Beckett Simonon Vs Allen Edmonds

Beckett Simonon Vs Allen Edmonds

Beckett Simonon is a new kid in the town that was founded by Andres Nico and Nicholas Hurtado in 2012. It is an online retailer brand that spotlighted the production of high-quality shoes at an affordable price. 

Allen Edmond, in comparison, has a long brand history that initially focused on producing shoes for the military person but being famous because of craftsmanship it broadened its product line, and now become the top brand in manufacturing high-quality shoes. 

Well, both are popular brands that gain public attention because of their super quality and admirable craftsmanship. While they share few similarities in terms of using the material and production but there lie key differences as well. So, let’s have a detailed look at it. 

Beckett Simonon Vs Allen Edmonds

Although both brand focus on making high-quality shoes. Lets, ‘s distinguish them by having a little debate on their features. 

Beckett Simonon:

It is a notable yet newly developed brand that manufactures shoes with the following features. 


It is a well-known footwear brand that becomes the most reputable supplier because of using high-quality material in its shoes.

Becket Simonon uses full-grain leather for its footwear. This leather is obtained from the top layer of animal hides that remains durable, beautiful, and unique throughout the ages.

This brand also uses other materials like suede, canvas, and wool. These materials when combined with leather shape, the high-quality and attractive design of footwear.

It means that Beckett Simonon shows great commitment to using premium-quality material which is reflected in their shoes.


The major focus of this brand is to manufacture comfortable shoes and for this, they use materials like premium quality leather, padded footbeds, durable rubber soles, soft lining leather, etc. 

Moreover, they provide a variety of designs and sizes. It helps one person to find a perfect design as well as the size of shoes at a low price. 


Beckett Simonon has pride in itself in making first-rate shoes. Therefore, to maintain the elegance of the material they use a great welt construction technique which adds a lot to the life of the shoes and also makes the resoling of the shoes super easy. 

Other than this, Beckett Simonon also uses the Blake stitch construction technique which means the sole is directly stitched to the upper of the shoes. This assures the flexibility of the shoes. 

Moreover, they also pay heed to the small detail of the shoes like reinforced heels and padded insoles to guarantee a comfortable fit. 


Beckett Simonon manufactures shoes in a range of sizes and widths such as narrow, regular, wide, or extra wide for a few of its designs to assure the perfect fit. 

It uses a standardized sizing system that is based on US sizes. It provides people with proper assistance to get ideal fitted shoes.

Other than this, this brand also allows customers to return the shoes within 90 days policy if they do not find them appropriate for their feet


Well, Beckett Simonon introduces the mouth-watering style of the shoes making them perfect to wear on any occasion. Some of the most notable styles of it are

  • Dress shoes: They offer a wide range of dress shoes which include Loafers, Oxfords, Derby, etc. All of them are designed classically. 
  •  Boots: They introduce the versatile design of the boots such as Chelsa, Chukka, or working boots. These shoes are a perfect addition to the wardrobe. 
  • Sneakers: It offers a range of stylish and Comfortable sneakers, perfect to wear for casual or informal events.
Pros of wearing Beckett Simonon
  • They can withstand daily wear and tear as they are crafted using full-grained leather and rubber soles.
  • These shoes provide great comfort to the feet.
  • They use a direct-to-customer selling technique which means that they are highly affordable 
  • The modern yet sophisticated style of the shoes is best to wear on any occasion. 
Cons of wearing Beckett Simonon
  • They offer limited sizes of shoes which makes it hard for people to get the correct size.
  • Some customers reported that they are less durable as compared to Allen Edmonds 
  • No physical store makes people suffer a little, especially those who pick the shoes after trying them. 

Allen Edmonds:

Allen Edmonds is the most famous American-based company that specializes in making remarkable shoes. These shoes possess the following attributes.


To provide outstanding footwear Allen Edmond uses a variety of materials such as full-grain leather, suede, nubuck, Cordovan, etc. 

Full-grain leather obtained from calfskin is the signature material that Allen Edmonds uses. This leather is known for its durability, softness, and flexibility. 

Moreover, suede is a type of leather that provides a velvet texture to the shoes. On the other hand, Cordovan is a sort of horse leather that has a unique elegant texture. 

All this leather when shaped up in the form of a shoe provides them with a mouth-watering appearance that everyone desires to have in their closet. 


Allen Edmonds is famous because of providing excellent comfort to the feet, this comfort is achieved by the compounding of high-quality material and the remarkable design of the shoes. There are a few elements that add a lot to its comfort

  • Allen Edmonds uses a Cork footbed that has the property to mold as per the foot shape of its wearer, assuring the most comfortable fit.
  • Few of the Allen Edmonds shoes have the option of removable insoles that allow the help to have their desired comfort.
  • Allen Edmonds contain leather lining which makes the shoes comfortable through its moisture-wicking property. 
  • Allen Edmonds is available in a range of sizes which allows one person to pick the perfect size of shoes that match their feet.  


