Can Hey Dude Be Stretchy For a Day-Out?

Do Hey Dudes Stretch Out?

A pair of Hey Dude Shoes in your wardrobe can be a great option for a sudden go-out plan as they stretch out easily and can be folded and tucked into your bag without any effort.

So, here’s a chance to get a pair of your own Hey Dude Shoes that have so many different stretching conditions based on your feet. 

Do Hey Dudes Stretch Out?

However, if you are looking for the best stretchable collection of footwear then Hey Dude can be a wonderful option. The following models are the most stretchy compilation of shoes from Hey Dude:

Do Hey Dudes Stretch Out

Stretch Collections: Wally, Wendy & Chan Hey Dude :

Out of a huge merch of shoe collection by Hey Dude, the most stretchable footwear lies under two main categories as follows:

Wally Sterct Hey Dude: This collection of Hey Dude works like a warm hug to your feet. And why not? They are very warm, have ultra-lightweight synthetic outsole, and shock absorber, and have Patented Flex & Fold Technology , which means they have elastic material that allows the footwear to flex with your feet. 

The super awesome quality of having elasticity in these shoes will help you walk an extra mile and that will make you feel like you are treading on air. 

Chan Stretch Hey Dude: In contrast, this collection of shoes is so stretchy as the upper body of this footwear is made of woven cloth which is so flexible and super soft that it can be a great fit to your feet. These shoes have slip-on construction that will save you time messing with laces. Just slide your feet in it and you are good to go as these pairs have the interior of oxford clothing lining and elastic goring pieces on both sides of the shoes.

 Not just it, these super comfy shoes also have a memory foam cushioned removable insole that will give you underfoot hold-up support. However, these are the cozy, snuggly, and lightweight loafers that you do not wanna miss out in your shoe wardrobe.

Note: Willy and Wendy Hey Dude Shoes are made of woven cotton and will stretch out with the expansion of the ice which is a method of putting a waterbag inside your shoes and then freezing them until the bag gets fully hardened. Afterward, leave the pair for 20 minutes and then takes the bag out. Your footwear will be loosened according to your choice.  

Ways to Stretch Down Our Pair of Hey Dude Shoes:

Hey, Dude Shoes have the natural tendency to loosen or to get stretchy after a while when you wear them several times. The brand has a collection of footwear that is made up of a material of woven cotton which is a bit tight and smaller in size. These particular design materials will get stretchy and flexible after wearing them for plenty of time. 

But what to do if you do not have these models? The following simple steps will help you stretch your shoes:

A tight and stiff shoe can be a problem and we can hardly avoid such issues but not anymore. An easy and ideal approach to get your shoe stretched out is to use a shoe stretcher which can be defined as a device that stretches the width, height, and length of low heels, flats, and other types of tight-fitting issues. 

These stretchers are highly applicable for so many shoe materials, types, and designs as well as for those feet that have foot deformities commonly known as bunions, corns, and hammertoes generally caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes.

How to Use a Shoe Stretcher on Hey Dude?

You can use a stretcher just like a professional by following some simple steps as written below:

Firstly, you have to bring a stretcher. The device is easily available on Amazon for around 20$ to 25$. 

All shoe stretchers come with a little metal knob that has to be attached to the holes on the stretchers. All you need to do is place it inside the shoe and make sure that the stretcher is in its resting state and that the flat end of the heel is facing upwards. 

Secondly, twist it with the help of the back handle. Soon, you will feel a stretch or tension on the upper side of the shoe. Stop the spread when you know that you have reached the point you need. (Here you need to be careful not to extend the handle so much otherwise you will end up breaking your shoe). 

Lastly, let it rest for around 24 hours to 48 hours and here you get your desired-sized Hey Dude Shoes.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that there are various kinds of stretchers for non-identical and different types of footwear. Some stretchers extend broad side as well as stretch lengthwise. Then there is a little heavier but durable stretcher that works fantastic for only the wide side of the shoe. So, read the instructions carefully before buying a stretcher for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Hey Dude Shoes Stretchable?

When the feet are flexible, shoes should be too because stiff shoes can make your whole day worse and make it unbearable to move. However, Hey Dude Shoes have a specific design material commonly known as sox and stretch styles among their collections. These models are so stretchy and flexible as they have elasticated fibers. They can easily be folded and tucked into your picnic bag. 

Can People with Wide Feet Wear Hey Dude Shoes?

Not all the models from Hey Dude are made for wide feet but the brand has some shoes in wide-fit designs. These models have stretch and flex qualities, making them ideal for wide feet. In particular, Hey Dude Shoes come in two different fittings including Relaxed Wide Fitting that are specifically designed for wide feet. Whereas, the Regular Dude Fit, as the name suggests, is for those with normal feet. 

Can You Be Comfy In Your Pair of Hey Dude?

Most importantly the brand takes care of the need of the customer. They made precisely those extraordinary designs with special materials that a consumer wants. However, the stretchable material, loose-fitting, excellent cushioning, breathable upper, and last but not least the featherweight of the Hey Dude pair make them so comfy for your feet’ health.

Is Hey Dude Machine Washable?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Hey Dude shoes is whether they are machine washable or not. The answer is “NO”. you cannot wash the Hey Dude footwear in the machine. While you can wash the canvas, stretch, and sox styles under one condition when your machine is set to the mode of the slow or non-spin cycle. Furthermore,  keep in mind not to wash the leather, suede, and wool styles of these particular shoes. 

From Where You Can Get Your Pair of Hey Dude?

The factories of Hey Dude Shoes are located in two Countries including China and Indonesia. If you place your order, it will be dispatched to Italy, the USA, and the UK. Afterward, they will be able to ship the parcel around the globe.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

The fact that Hey Dude Shoes disclaimed the production of shoes that can heal patients with foot or arch problems but the shoe itself has a patented technology with a thick memory foam insole. This technology can work excellently in supporting the feet having Plantar Fasciitis which is a condition that involves a band of tissue known as fascia that connects your heel bone to the base of your toes. It supports the arch of the foot and absorbs shock when walking.

Consumer’s Reviews About Hey Dude:

People around the globe are going crazy over the footwear by Hey Dude as they reviewed them positively. Here are some of the examples out of so many good compliments listed as follows, “My son likes the fit of these shoes”, “This is by far the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned!”, “my husband is going crazy over the. he’s obsessed”, “the most comfortable (and great looking) shoe! he’s looking to buy another pair already”, and “These shoes are not only stylish but are very comfortable!”

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