Do Merrell Moab Run True To Size

Do Merrell Moab Run True To Size?

Merrel Moab ( A Mother of all Shoes) is recognized because of its comfort and durability but when people wonder about its size then their minds do nothing but stucks. So, being clear in answer, yes, Merrell Moab is true to the size, however, its size varies because of different foot sizes.  

Do Merrell Moab Run True To Size?

Generally, Merrell has a wider toe box, but most people feel that its toe box is narrow which creates nothing but tenderness. This agony is mostly felt by people who have wider feet. Do Merrell Moab Run True To Size

Here, the review of the people will highlight the differences the people feel while wearing the same Merrell Moab shoes. 

Positive Review:

  • “ My usual size is 10 and I bought the same size in Merrell Moab. The fit, the size, the comfort that these shoes make me fall in love with them. This is the best purchase I have ever made”.
  • “Merrell Moab are the best Hiking shoes in providing a secure and comfortable fit around the feet throughout the Hiking Journey”.

Negative Review:

  • “I always take 10 sizes in footwear and for Merrell Moab, I did the same, but this size is too small that I put a great pressure on different areas of feet, making me suffer a lot”
  • “I want to buy these shoes but whenever I buy them I always end up cursing, as they are tight at the toe area.”

you can see that these reviews are different for the same footwear. 

But How is this possible, might wonder? 

Well, this uncertainty comes when you don’t pay heed to the minute elements while choosing the right size of footwear. Therefore, always keep the below-mentioned factors in mind, if you want a benefit from remarkable footwear like Merrell Moab 

Factors that Affect The Size Of Merrell Moab:

Whenever you are anticipating buying a new pair of running shoes or even Merrell Moab. Then you must keep a few elements in mind. 

Foot Shape:

Although the length and the width of your shoe matter a lot, your shape plays a major role when looking at the proper size of the shoes. This foot shape differs from individual to individual. Some people have low arches, some may have high or moderate arches. Therefore, to get the benefit of your new pair of Merrell Moab running shoes, it is invariably instructed to buy the shoe after trying it.  

Foot Size: 

Another factor that affects the size of Merrell Moab is the foot size that changes day to day due to the person’s weight or swelling. So, the best time to try the shoes is at the end of the day when your feet are in their normal shape. This helps you to overcome the ambiguity that comes your way while looking for the right size of shoes. 


Always consider your socks when thinking about buying new running shoes. Because if you wear thick pairs of socks, with your normal size of running shoes, then you will end up finding them tight. Accordingly, look for half a size up with your thick pair of socks and stick to your normal with thin pair of socks. 


The material of the shoes also affects the sizing of the footwear as a few of the materials can shrink or stretch over time.  

How to Find the Right Size Of Merrell Moab?

If you are not certain about the fact that you will not be able to find a definite size of the Merrell Moab then escort these sharp ends. 

Measure the Size of the foot:

Use measuring tape or a ruler to measure the size of the foot. It will help you to know the exact measurements of your foot length and width. The more accurate the measurement will be, the more precise fit of the shoes you will get. 

Size Chart Consult:

Looking at the chart is the best way to find the appropriate size of the Merrell Moab. For this go to the Merrell website, where a massive amount of information regarding length and width is provided in the form of a chart. 

Try on the shoes:

If you want to overcome any apprehension regarding your feet and the size of the Merrell Moab then the best way is to try on the shoes as it will help you to determine if the shoe is causing soreness to the feet or not.

Seek advice from a shoe expert:

If you wonder why you will not come up with the right size of Merrell shoes, then Shoe experts are the best option. The advice they give regarding the size of the shoe never goes in vain. 

Other Factors that Contribute to Merrell Moab:

Aside from True size, Merrell Moab is designed to ensure comfort and stability to its wearer. Therefore, to make these shoe feet friendly, the following attributes add a lot to it. 


The upper of Merrell Moab contains mesh-up material and pure synthetic leather that help in making the shoe supportive and comfortable by allowing enough air to circulate the feet. 


The Midsoles of Merrell Moab are designed in a way that they have outstanding cushioning and shock-absorbing properties. This cloud-like feeling comes from EVA foam that not only protects from injury but also reduces the shock that occurs after every stride. 


100% pure rubber is used in the formation of the outsole of Merrell Moab. This rubber ensures great grip on wet, slippery surfaces that protect from falls and injury.

Arch support: 

Merrell shoes are designed in a way that they can easily accommodate different foot types and arches. This means they are best at setting a barrier against overpronation and supination. 


The materials that Merrell Moab contains are high Breathability that protects the feet from uncontrolled sweating and overheating. 


Merrell Moab is highly durable which means it can withstand daily wear and tear. These shoes are a true staple for the wardrobe as it ensures well-grounded performance over time.  

People Also Ask: 

Is Merrell Moab Good For Flat Feet?

Merrell Moab is designed to accommodate all types of feet including wide, high, low, or moderate arches. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to buy these shoes after trying them. 

How Long Do Merrell Shoes Last?

Well, Merrell shoes last for years But sometimes it depends upon the frequency of their use. However, proper care of these shoes adds years to their life. 

Does Merrell Moab Have Waterproofing property?

Well, Most of the Merrell Moab shoes have a property that does not let a single drop of water soak up in the shoes. So, check the product description if you want waterproof Merrell Moab. 

Can I wash my Merrell Moab in the washing Machine?

Merrell Moab is to recommended to wash in the washing machine. As machine washing ruins its materials badly. Therefore, to clean your shoes, always go for a hand wash method. 


In a nutshell, Merrell Moab is the best footwear for hiking that not only make your trip enjoyable but also keep the pain away from the feet. But this shield again the agony is only if you are wearing the right size of Footwear. 

Though Merrell shoes are true to the size, however, consider the factors that affect their size.

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