Do Jordan 11 Crease

Do Jordan 11 Crease?

A considerable number of people find themselves pondering a common question: “Do Jordan 11’s crease?” The answer is not as straightforward as one might hope. It largely depends on how you wear them. Constant bending at the ankles and stress on the toe box can lead to creases. However, if your activities involve less strenuous movements such as sitting or walking around, the chances of creasing reduce significantly.

Sneaker enthusiasts regard Jordan 11s as a coveted item in their collection. The high price tag attached to these sneakers often leads many to question their worth as an investment. While they don’t necessarily create more than other sneakers, the patent leather material makes any formed creases highly visible. If you are considering adding them to your daily rotation, this is a factor to keep in mind. However, with proper care, you can maintain their pristine condition for a long time.

Do Jordan 11 Crease?

Yes, the unfortunate reality is that Air Jordan 11s are prone to creasing. The patented leather upper of the shoes is especially susceptible to wrinkles, and you might notice creases developing in the ankle region and the midsole over time. These creases can sometimes be a source of frustration, especially when they start spoiling the aesthetic of your precious pair of Jordans.

Do Jordan 11 Crease

But it’s not all doom and gloom; understanding how to deal with these creases can go a long way in preserving your shoes. It is essential to learn the tricks to decrease the Jordan 11s rather than just keeping them stashed on your shelf. This way, you can continue to rock your favorite pair without letting the creases dampen your style.

How to Get Creases Out Of Jordan 11?

When it comes to Jordan 11, creases can appear in three primary areas: the patented leather upper, the midsole, and the ankle region. Each part requires a specific approach to remove the creases effectively. The first step in this process is to identify the area affected by the creases and then initiate the appropriate method to remove them.

To begin with, you can employ various techniques to remove creases from each part of the shoe. It is a meticulous process that involves careful handling to ensure that the creases are removed without damaging the shoe. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the methods to keep your Jordan 11s looking as good as new.

How to Remove Creases from The ‘Patented Leather’ Upper?

The allure of the Jordan 11’s patented leather upper is undeniable. However, over time, creases can mar its pristine appearance. To restore its smooth finish, consider the following method:

  1. Preparation: Before you begin, ensure the shoe is on a soft surface. For optimal results, fold newspapers or socks and place them inside the shoe. This stretches out the creases, ensuring a smooth surface to work on.
  2. Ironing Process: Grab a damp cloth or a thick paper bag. Heat your iron, but remember to unplug it once it’s sufficiently hot. Lay the wet cloth or paper bag over the wrinkled leather and gently press with the iron. A crucial Pro tip here: avoid pressing too long, as this can lead to burnt leather. The damp cloth or paper bag acts as a barrier, preventing the leather from overheating. If you’re searching for an alternative, a paper bag can serve the purpose.
  3. Cooling Down: After the process, allow the Jordan 11 to cool down. Once done, your shoes should be crease-free and good to go.

How to Remove Creases from The Jordan 11’s Midsole?

The midsole of the Nike Jordan 11 isn’t immune to creases, especially with regular wear. Here’s a recommended approach to tackle those wrinkles:

  1. Steam Treatment: Steam is a powerful tool against wrinkles. While a fabric steamer is the top choice for this task, an iron can also suffice. If using an iron, cover the leather with a piece of cloth, focusing the heat only on the midsole region. Given the midsole’s proximity to other parts of the shoe, it can be tricky. Hence, a fabric steamer is often a better choice.
  2. Steaming Process: Activate the steamer and hover it over the midsole for about 8-10 seconds. If creases persist, repeat the process. Remember, the goal is to make the creases disappear, restoring the shoe’s aesthetic appeal.

How to Remove Creases from The Ankle Region of Jordan 11?

The ankle region of Nike’s Jordan 11, being a high-top shoe, offers a bigger space, but it’s equally prone to creasing. Here’s how to address it:

  1. Preparation: Start by stuffing the shoe with paper balls or socks, ensuring they press against the shoe’s rear. This creates a solid surface to work on. Additionally, tie the laces to maximize the surface tension.
  2. Ironing Process: As with the patented leather upper, use a damp cloth and an iron. Place the cloth over the ankle region and apply heat. Rinse and repeat until the creases vanish. A Pro tip to remember: opt for a towel that matches the shoe color to avoid potential discoloration issues when working with steam and a wet towel.

With these methods, your Jordan 11s should be looking as good as new in no time!

How Do You Keep Jordan 11 from Creasing?

Creasing is somewhat inevitable when it comes to Jordan 11s. However, there are strategies you can employ to minimize this issue. One effective strategy is to avoid wearing them for extended periods. Giving your feet some breathing room by loosening the laces can also prevent creases from forming.

