Do Allen Edmonds Run Large

Do Allen Edmonds Run Large?

Allen Edmonds is the most famous and well-known Men footwear brand which comes in the market in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. 

Talking about its size, well they are generally true to the size but most of the customers reported that there are a few of its styles that run narrow or large. 

Therefore, it is essential to note that sizes of the shoes vary in terms of style as well as last (a mold that benefits in providing the shape to the shoes)

Allen Edmonds uses a range of molds in manufacturing the shoe, they also provide us with the most perfect fit. Some of the last are generous in providing extra room, length and width wise. Whereas, a few of them are narrow. For instance, Park Avenue has the 65 last which provides an elongated but narrow fit, however, Strand and Mc Allister have 511 last which is wider at the forefoot area and provides a round toe.

Therefore, to get an accurate size it is recommended to go and find them in person so that you can try them on. Other than this, you can also entertain yourself with The Allen Edmonds free consultancy, which helps you to have a proper size of a shoes. 

Do Allen Edmonds run Large?Do Allen Edmonds Run Large

Numerous factors affect the fitting of Allen Edmond’s shoes. Such as 

Foot size:

Foot size and length affect the fitting of the shoes. So it is better to get the perfect pair of Allen Edmonds that works best with your foot length and width 

Arch support: 

Different pair of Allen Edmonds have different arch support to accommodate your feet. So, make sure to get shoes that provide the proper arch support otherwise, you will be on the edge of chaos in the form of terrible foot pain. 


As you know that there are a variety of socks that come on the market some are thick, and some are thin. So, to avoid discomfort wear a pair of socks that ensure a comfortable fit.

Break in period: 

It is essential if you allow your Allen Edmonds shoes to undergo a break in time completely. Otherwise, you will face a lot of pain while walking.

Do Allen Edmonds run Large? – How to Maintain their Fit

Well, Allen Edmonds shoes contain high-quality material and remarkable construction. But in order to maintain its fit and longevity there are the following tips you can opt for: 


Using a shoehorn helps your foot to slip into the shoes without causing any damage to the back of the shoe. It will protect the shoes from stretching out. 

Cedar Shoe Tree:

A shoe tree is an essential component that keeps your shoe in shape. Moreover, they absorb that moisture trap in the shoes, setting a shield against the bad odor. So, using a shoe tree proves to be beneficial. 

Alternative Shoes:

You must have at least 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes, so that you can wear them on alternative days. This will help both your pair of shoes to maintain their shape. 

Do not wear them in Wet Conditions:

Avoid wearing these shoes in wet weather conditions because it affects the leather badly and also makes the shoes lose their shape. 

If for some reason you got your shoes wet, then make sure to dry before wearing them again.  

Clean your Shoes Regularly: 

Make sure to clean and condition your Allen Edmonds shoes every other day because it will maintain the elegance of the leather, setting a seal against cracking. This will ensure the appropriate fitting of your shoes as well.

Do Allen Edmonds run Large? – How to Get the Proper Size of Shoes 

To assure the proper fitting of your new pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. Pursue these step

Feet Size:

If you want to get a proper shoe fit it is important to know about the shoe length as well as the width. Therefore, you need to measure the size of your feet, to make sure that the shoes cover your feet properly. 

Use a Brannock device to measure the length and width of your feet, or you can get recommendations from a shoe specialist. This will make your search for the perfect shoe size pretty easy. 

Try different Allen Edmond Shoe Styles: 

To avoid any ambiguity is it recommended to spend time searching for the proper fit shoes. For this try the shoes you pick so, that you can see which shoes go best with your feet. A few of the styles of Allen Edmonds shoes have different fits, therefore make sure to try on the shoes for the sake of getting a remarkable fit. 

Have a walk:

When trying the shoes, make sure to have a walk-in in them in the store, for the reason to find any tight or uncomfortable area of the footwear. This will help you to know whether the shoes go well with your desirable comfort or not. 

Look for the snug fit: 

Look for a comfortable fit around the heel and forefoot area. Make sure that the shoe have enough room around your toe area so that it can move freely. 

You can also look for that area of the shoes that you think they are cause discomfort or are vulnerable to blister formation.

Wear a pair of socks: 

Wear the socks that you want to wear with your new pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. It will help you to know whether the shoes you choose are tight or loose. 

Stand straight: 

When you are trying to find the proper pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, make sure to stand straight. It will help you to find the area that is causing pain to your feet.

Professional help:

If you are not able to find a perfect shoe size, it is advised to get a shoe professional’s help. Visit any Retail shop of Allen Edmonds or consult them through customer service. 

Size charts:

Two types of charts are provided below. One focuses on the length and the other focuses on the width. Both of these charts will help you to find the proper size for your Allen Edmonds shoe. 

Length Based chart:

[table id=19 /]

Width base chart: 

Width zone 

[table id=20 /]

Here the area that is highlighted by the use of yellow color, shows the standard size of the shoes. However, the size 3A to C proves to be narrow while E to 3E is for those who have wide width.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Allen Edmonds so notable?

Well, Allen Edmonds is made up of high-quality material, super-skilled craftsmanship, premium leather, and great welt constructions. All these features when combined make Allen Edmonds footwear notable. 

How to take care of Allen Edmond’s footwear?

There are various ways to keep Allen Edmonds clean, such as

  • Gently clean your shoes with clothes or a brush.
  • Make use of leather conditioners to keep the leather in the shape
  • In order to maintain the shape of your shoes, rotate your shoes and entertain yourself with the help of a shoe tree keep maintain its shape.

Do Allen Edmonds shoes require break-in time?

Typically, these shoes require time to break in as the leather used in them has molding properties that take a little time to mold according to the size of your feet. Lastly, it depends upon the material of the shoe as well. 

What shoe styles are offered by Allen Edmonds?

Allen Edmonds offers a wide range of styles such as dress boots, loafers, sneakers, and even casual boots. The most notable shoe styles of Allen Edmonds are Park Avenue, Higgins Mils, and stands.  

Is buying Allen Edmonds shoes worth the price?

Yes, buying these shoes is worth the price as they contain high-quality material, mouth-watering craftsmanship, and outstanding construction, which adds a lot to the shoe’s comfort and durability. 

Final Verdict:

To sum up, everything that has been stated so far. Although Allen Edmonds is Known for its true size, but few of its styles vary in terms of fit. 

So, to find a proper pair of shoes either you can consult the size chart or you can have a recommendation from the shoe specialist.

Other than this, the ideal way is to try a different style of Allen Edmonds shoes to get true-size footwear.

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