Does Flight Club Sell Fake Shoes

Does Flight Club Sell Fake Shoes?

Flight club is one of the best stores for sneakerheads as they offer a premier source for everything sneakers and a sideways covers marketplace for preloved sneakers.

Still, despite favorable reviews, customers aren’t satisfied with many factors like policies and disappointed customer service, which might create a bustle of “does flight club sell Fake shoes”?

The flight club platform has been running since 2005 and has achieved multiple milestones till now, and the journey continues crossing more than 15 years, making it an authentic store. Flight club is a one-stop destination for all sneaker enthusiasts.

So, if you are fond of sneakers, flight club becomes a cultural hub for sneaker enthusiasts and novices. 

With both positive and negative reviews, it gets hard to consider one’s perspective. Still, no worries! We are here to find out the fundamental matter behind it and how to tackle the problems users face due to a lack of knowledge regarding the flight club platforms. Get on board to get informed regarding the site to check whether the flight club is worth investing in.

Does Flight Club Sell Fake Shoes

Does Flight Club Sell Fake Shoes?

No flight club is a legit online and physical store with 03 stores available. Rumors will always swag throughout platforms, but flight club offers authentic shoes from renowned brands, including the trendiest and limited-edition shoes. 

Flight Club is an online sneaker marketplace with an extensive collection of used, new, as well as exclusive sneakers and offers a vast collection of trendy shoes- all limited editions and unworn vintage sneakers.

Flight Club offers high-quality products with an extensive collection of top sneakers where users can find the deepest and most versatile selection of kicks here. Those searching for high-quality branded shoes can find plenty of new drops and highly sought-after collectible shoes. 

With the growing number of scammers, fake websites might develop, but the fight club has been operating since 2005 and stores a wide variety of shoe brands or best of the best sneaker brands. 

What is Flight Club?

Flight Club is a popular sneaker consignment store founded in 2005, and since then, the Flight Club has been the most trusted source for buying and selling the rarest and most coveted sneakers worldwide. Flight Club is one of the largest sneaker vendors Carrying the rarest exclusives and collectible sneakers. 

Flight Club revolutionized sneaker retail as the original consignment store for rare shoes and has three brick-and-mortar locations in New York, Miami, and Los Angelis. It’s a popular place to shop sneakers in the United States and is considered a massive media/entertainment company as it has almost sold millions of sneakers to customers worldwide. 

With the most trusted sources and legitimate sneaker resellers, they overrule online and physical shoe stores with versatile brands. Resellers capitalize greatly on Flight Club’s consignment system and ensure a company sells a legitimate product to receive legitimate sneakers in return, making them an authentic store to shop with.

How does the Flight club work?

How it works for sellers: 

Flight club sells the newest model branded shoes and provides a retail platform for consignment orders from other sellers. Seller first deals with the store; once the deal is done, shoes for the seller are brought into any of the flight club retail stores. They are authenticated, validated, and then opt-in racks to get sold. When shoes get sold out, the payment is made with a deduction of 20% as a flight club fee. 

How it works for clients: 

Flight club also offers online purchases; you must visit the authentic website and log in. If not previously used, then go for creating an account. Once you get the account, you will be directed to the main page, where thousands of items will be available for purchase. Add to the cart and opt for investment to get the item delivered to your doorstep. 

How Does Flight Club Confirm Shoe Authenticity?

Does Flight Club Sell Fake Sneakers? No! Flight Club has revolutionized the sneaker retail industry through effective strategic planning and marketing and the excellent authentication process to assure you never buy a fake. The site does a very thorough authentication process, but how? 

  • Flight club goes through a quality and review process before putting them on store shelves. 
  • Shoes undergo internal authentication and review before confirming your listing. 
  • Once confirmed, they are subjected to their right site.
  • If not in pristine condition, then pointed out the main flaws in the unbalanced right shoe and made them separated from the perfect ones.

