Can Hey Dude Be Considered As Unisex?

Are Hey Dudes Unisex?

Hey dude! Have you ever tried Hey Dude Shoes? Or wonder if they are unisex or not because most of their designs look alike for both men and women.  This article will help you understand by delivering answers to all the questions popping up in your mind right now about Hey Dudes.

Hey Dude! Unisex or Not?

First of all, let us all know what unisex means. Any cloth, shoes, or other accessories that both men and women can wear are considered unisex. But, in modern days, the view of gender definitions has become vague because both sexes can now wear from both collections whether they are from men’s or women’s side.  

DespiEven through the official website of Hey Dude shoes does not have an independent collection of unisex shoes, it does not end up with a point that they do not have them. An attention-catching way the brand has devised is that they divided the collections into different categories. They have three options n, Women, and Youth. Whereas Youth is further divided into three more categories made up Girls, Boys, and Toddlers.  

Are Hey Dudes Unisex?

Are Hey Dudes Unisex?

As far as the concern is for the label “unisex”, you can find a few items of  Hey Dudes at Amazon with a description of unisex. The most eye-catching pairs from the collection are Unisex Mikka Shoes and the Hey Dude Unisex Americana Tri. The first pair came in so many different colors that can be worn by both sexes without any gender-stereotyped look. 

Here’s an ideal example that can raise attention to the point in reregardingerent choices of masculine and feminine characteristics. Who doesn’t know about Harry Styles and his attention grasping appearance? He busted the myth of gender specification by wearing feather boas and carrying a handbag which as a matter of course considered to be a female accessory. 

Men’s VS Women’s Hey Dudes:

Generally, a fundamental question arises in almost every female consumer’s mind when they shop online from an emerging shoe brand like Hey Dude. The appearance made them think about whether the design is traditionally for men or w. Simply,  because every pair of shoes from Hey Dude has a more masculine touch than feminine in their outlook. So, the confusion seems to be sorted out as the brand has separate sections of collections for both genders. 

Although the designs are a bit manly, the sizes can give you a clue that they are available for both genders. But, don’t worry about the materials and shapes of their products. The legacy of the brand for its stylish and eye-catchy designs stayed the same for both genders and why not? When you wear a pair of Hey Dude, no one would ever know that the pair is marketed whether for men or women which is simply very amazing to consider about the brand.

However, Hey dudes cannot be particularly considered a female brand but it does not mean that they are not unisex. The basic styles and unique shapes of their shoes can be seen as clearly okay and well-worn by both sexes. 

Why Hey Dudes & Not Other Brands?

Who doesn’t want a perfect pair of shoes regarding your feet’ health and comfort zone? Hey Dude,s are providing their best services in making footwear that will help you walk easily and keep you in upgraded styles without any gender specification shoe models. And why not? This brand is loved by many men, women, and even kids because they have all the categories of footwear and a wide variety of comfiest, lightweight, stylish, and affordable shoes that can be worn by both sexes. 

Furthermore, the brand has set a new standard for treating your feet that will convince you to wear Hey Dudes in your daily living. The reason is so apparent, you won’t find a comfy memory foam insole anywhere else that can be removed and replaced at any time to enhance the life of your pair of shoes. Another plus point of getting footwear from this brand is that their flex and fold technology is not only in favor of your normal gait but also the pair can be folded up and tucked into your weekend bag.

Adding some more interesting feat features of Hey Dude Shoes is that they are rounded tow which means you have enough space to move your toe. Not just it, they are very light shoes which make the pair easy to wear. This brand will also help you be in the updated fashion and style as they have many cool colors and upper materials.

All you want to know about Hey Dudes:

People around the world are talking about the Schick collection of footwear made by Hey Dudes as the brand achieved so much popularity and has become easily accessible in such a short period label “Hey Dude” came in 2008 for the first time two Italian footwear experts including Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute. They introduced the idea in Summer and within a year the first-ever stock was launched and hit the market in February. 

Finally, in 2010, Alessandro and Dario started fully with the opening of an official branch in the United States of America (USA) with a third contributor named Daniele Guidi. By the same year, the brand becomes so popular in many regions of Europe, South America, and Eastern Asia.

Within a period, the company recorded sales of more than 5 million pairs of shoes. The brand has gained more fame after becoming partners with some of the very famous footwear brands such as Zappos, Buckle, and other reputable figures in the US footwear market. According to a recent report of December 2021, Crocs announced that they bought the ownership of Hey Dude Shoes in 2.5B cash and stock.

Source: Hey Dude

A Collection Of Wally and Wendy Hey Dudes:

If this is your first experience with Hey Dude then keep in mind their wally and wendy shoes collection:

Hey Dude, Wally, and Wendy Shoes are two collections for both genders that have superb styles in them. The Wally collection compiles some of their famous pairs such as The Thad, Paul, and Bradley which makes your appearance super cool and awesome. But, these styles are peculiar to men. You can also transform your look from summer to fall by getting their chukka boot silhouettes and the lightweight sneaker in your closet. This compilation of footwear is dedicated to holding up to every step of your feet for a better life’s journey.

Whereas, Hey Dude Wendy Shoes is a separate footwear collection section with numerous styles including  Wendy Rise, Misty, Peyton, and Britt. You can select these Hey Dude Womens Shoes that can work as a warm hug to your feet. This fair and pretty collection has various positive reviews by the customers of the brand such as “so comfortable and very light weight quickly becoming my favorites” and “I absolve – wish they came in more cool colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Hey Dude Machine Washable?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Hey Dude shoes is whether they are machine washable or not. The answer is “NO”. you cannot wash the Hey Dude footwear in the machine. While you can wash the canvas, stretch, and sox styles under one condition when your device is set to the mode of the slow or non-spin cycle. Furthermore,  keep in mind not to wash the leather, suede, and wool styles of these particular shoes. 

Is Hey Dude Stretchable?

The only sox and stretch styles among the Hey Dude collections are stretchable as they have elasticated fibers in them. They can easily be folded and tucked into your picnic bag. 

From Where You Can Get Your Pair of Hey Dude?

The factories of Hey Dude Shoes are located in two Countries including China and Indonesia. If you place your order then it will be dispatched to Italy, USA, and UK. Afterward, they will be able to ship the parcel around the globe.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

The fact that Hey Dude Shoes disclaimed the production of shoes that can heal patients with foot or arch problems but the shoe itself has a patented technology with a thick memory foam insole. This technology can work excellently in supporting the feet having Plantar Fasciitis which is a condition that involves a band of tissue known as fascia that connects your heel bone to the base of your toes. It supports the arch of the foot and absorbs shock when walking.

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