Do Hey Dude Provide Arch Support

Do Hey Dude Provide Arch Support?

Do you always worry about arch support when you think about buying shoes? Do you also wonder whether hey dude shoes fit best to your arch support need? Well, we have answers to all of your queries! Hey, dude shoes can be your best investment in yourself because the makers of these shoes keep your comfort in consideration while making them. 

Does Hey Dude Provide Arch Support?

“Hey, dude” shoes come with built-in supportive insoles, which ensure the health of your feet and also comfort if you are planning to wear them all day long. Keep reading this article to know about the benefits of these shoes and to find out whether hey dudes are the best fit for you or not.              

Do Hey Dude Provide Arch Support     

Does Hey Dude Have the Best Arch Support for Flat Feet?

Hey, dude does not market its shoes by claiming that they are specially designed for people with flat feet or other similar problems. But it does claim that company shoes are designed according to your comfort and that they are the lightest, cushiest, featheriest, and comfiest shoes on the earth. 

To support these claims hey dude shoes come with memory foam insoles. These insoles provide the best arch support and prevent feet from hurting if someone wears them all day long. Also due to their comfortable design, these shoes do not cause blisters or wounds. According to online customer reviews, customers who need arch support find hey dudes very comfortable.

But some of these shoes can also fold due to their lightweight and foldable technology. Arch support is different for all people because of the shape of their feet, so in that sense hey dudes give fair to adequate arch support to people. For some people memory insoles are inadequate. They can replace them with more arch-supporting insoles and can customize shoes according to their needs. 

 To understand and address your arch problem better, you can also contact your trusted medical professional. Because he or she can further elaborate your arch support needs to you and in this way you can make a wise decision. The outsole of hey dude shoes also provides more friction, eliminating slipping or minimizing it at least.  

Why is Arch Support Important?

Arch support is an important part of the design of any shoe or insole. It lowers the strain on the foot and also on the tendons, muscles, and joints of the lower leg. This regulates the health of the foot by preventing discomfort and pain. Arch support also distributes body weight equally on the foot and improves foot function.

Better arch support means better shock absorption, improved posture, and stability, and lesser planter pressure. It also provides other benefits such as it reduces overpronation and also improves metatarsal pain.    

How to tell whether Hey Dude shoes provide arch support or not?

Once you have taken advice from your health professional about what type of foot problem you have, you might also want to know whether the shoes of your choice provide arch support or not.

If you specifically want to check hey dudes arch support you can follow below mentioned ways:

  • You can ask the salesperson about the arch support of hey dudes.
  • You can try different sizes and select what comforts you best.
  • While buying these shoes online you can simply ask online support to guide you about the arch support of hey dude shoes. Sometimes it is difficult to find arch support shoes online because of size issues and non-refundable policies.
  • Your orthopedic foot doctor can also examine shoes and guide you whether hey dude have enough arch support or not.

Above mentioned ways can also be used for any other shoes of your choice. Sometimes it is difficult to find arch support shoes online because of size issues and non-refundable policies. There are two additional tests that one can perform to check arch support.

First, you can push the toe area of the shoe towards yourself and the heel area in the opposite direction. The harder it takes to bend a shoe the more arch support it provides. Similarly, you can try to push the insole of the shoes. If it is difficult for you to push it, it can mean that the shoe provides more arch support. But the second method is not that reliable.

 Reviews on Amazon and Hey Dudes:

According to a review on Amazon by Mark C. wandy sox hey dudes provide better arch support as compared to wally sox. The customer said that wally sox loafer provides little to no arch support.

Derek and Susan Meador said about hey dudes in their review on December 26, 2022, that they purchased them for their daughter who struggles with feet problems and she found hey dudes very comfortable.

People who suffer from pain due to flat feet also prefer hey dude shoes because they help in reducing pain due to their soft and relaxing texture.

But according to most of the other reviews hey dudes provide little arch support to those people who need high arch support. So they have to buy high arch support insoles for themselves.

PC Amazon.

Alternatives of hey dudes for Arch support:

If hey dudes are not the best choice for people who need arch support then there should be other options. Well in this regard you can try other shoes such as Skechers go walk arch fit, Altra provision 6, vionic slip-on sneakers, Salomon sense ride 4, and Hoka one Clifton 8. But the people who want to enjoy both comforts of hey dudes and arch support can replace hey dude shoe insoles with one which provides better arch support.


Have you found your answer? Does hey dude provide arch support? Well, let us brief you. As discussed earlier, they do not brand themselves by saying that they are the solution to your arch-related problems but these shoes are naturally very comfortable. People who do not have any feet problem feel that they are walking in the air when they wear these shoes. But people with serious problems can customize their shoes or can simply look for any other brand which provides the best arch support.

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