Can Merrell Shoes Be Washed

Can Merrell Shoes Be Washed?

Merrell shoes are highly popular among hikers and runners. But, unlike the other footwear, these shoes also get filthy. Therefore, every person looks forward to providing a clean look to their mud-cakey shoes. 

Here the music to your ears is that these shoes can be washed but this washing depends on the material of the shoes. 

Can Merrell Shoes Be Washed?

Here, cleaning the shoes is just child’s play, when you use appropriate methods for it. Therefore, we have mentioned below the pre-eminent ways of providing a clean look to shoes. Moreover, greater consideration is given to the type of detergent that adds a lot to the durability of shoes without affecting its material. Can Merrell Shoes Be Washed

So, without further due, Let’s get started. 

Is It Appropriate to Wash the Merrell Shoes in a Washing Machine?

Well, Merrell shoes are not machine-washed shoes as machines cause damage to the leather and other shoe material. Moreover, Merrell itself does not recommend machine washing and puts great stress on the hand wash method of the shoes as it involves gentle cleaning without causing any harm to footwear, plus it provides a great deal to add a lot to the life of the footwear.

Therefore, do not cook the goose of your new Merrell footwear just because of laziness as it will make you suffer a little. 

To ensure the durability and new look to your dust cover shoes use the hand wash method and let them dry at room temperature.

Suitable Detergent To Wash Your Merrell Shoes:

To wash your Merrell shoes look for detergents that do not contain powerful chemicals as adhesives because they have a detrimental impact on the Merrell shoes and their materials. 

Therefore, to conquer any ambiguity while washing here are a few recommendations for soaps i.e.

Dr. Bronner’s soap is a marvelous choice to use for washing the shoes as the organic materials used in the shoes not only provide an unstained look to your Merrell shoes but also add to their life. 

Moreover, if for some reason you are not able to have excess to Dr. Bronner’s soap, you can also opt for Gear Aid Boots as well as a shoe cleaner. These cleaners do not contain any harmful chemicals and therefore aid in removing dust from the leather or suede through their gel-like material. Other than this, it also provides benefits in terms of ensuring that shoes it waterproofed. 

Hand Wash Method to Wash Merrell Shoes: 

Washing your Merrell shoes by hand is the best and most recommended method as it does not cause any damage to the shoe’s material or leather. You can easily and fearlessly clean your shoes without provoking vandalism to them. 

Note:  Avoid using a dryer, a washing machine, or direct contact with heat and sunlight.

Now without wasting the time, let’s start hand washing the shoe by following one step at a time. 

Remove dirt by using a bristle brush: 

The very first step to provide a clean look to your shoes is to grasp a bristle brush and start removing the loose dust from it. Do be so brassy while removing the dust because it affects the material, resulting in wear and tear of the shoes. 

Use of warm water and soap: 

Sometimes dust is deeply stuck to the shoes that the bristle brush failed to remove. Therefore, grab a bowl of lukewarm water and add a full drop of mild soap to it. Mix the liquid well until the lather form into it. 

After that, use an old cloth and start wiping off the dust from the shoes with the help of a soapy mixture. Once you make sure that every nook and corner of the shoes are covered up with soap then thoroughly rinse the soap from the footwear by using clean water.

It will remove excess soap and dust, providing your shoes a dust-free look. 

Remove laces and insoles:

Here After washing the outside of the shoes, you might wonder how to clean the inside of your feet. 

So, for this use, you need to remove the laces as well as the insoles of your Merrell footwear. Then wash them by using the same soapy mixture.

Once you’re done with the process leave them at a place where you feel, the air can circulate them easily. 

 Let them Dry at room temperature:

After hand washing entire shoes leave them at room temperature for getting dry. Avoid using a machine dryer or hair dryer because they both produce heat and this direct contact with the heat effect shoes badly. Other than this, place them where they are exposed to air, not to sunlight.

Ways To Overcome The Smell After Washing Merrell Shoes:

So, after washing your Merrell shoes, Are you still experiencing an unpleasant smell? Well, to get better of this vexatious situation follow the tips and tricks provided below

Use Baking Soda: 

Make use of Baking soda as it is a great oxidant to capture the bad smell of the footwear. 

Pour a small quality baking soda into your shoes and let it be there throughout the night. The next morning remove the poured soda from your shoes. You will find the baking soda has absorbed all the bad smell of the shoes

Other than this, if you want to add a fragrance to your use, you can add a few drops of your preferred scented oil in baking soda before pouring it into the shoes. It not only absorbs the pungent smell but also provides your shoes with a nice odor.

Use the Disinfectant spray at the insoles:

Bacteria on the shoes can also be the cause of the back smell. So to avoid this, first you need to take off the insoles from the shoes and then start by spraying the disinfectant spray all over the insoles. Once you’re done with the spray, keep the insoles out of the shoes for the Whole day. It will help to remove the bacteria from the insoles that were the reason for the bad smell.

Community Concerns: 

Can waterproof Merrell shoes be machine washable?

Yes, waterproof Merrell shoes can be washed in the machine but make sure to go for a gentle cycle and mild washing powder otherwise, your shoes will be damaged. Moreover, to maintain the waterproof ability of shoes make sure to reapply the waterproof treatment. 

Can bleach be used while washing the Merrell shoes?

Never wash your Merrell shoes with bleach as it ruins the material of the shoe.

Can I use Dryer to dry my Merrell shoes?

No, because the dryer produces the heat while spinning, and when this heat comes in contact with the material of Merrell shoes, it will damage them entirely.  

What type of products does Merrell offer? 

Merrell offers a huge variety of products like outdoor footwear like hiking and trailing footwear, sandals, clothes, and accessories 

Does Merrell have a return policy? 

Yes, Merrell shoes provide a return policy of 40 days but for it, your product must not be used or it is in proper shape. 

Bottom Line: 

In a nutshell, Merrell shoes can be washed but the best way is to clean them by hand because if you put them in the machine then you will end up b facing a detrimental impact on the shoe. Therefore, if you want to ensure the longevity of the shoes then wash them by hand, using mild soap, and most importantly, allow them to dry at room temperature.

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