Flight Club shipping Validation:

  • Orders are shipped to their authentication facility to be verified
  • Sellers verify the products listed on their offline and online stores.
  • Once verified, processed for shipping.

Flight Club Reviews:

Overall: rating low for the below-listed parameters. Check out other sites if they need to be better adapted to the policy of the flight club. 

Price: notoriously more expensive

Shipping: experienced slow shipping or shipping took much longer than the deadline.

Quality: return quality is not good, or no return or refund policy

Customer Service: service and management are very poor

What Are Customers Saying?

According to the top site, the Flight Club isn’t satisfying customers based on specific parameters a because of that consumer rating of 1.65 from the top 335 reviews gained by the site. 

The low rating indicates customers’ dissatisfaction with their purchases, especially when they want a return or refund. 

Consumers have complained, and some rumors wander around about Flight Club, often mentioning the poor customer service, higher prices than retail, and no refund or return for the wrong size. 

What customers are saying, let’s check out!

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Why are Flight Club’s product prices/values ​​high?

Flight Club is known for its price uptick. But why? Unlike other stores, flight club does not own its stock but provides a medium or platform for resellers and purchasers to deal. Flight Club revolutionized sneaker retail as the original consignment store for rare shoes. The Shoppers of Flight Club understand the spendy prices of collectible sneakers and highly sought-after brands. 

Consignors sell their products at generally higher than the original retail price. Going with the strategy, the flight club gets a defined percentage of overall sales, and that’s why the price seems a bit higher than the retail or most competitive prices available anywhere. 

How Long Does the Flight Club Take to Ship?

Fight Club orders are shipped within an average deadline of 4-9 business days, excluding weekends. But to be more precise, the site offers two shipping methods;

  • Fastest For You: 3-5 business days
  • Lowest Price: 4-9 business days

According to the selected option, the parcel would be delivered, but users face some consequences despite that. Flight club offers high-quality branded sneakers of top brands, but their customer service still needs to be more responsive, and people are so dialed into the issue. 

Users might complain about shipping issues, and most have experienced slow shipping. Flight club might take 30 days to authenticate and get your shipping done. Shipping charges are applicable for both domestic and international orders with standard fee charges of 12$. Still, for high shipping efficiency or the fastest-for-you option, a 6$ processing fee gets charged.

Does Flight Club refund?

“No refund, no return!” Many reviews might be circulating considering the return or refunding of flight clubs getting targeted, but that’s the need to know their policy rules. The flight club clearly states that any purchase made through the site or physical purchase would be considered the final. No return or refund is considered for purchases. 

The policy might be troublesome if the user gets the wrong size or shoe or opts for the wrong one. So, if you are ok with the procedure, you can get your shoes but in case of doubt, try other best websites for branded shoes to avoid future consequences. 

Should You Buy from Flight Club? Yes or NO!

Flight Club is highly regarded as the most perfect option and one of the greatest platforms to find exclusive footwear, so yes, if you got yourself a new pair of sneakers, you can opt for the store. Those in search of a Great selection of shoes should consider flight club as it’s a reliable platform and the most well-known sneaker resellers are a part of that community. 

The online store owns a high reputation throughout the sneaker community because, with high standards, this business is run to ensure the running of a pretty fair system with a pretty fair percentage compared to the alternatives. 

Flight Club offers the best liquidity and sell-through in the game, where sneakerheads can access the coolest and trendiest sneakers right from their home. Users can get the premier online experience, and not least, free shipping is available for US orders, so get the occasional good deal online by purchasing through flight club. 

Besides their poor service and exchange or refunding options, the site is 100% authentic, running for 17 years, and encourages users to get their dream shoes. Prices are high and notoriously more expensive than other stores.

How to Sell Shoes on Flight Club?