Moreover, storing them correctly can play a crucial role in maintaining their appearance. Keeping them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and stuffing them with newspaper or tissue paper helps in retaining their shape. Regular cleaning and conditioning of the leather make it less likely to develop wrinkles over time.

Is It Normal for Jordans to Crease?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for Jordans to crease. The creases are an intentional part of the shoe’s design and style, adding to the overall look and giving it a distinctive appearance. It is a feature that has been integrated into the design to enhance the aesthetic of the shoe.

So, while you might be concerned about your Jordans creasing, remember that it is a normal occurrence. It is a characteristic that is not only expected but also embraced by many enthusiasts as it adds a touch of style and a sense of uniqueness to the shoes.

How Do I Not Crease My Jordans?

Preventing your Jordans from creasing involves taking several precautionary measures. Avoid wearing them in wet weather conditions to prevent moisture-induced creases. In case they get wet, using newspapers to absorb the moisture can be a handy trick. Additionally, utilizing shoe trees can help maintain the shape of the shoes and prevent creases.

Moreover, being mindful of how you tie your shoes can also prevent creases. Avoid tying them too tight to prevent fabric creases. Implementing these strategies can go a long way in ensuring that your Jordans remain fresh and crease-free for a longer period.

How to Prevent Creases on Jordan 11?

Why wait for those unsightly creases to appear when there are ways to significantly prevent them? Taking care of your Jordan 11 after each use can ensure that wrinkles don’t tarnish its appearance. I’ve shared some wonderful tips to help you maintain the pristine look of your shoe.

Use Shoe Trees:

Shoe trees, especially wooden ones, are the best solution to prevent creases on your Jordan 11. After wearing your shoes, place a shoe tree inside to ensure it retains its shape. While you can use old socks or paper balls to get a similar effect, shoe trees offer a more even stretch. It’s advisable to leave the shoe tree inside for at least 12 hours or until your next use. Remember, while shoe trees work wonders for the upper, you might still need to address creases on the midsole. To prevent wrinkles in the ankle region, stuff the shoe with paper balls or old socks.

Use Crease Protectors:

Crease protectors are designed with plastic inserts that can prevent your Jordan 11 from creasing while you wear them. Installing them is a breeze. Simply slide the protector inside the shoe, pushing it up to the toe. This simple addition can make a huge difference in maintaining the shoe’s appearance.

Are Jordan 11 Good for Basketball?

The Jordan 11 stands out as one of the most popular basketball shoes in the market. Players, both in college and professional leagues, rave about its style and comfort. While not exclusively designed for the court, the Jordan 11 offers commendable support and traction, making it a favorite among many.

Jordan 11 Crease Protector:

For a sneakerhead, maintaining the value of their sneakers is paramount. The Jordan 11 Crease Protectors are a godsend in this regard. These protectors, made of a clear and durable material, shield the toe box from potential creases and scratches. They can be trimmed to fit any shoe size. Simply peel the backing and stick them inside near the toe box. It’s a minimal investment to ensure your kicks remain fresh and in top condition.

Do Jordan 11 Need Crease Protectors?

If you’re an owner of Jordan 11s, you might ponder the need for crease protectors. Given the shoe’s high-quality materials and design, it’s bound to last. However, like all footwear, wear and tear, especially creasing, is inevitable. Creasing can be exacerbated if the shoes are worn without socks or stored improperly. While crease protectors aren’t mandatory, they’re a worthy investment to keep your Jordan 11s in pristine condition. These silicone sheets adhere to the shoe’s interior, preventing further creasing and ensuring longevity.

Jordan 11 Toebox Crease:

The Jordan 11 Toebox Crease is a known concern for many sneakerheads, often viewed as a major flaw. However, there are ways to prevent or even fix it. Ensuring your shoes are laced properly can distribute tension across the toe box, reducing the risk of creasing. Avoid wearing your shoes too tight. If your pair already has a toebox crease, consider using heat to reform the leather or stuffing them with newspaper or tissue paper overnight to enhance their appearance. With these tips, your Jordan 11s can remain flawless.


The question that has been lingering in the minds of many sneakerheads has finally been answered, thanks to a test conducted by YouTube user Sneaker Room. The results are pretty conclusive: Jordan 11s do crease. However, with the right care and preventive measures, you can maintain their pristine look for a longer time.

So, while the Jordan 11s are prone to creasing, it is not a lost cause. With the right care and maintenance, you can ensure that your favorite pair remains in good condition for a long time. Remember, taking good care of your Jordans is the key to enjoying their classic style without the worry of creases.

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