Can You Dry Clean Shoes

Can You Dry Clean Shoes?

Wearing dirty shoes all day without cleaning isn’t the right way to avoid hectic cleaning as it might make them look nasty and affect durability. But have you thought of an easy fix like dry cleaning your boots? or “can you dry clean the shoes“? Well, yes, of course!

The more complicated removing crumpy dirt, the easier the solution, “dry cleaning!” It’s not just the clothes that are dry cleaned; even your shoes can get a clean, dry job based on shoe sensitivity, cost, and material. 

Cleaning shoes might be an issue for users because some materials are prone to damage, and not all boots are easily washed at home, so dry cleaning is a perfect choice. In that case, all you need would be the expertise of a dry cleaner with the best dry cleaning techniques and products to bring back your old and dirty shoes to shine, life, and elegant appearance. 

Can You Dry Clean your Shoes?Can You Dry Clean Shoes

Yes, users can quickly get their shoes dry cleaned when the problem seems beyond their range, as Some stains are nasty and brutal to eliminate. So dry cleaners are profound with knowledge of chemicals, materials, and their unique techniques restore the shoe’s natural and clean look.

Those struggling with shoe stains and dirt should contact or visit the near dry cleaner, except for a few stores that do not offer shoe services. So, get self-informed first because only those dry cleaners seem worthy of shoes, already providing shoe service, including shoe dry cleaning. To know more about dry cleaning your lovable shoes, keep reviewing the guide!

Hand Washing:

Hand offers gentle cleaning compared to machine ones, so if your shoes are slightly dirty, then consider the hand method by using a detergent solution and a soft bristle brush to scrub the dirt off. Hand washing is also helpful when a few stains are on your shoes, so with the help of a meeting and soap, you can quickly get rid of them. 

  • Remove dirt or crusty material from shoes using a brush 
  • Securely remove laces and sole and wash them 
  • Clean other parts of shoes using detergent and brush 
  • Continue scrubbing using hand and brush 
  • You can also use a cloth or dry towel upon washing and cleaning
  • Don’t use bleach for white shoes; use vinegar or lemon to bring back the shine. 
  • Once cleaned, let the shoes get dry.

Machine Washing:

Excessive crusty materials and dirt or mud on shoes would require machine cleaning. Let’s check out how it’s done!

  • Make a detergent solution and clean the shoes to remove mud or excessive attached dirt.
  • Then add it to the machine in a cloth bag or with a towel.
  • Add detergent and cold water
  • Spin the machine for a few minutes
  • Check out the shoes; if dirt is removed, take them out and wash them under cold water.
  • For white shoes, add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice. 
  • Once cleaned, let them get dried


  • Remember, not all shoes can be machine washed
  • For sensitive and expensive shoes, try contacting dry cleaners with shoe facilities.

Benefits of Dry-Cleaning Shoes:

Dry cleaning has multiple benefits, but most importantly, the method seems best for sensitive shoes that require additional care. Other benefits include:

  • Retain the shoe shine and look
  • Refurbish the old shoes
  • Enhance the shoe’s longevity and durability
  • Affordable cleaning
  • Most minor damage to shoe material 
  • Easy to opt 
  • Make your appearance elegant

Cost of Dry-Cleaning Shoes:

Various kinds of shoes are available with versatile materials and styles, and cleaning them at a single cost isn’t possible. That’s why multiple cobblers, dry cleaners, or shoe cleaners would charge different rates based on the kinds of shoes you want cleaned. 

For daily use, shoe cleaning would acquire $10-$30, while the price can be less if the cleaning is simple and can be increased as per cleaning cost, shoe type, material, the expertise of the cleaner, and method opted to clean the shoes. So, find the best and most reputable cleaner to clean your boots at much more affordable rates. 

Tips for Shoe Cleaning:

Experts suggest some cleaning tips that commoners can use daily, but some suggestions are provided to ensure it gets done through a professional to avoid damaging your expensive shoes. So, check out all to get an idea!

  • Use of mild detergent with warm water 
  • For premature holes or scuff marks, try “SHOE GO.”
  • opt soft bristle brush for dirt removal
  • Use deodorizing spray, baking soda, or dryer sheets (12-24 hours) to deodorize the shoes. 
  • Change and wash the lace timely to avoid dirt build-up.

Fabric Shoes Dry Cleaning:

Shoes like sneakers, sandless, pumps, etc., are made of fabric and get dirty the most after tennis shoes and other materials, and cleaning at least once a week is necessary to maintain their good look. To clean the fabric shoes, you can wash them using a detergent solution and let them air dry completely. 

Leather Shoes Dry Cleaning:

Leather shoes come from traditional times and since now are one of the favorite materials opted for shoes, but how do clean them? Polishing the shoe is normal day life acuity, but cleaning the leather shoes might be tricky if gone for the wrong method.

Take a brush and gently remove the dirt. After removing it, take a cloth and damp it in water and vinegar solution 1:1 (equal parts). Let them get air-dried thoroughly. You can also use a cloth to clean if mild dirt exists. The detergent may also help. 

Dry Cleaning Suede Shoes:

Having sneaker made of suede leather require dry cleaning and no other solution to get them cleaned as the leather seems challenging and sometimes water sensitive, leaving the user with only one choice for dry cleaning. 

Dry cleaners use unique methods and techniques that aren’t available at home and not only clean them but restore the natural shine and appearance, which can get damaged if cleaned using traditional methods at home. Let the dry cleaner handle the job!

Dry Cleaning Tennis Shoes:

Tennis shoes come under the daily wearables category. What’s worn more gets dirty more often, thanks to its easily washable material that can abide not only hand washing but get quick washup washing. Machine-washing also seems favorable but try using a bag to pit them before throwing them t machine washing. 

