to order the New Balance 550 a half size down. They tend to size larger, and their width is a tad narrower. 

For those with wider feet, sizing up might be the way to go. In terms of comfort, support, and cushioning, both brands offer a comfortable experience, though break-in time varies. When it comes to pricing, while Nike might sometimes be more expensive, both brands frequently offer sales, discounts, and deals to entice a purchase.

Is The New Balance 550 For You?

If a retro aesthetic is your style, the New Balance 550 should be on your wishlist or radar. Not only is it affordable and accessible compared to the likes of Air Jordan 1, but it also stands out in the retail market with a price point often below $100. 

The materials used, especially in new releases, include an upper made of smooth leather with quality accents that are impressive for its price point. Comfort-wise, it harks back to the 80s as a basketball sneaker, offering a cushioned experience unlike some other retro models in the segment.


The New Balance 550 is more than a retro sneaker; it’s a harmonious blend of yesteryears’ design with contemporary comfort standards. With a price tag hovering just above $100, it promises value without a hefty dent in your wallet. But understanding its sizing nuances, especially when juxtaposed with other athletic or casual shoes, is paramount.

While it predominantly runs true to size, its slightly narrow toe box might nudge those with broader feet to size up, ensuring added room and comfort. With two width options at one’s disposal and a brief adaptation period, the shoe promises to evolve with your foot’s contours, ensuring a snug fit over time.

Before plunging into a purchase, especially given its resell market popularity, it’s wise to peruse the retailer’s return/exchange policy. Consulting the sizing chart, coupled with this article’s insights, should pave the way for a well-informed decision, ensuring the shoe fits not just your foot, but also your lifestyle.

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