Flight Club has the best liquidity and sell-through in the game at the most competitive prices available worldwide throughout their stores. The flight club is a great platform to sell your shoes or become a shoe seller. To sell shoes of flight club consider the easy procedure;


  • Create a seller account or log in to your previously created account.
  • Visits and go for the submission procedure for the shoes. 
  • The submission gets received by the flight club.
  • Sellers can be assigned any location as per the store availability. 
  • Consigners submit the stuff to the platform where its verification starts. 
  • Once received, verification and authentication are checked. 
  • After approval, validation occurs across flight club retail stores like, and GOAT app.

How do I get paid by Flight Club?

You seem well familiar with the flight club, their work, and how they sell the items, but how it pays the sellers? After going through the seller profiles and dealing requirements, the flight club pays the seller digitally for their online services.

Once you get done dealing with the selling and the product gets sold out user can request a digital payout through via PayPal or bank transfer as per ease. To get paid, add the payment account to receive your payments timely. 


The seller gets 80% of the pay per product while 20% is charged, but the flight club is charged as platform fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Flight Club Legit?

Flight club is a legit organization, as Most Flight Club reviews approve of the legitimacy and authenticity of the shoes. Despite the poor customer service and no return policy, Flight club is an actual store, not a fake. Flight Club is a legitimate website and a store regarded as one of the safest mediums, authentic high-end sneakers. 

Flight club goes through a quality and review process before putting them on store shelves. The products undergo internal authentication and review before confirming your listing for sale. So yes, flight club is a legit company where you can find versatile branded and rare items. 

Who Owns the Flight Club?

In 2005, Damany Weir, who had been in the shoe business for decades, became the founder of Flight Club, but now it’s under the umbrella of GOAT, which became the parent company of flight club by getting 60 million$. The company behaves like a platform and offers new branded but preloved shoes per the category and brand. 

Where Is Flight Club Located?

The store provides a platform for many brands, both physical and online. For physical stores, the initial one was founded In New York, 812 Broadway New York, NY 10003, and with time now a total of 03 operates with addition to Miami 3910 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL 33137and Los Angelis 535 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 9003. For online purchases, users can get the official site at to get an immense variety of sneakers and shoes to fulfill their dream purchases. 

Does Flight Club verify shoes?

They verify shoes before placing them on racks under the authentication and validation process. Flight Club remains the premier source for authentic and rare sneakers that guarantee safety and authenticity. Before dealing with consigners, they make sure they make the right deal; after that, additional validation is a part of their system and allows only those pairs which pass out. 

Does Flight Club have hidden fees?

Flight club has a commission schedule that it charges for the buyer. The commission fee of 9.5% usually gets accused, along with an additional $5 as a seller fee. When users go for cash out, the platform adds a 2.9% commission fee to be paid. So, when the user cash is put in, the hidden 2.9% would be cut as per the case.

Are Flight Club shoes brand new?

Flight club sells new collections from top footwear brands along with preloved ones. It’s one of the largest sneaker vendors Carrying the rarest exclusives and collectible sneakers. Flight Club is an online sneaker marketplace with a huge collection of used, new, and exclusive sneakers offering a collection of trendy shoes- all limited editions and unworn vintage sneakers. 

Users can find high-quality products with an extensive collection of top sneakers and the deepest and most versatile selection of kicks here.


Flight Club is a great place to buy new or used shoes, but you might have heard customers’ reviews that they do not sell real shoes, but it’s not the case. The main issue so they do not offer returns or refunds, which can be problematic sometimes. Flight club is legit and shows 100% authentic stuff. 

The platform offers a Great authentication system accompanied by authentic vendors for sneakers on the secondary market. Authenticity is rooted in their physical stores; however, customer service seems lacking and requires improvement. Despite that, Flight Club offers highly versatile and excellent quality products from esteemed brands. 

Users can get top branded sneakers just by considering the store or online at or visiting the store located in New York, Miami, and Los Angelis as per the given detail in the guide. We hope you have the relevant review and facts regarding the flight club, and for more info, our site is free to review to find multiple stores to get the best sneakers.

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