Allen Edmonds is begin by using the greatest construction technique. This technique is extremely beneficial in assuring the shoe’s durability and also helps in replacing the old sole easily.

Moreover, it contains a Corkfoot bed that mold as per the shape of the foot and provides the most sung fit.


Allen Edmonds ensures the outstanding fit of the shoes keeping in view the comfort of the wearer. However, this fit varies in terms of style. Therefore, follow the bellow mention them to avoid the mishap of picking the wrong fit of the shoes

  • Measure your feet. 
  • Consult the size chart.
  • Try the shoes and have a slight walk to find any tight areas of the footwear.
  • Look for shoes that provide appropriate arch support.
  • Consult the shoe professionalist.


Allen Edmond is famous because of its classic and traditional style. Some of its most adorable shoe styles are

  • Park Avenue: It is the shoes with timeless, sleek designs, best to wear on any formal occasion. 
  • Strand: It contains modern yet casual features and can be worn with a variety of the outfit 
  • McAllister: It is dress shoes that have wing tips. It is a true staple for the wardrobe.
  • Higgins Mill: It is a style in a way that a person can easily wear with a pair of jeans or a casual outfit
Pros of wearing Allen Edmonds
  • The material that these shoes contain provides outstanding comfort and thus proves to be congenial for the feet.
  • They possess great welt construction techniques. This ensures the longevity of the footwear.
  • They have classic and timeless design means that they never go out of trend. 
  • These shoes can be resoled which means that you can provide new life to the shoes by replacing the old trained sole. 
Cons of wearing Allen Edmonds

Although these are the most famous and top-rated American footwear brands that manufacture the best shoes they also make its wearer suffer a little

  • The price of the shoes is a notable factor that restrains people from buying this footwear. A few of the customers said that they need to break into their accounts to buy these shoes 
  • Allen Edmonds shoes are comfortable but it takes some time to provide the desired comfort to their wearer. 
  • Being a traditional and historic brand. It provides a limited variety of footwear as compared to other shoe brands and Beckett Simonon is one of them.
  • The leather soles of these shoes wear out quickly because of daily wear or bad weather conditions. Therefore, it proves to be an additional cost for these shoes. 

Beckett Simonon Vs Allen Edmonds – Similarities

Both of the brands offer high-quality shoes. So, they share a few the similarities such as

  • Both brands use premium quality leather in their shoes. Beckett Simonon uses full-grain leather whereas Allen Edmonds uses top-grain leather. 
  • Special consideration is given to the craftsmanship of the footwear of both of the brands.
  • Both brands offer a timeless and classical style of shoes best to wear on any formal and informal occasion. 
  • Goodyear Welt construction is a basic construction technique used in the manufacturing of both of the brands.
  • Both of the brands are American footwear brands, famous for making comfortable, durable, and sung shoes. 

Beckett Simonon Vs Allen Edmonds – Differences 

The major differences that lie between both these brands are 

  • Beckett Simonon is cheaper than Allen Edmonds because of its direct-to-consumer model which offers the shoes at a low price.
  • Although both of the brands use high-quality materials for providing outstanding durability. However, Allen Edmonds is more durable than that Beckett Simonon because of its Goodyear welt construction.  
  • In terms of construction, Allen Edmonds uses Goodyear Welt construction whereas, Beckett Simonon uses Blake stitch construction.
  •  Both of the brands manufacture dress shoes, casual shoes, and boots. But Allen Edmonds is famous because of its classical style however, Beckett Simonon gains popularity because of its trendy and up-to-date design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the styles of footwear offered by Allen Edmonds and Beckett Simonon? 

Well, both of the brands offer a variety of shoes such as loafers, oxford, and dress boots. But, Allen Edmonds provided different styles such as casual or aesthetic wear. 

Which brand is better in terms of budget? 

Beckett Simonon is better to purchase as compared to Allen Edmonds if you are low on budget. These shoes are made up of high-quality material which ensures great durability, comfort, support, and fit.

What is the return policy of Beckett Simonon? 

Beckett Simonon offers a return policy of 1 year. It allows its customer to return the shoes for any reason within the time of one year. 

How long will Beckett Simonon last? 

According to its user, these shoes last for years as they are made up of full-grain leather and premium material. Moreover, by taking great care of these shoes, they may last even longer. 

What do you mean by the recrafting process of Allen Edmonds? 

This process is the customer care service offered by Allen Edmonds. It involves rebuilding shoes including new soles, heels, Cork footbeds, etc. This provides new life to the shoes. 

Bottom Line:

After knowing deeply about both of the footwear we can easily conclude by saying that both are remarkable footwear with outstanding materials and properties. Therefore, the choice among them depends upon the person’s preference, desire, and most importantly budget.

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