Remember to remove laces and soles to ensure proper cleaning. Whether you ppt hand washing or machine-washing, air drying at the end seems of prime importance s once done with cleaning, keep it under open air to get them quickly dried. 

Dry Cleaning Canvas Shoes:

Canvas shoes are also easily washable and withstand the detergent solution without causing damage to the material. Follow simple washing techniques to get rid of dirt. For specific stains, use a brush and detergent to spot the site and scrub to remove the stain manually. Remember to dry it thoroughly before wearing it. 

How to Dry Shoes:

Regular or fabric shoes are washable but get wet; how do they dry? Any ideas? Check out the essential shoe cleaning procedure with the easiest way to get your shoes cleaned and dried without causing any harm to the material, look and shine. 

Remove External Dust:

Start cleaning your shoes by removing the external dust and particles residing. Take a shoe brush or, if not, a toothbrush gently scrubs around the shoe to remove the dirt or dust. You can hit both shoes together like fabric shoes to easily remove the dust. 

Pull out laces and Sole:

Before washing the shoes, remove the laces and soles to ensure each shoe corner can clean easily. Laces not only have hard dirt but, most of the time, hide too much dirt beneath. 

Wash the Laces and Sole:

Dirty shoes would have dirty laces that require cleaning, so start by preparing a cleaning solution or purchase a shoe-cleaning solution for ease. To make the solution, mix detergent in warm water and put the laces to wash them. 

To clean the sole, use a soft brush with a cleaning solution and keep scrubbing till the sole turn out to be shiny and clean. You can also clean the sole using a washing cloth to rub against it to remove the dirt gently. 

Clean Parts of Shoes:

After laces and sole clean the other parts thoroughly. Use a brush and gently carry on scrubbing to get rid of dirt. If the detergent solution alone can’t remove the hard grime and dirt, consider using vinegar+ baking soda+ detergent or lemon juice+ baking soda+ detergent.

 Any of the remedies will remove the hard dirt. Remember, do not scrub with a stiff brush, as it can damage the shoe. Avoid using the detergent solution for water-sensitive shoes. Consult a dry cleaner!

Let Shoes Dry:

Once the shoes are cleaned, it’s time for drying. Never put it on a heater or flame. Please leave it in the open air till it completely dries off. If not may get dirty again as moisture attracts dirt! Once dried, you are done getting the shoes cleaned. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do Cobblers Clean Shoes?

Besides mending and exchanging the shoe’s damaged parts, cobblers are also famous for their high-end cleaning expertise for shoes (Doctor of Shoes). Some issues or stains are hard to eliminate during home DIY hacks, so that cobbler can be best suited to help you clean your shoes. Expert cobblers would charge more for a complete cleanup, including deodorizing your shoes, removing the hard stains, and cleaning them thoroughly. 

How do you Refurbish Shoes?

If your shoes are getting old, refurbishing would add a new look. Refurbish depends on your shoe type, so to refurbish your boots or sneakers, you can try using Shoe Paint (Angelus shoe paint and dyes) and brass Paint Brushes. 

Besides this, try a sneaker bath, sneaker repaint, and dye, sneaker un-creasing, sneaker sole repairing and renewing, or using protective liquid and sprays. All these methods will help user refurbish their favorite shoes. Using a mixture of detergent and water with a washing cloth for home DIYers could help them clean and refurbish. 

How do you Defog Nike Air Bubbles?

Having Nike shoes with fog air bubbles, all you need is a hair dryer or blower. To defog using a hair dryer, Turn it on to a medium level, neither too low nor too high, as a higher temperature could damage the sole or remove the glue that secures the midsole. Start moving the hair dryer over the heat of the bubble would melt them, and within a few seconds, the bubbles get defog. In the case of the blower, it adds additional air making the bubbles explode and bubbles dimmish. 

Can dry cleaners clean suede shoes? 

When stained, Suede shoes are hard to clean because they are allergic to water, and despite cleaning them, they can ruin the shoe structure, so they require unique treatments that normal individuals can’t provide.

So, keeping the facts in mind, most dry cleaners with shoe service facilities are well-equipped to clean suede shoes without deteriorating their look and structure. For general pinch, consider using dry terry cloth if available. 

How do you dry clean sneakers at home? 

Are you Out of budget and want to dry clean your shoes at home? No worries! Consider using a Dry Brush and mild cleaning solution with an air dry technique to clean your boots quickly. Take a brush and remove any visible dirt on the shoe. 

To make a cleaning solution add laundry detergent in water 1:3. Wash the laces, soles, uppers, and other parts with your hands to ensure gentle cleaning. After cleaning, wash, it out under tap water and let them air dry. 

How do you wash shoes that are not washable? 

Try using lemon juice and baking soda instead of washing the solution to clean up water-sensitive shoes. What if your favorite shoes got stained but seemed to need to be washable? Take a lemon and squeeze out the juice while in a try, add baking soda. 

Hold your shoe in one hand, and with the other, hold the brush, dip it first in lemon juice and baking soda, and scrub the dirt or stain. The stain gets removed within a few minutes of scrubbing. 

How do you clean expensive sneakers?

Expensive sneakers like Nike and other brands encourage users to opt for mild washing solutions to eliminate harmful chemicals or go with the air dry technique to get ultimate cleaning. Experts or dry cleaners mainly handle expensive water-sensitive shoes.

But if you want home treatment, consider dry terry cloth for minor cleanup and baking soda and lemon for dirt and stain removal. Remember that expensive Brands don’t recommend cleaning the shoes in the washing machine, but some users go for it at their own risk.

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