Chacos vs Bedrock

Chacos vs Bedrock

Chacos and Bedrock are new kids to the Block as they were established in the 21st century 

Chacos emergers from Paonia, Colorado in 1989. Its founder is Mark Paigen whose major Motto regarding the design of the Chacos sandal was to ensure great durability and comfort. He put his major focus on the adjustability of the strap that had the ability to be replaced when needed. This design gained the huge attention of the people and it became the desire for them in just a blink of an eye. 

And today, because of its durability, adaptability, comfort, and support these shoes became a staple for hiking as well as for camping enthusiasts. 

Chacos vs Bedrock

Apart from it, Bedrock Sandals was founded by Nick Pence and Dan Oplancz in 2011. Basically, having a  great liking for hiking and other outdoor activities they were looking for the most attractive shoes than that of any traditional hiking boots.

Therefore, to compensate for this they introduced a new shoe brand  named Bedrock which designs shoes with incredible features like thin yet a flexible outsole that ensure natural foot movement, and a remarkable strap system that promises a great yet secure and comfortable fitChacos vs Bedrock

A Detailed Guide on the Features that Distinguish Between Chacos and Bedrock: 

Let’s look at the features that make both of these shoes one of a kind. 


Well, Both of the shoes are made up of high-quality materials but the way they achieve their adjustable is different.

Chacos use high-quality polyester to design its strap with an adjustable Buckle as well as a signature footbed for assuring remarkable ample support and outstanding Cushioning. Other than this, these shoes have toe loops for providing desirable stability and security.

In contrast to it, Bedrock sandals have sleek yet simple designs which contain highly durable materials like Vibram soles, Nylon webbing, contoured footbeds, and cloud-like cushion insoles. All these features when combined provided not only secure but a customized fit to its wearer.

Style and design: 

The style and design of both shoes are major factors that make them distinct from each other. 

Chacos shoes contain Z strap designs that wrap around the feet like a web, providing the most secure fit. Moreover, its adjustable buckle adds a lot to the fit of the shoes. Other than this, these shoes are known for durability and great traction, therefore they come in the market with the versatility of color and patterns. Therefore, a person has an open hand to choose the shoes that fit best to their preference. 

Beyond this, Bedrock majorly focuses on the functionality and simplicity of the shoes therefore, you are not entertained with the variety of choices. Nevertheless, they do provide different yet limited color and material options like leather or other synthetic options in their footwear. 


Both of these footwear brands provide different designs for the outsoles that vary when it comes to traction and durability.

Chacos footwear contains a Vibram outsole that is known for its durability and provides a strong grip no matter what type of ground you are walking on. These soles are formed in threadlike patterns that set a shield against slip or fall putting forward an outstanding traction. Keeping in mind the comfort of the people, Chacos offers different outsole designs like their classic Chacos grip outsole or Chacos Grip plus outsole. 

In contrast to it, Bedrock sandals are known for their light weight therefore they contain non-marking Vibram outsoles to maintain their pride. Though this outsole is thin and flexible,but, it is highly beneficial for those who want a natural foot drive. Other than this, when compared to the Chacos these shoes are inferior in providing traction on wet slippery surfaces but these shoes are best when they put forward a balance between flexibility and grip.


Talking about the footbeds of these shoes, Chacos offers a LUVSEAT footbed that is known for cradling the foot for comfort by ensuring excellent arch support. These footbeds contain polyester, a material that is highly durable and has the ability to mold as per the shape of its wearer. Most interestingly, in keeping the comfort of its customer a priority, Chacos offers a range of footbeds like Vegan Friendly or Biocentric footbeds that benefit in terms of aligning the feet for a natural stride for better body posture. 

Whereas, about the lightweight property Bedrock use minimalist footbeds that have the ability to mold but they lack providing as much arch support as Chacos. These shoes are splendid for those who want lightweight shoes for a more ground feeling. 

Toe protection: 

Both of these brands of footwear manufacture shoes that fall under the list of providing toe protection. But this protection varies from model to model.

As Chacos contain thick rubber outsole with molding footbeds so they ensure protection around the toe. This protection not only comes from its innovative design but also because of its property of keeping the foot in place. 

In comparison to it, Bedrock works differently in providing toe protection. For instance, few of its models have toe straps that work best in withstanding any discomfort around the toe. While few of its models contain big tox boxes which work best for those who have wider feet.  


Apart from its materials and design both of these shoe brands also differ in terms of price. 

Well, Chacos sandals range from $70 to $ 130. This price varies due to the style and materials of the shoes. The more advanced and innovative features the shoe possesses the more it shows friendship with a higher price and vice versa. 

Whereas, when we talk about Bedrock then they lie between $ 60 to $120. 

It is important to pin down that this price varies with respect to the sales and promotions of the shoes. 

Similarities Between Chacos and Bedrock:

Apart from the differences illustrated above. Here are the few similarities that both of these brand share

  • Durable: Both of these footwear brands use high-quality materials that ensure the longevity of the shoes. It has the ability to stand against the daily wear and tear of the shoes 
  • Dry: Making both of the footwear splendid for outdoor activities, one feature that adds a lot to it is its quick dry features. This attribute makes them suitable to wear for any water pertaining activity.
  • Traction: Both these shoes contain Vibram outsole which means they provide outstanding traction on different grounds. 
  • Custom-fit: In consonance with their adjustable strap system both Chacos and Bedrock mold as per the foot shape of their wear, providing a customized yet comfortable fit. 
  • Sustainability: Both of these footwear assure great sustainability as they are environmentally friendly while manufacturing their products. 
  • Focus: Both of these brands have an outdoor focus. This means that they design the shoes that are best for any outdoor activities

Comparison Table on Chacos vs Bedrock:

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People Also Ask: 

Are Chacos and Bedrock sandals good for water activities? 

Yes, both shoes are best to wear for any water activity because they have the property of drying up quickly. Also, these shoes are best at providing great traction on wet surfaces.

Do Chacos and Bedrock offer versatility in their designs? 

Yes, huge versatility in terms of design and style is assured by both of these footwear brands which means that they are best to wear with any type of outdoor activity.  

Do Bedrock sandals demand break in time? 

In Order to provide a secure and comfortable grip these shoes do require a break in time. 

How long does Chacos last? 

Generally, the life span of the chaos is about 4 to 5 years but its longevity depends upon various factors like frequency if it is used, proper care, and grounds you are walking on. 

Bottom Line: 

So, after huge distinction, we can conclude in a way that both of these footwear brands are best at manufacturing high-quality outdoor sandals which do not compromise on a single element of their features. So, it is assumed that both footwear is the best to wear. But the difference comes when these shoes have to cater with one person’s needs and desires. 

Therefore, if you are a person who likes to wear lightweight yet flexible shoes then Bedrocks are ideal. Whereas, if you want shoes that ensure great arch support and traction then Chacos are good to go.

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