Does Goo Gone Remove Gum From Shoes

Does Goo Gone Remove Gum From Shoes?

Chewing gum is all time favorite activity of every single person. But this jewel in the crown becomes melancholy when it ruins your favorite pair of shoes. Well, you might hear several treatments to deal with the gum but deep down you are worried that you will not enjoy wearing your ideal shoes anymore. 

Here, worry not as Goo Gone is the pre-eminent and the most powerful remover that dissolves the sticky, obstinate material like gum in just a blink of an eye.

Does Goo Gone Remove Gum From Shoes?

Thought It is shoe friendly, but, you need to be a little careful about it use it as “Excess of everything is bad” and this implies to the Goo Gone as well. 

On account of being powerful, it is always advised to use it on the small yet inconspicuous portion of the shoes to know if any potential damage occurs to the shoe. 

Other than this, you always need to be careful while using it because it is not much human fellow. Therefore, have great attention to the step provided below regarding its use.

Does Goo Gone Remove Gum From Shoes

How to Use Goo Gone to Remove Gum From Shoes?

To remove bullhead stains from shoes here is a complete consensus on it. Let’s have a glance over it. 

Scarp off the gum: 

Start by scraping off as much gum as possible. Use a plastic scraper or an old credit card to remove the gum from the shoes. 

Test by applying a small portion: 

Before applying the Goo Gone on entire shoes, apply it on the small portion to know whether it is suitable for the shoe or not. If you feel zero color fading in the shoes then continue using them. However, if you find decolorization that stops its use immediately. 

Caution! Goo Gone is not suitable for suede, silk, leather, and rubber.

Spray Goo Gone on the area of the gum: 

Spray Goo Gone in the area where the gum is stuck on the shoes. If you spray the Goo Gone outside of gum premises then it will demand extra cleaning of the shoes thus, consume time. 

Leave the Goo Gone For 10 Mins: 

Let the Goo Gone rest on the shoes for 10 mins as it will help to dissolve the gum entirely. If the gum is stuck on a hard area such as the sole, leave the Goo Gone on it as long as possible. Moreover, if the gum is stubbornly stuck to it spray it again until the gum is fully removed from the shoe. 

Use a Cloth to Remove the Gum:

After 10 mins, grasp the white cloth and wipe off the gum with it. The friction produced by cloth will succor in removing the gum from the shoes properly. 

Clean it with water and soap: 

After removing the gum from the shoe with the help of Goo Gone. Use a mixture of soap and water to deal with the rest over Goo Gone.

Goo Gone is greasy material so, make sure to use this mixture number of times until the surface is truly clean. 

Other than this, if you are dealing with a hard surface then you can also use shoe cleaner as it is less messy yet effective than the mixture of soap and water. 

Is Goo Gone Good for Shoes? 

Goo Gone is a popular stubborn stain remover from different shoes but it is vital to be circumspect as the chemicals used in Goo Gone can be injurious to the material of shoes.

Though Goo Gone is out of harm for leather, a small wrong step will put an end to the material of shoes. Therefore, if you are not sure about its use, then the insightful way is to take it to any shoe specialist and learn about its use, however, if you are so perturbed regarding its use then ascertain to test it in a small yet unobtrusive area of the shoes.

Apply a small quantity of Goo Gone on the rough cloth and start rubbing it on the area of the shoes you selected. Make sure, to rub it gently. 

If you see the decolorization of the shoes then immediately stop its use, however, if you feel that Goo Gone is not affecting the shoes then continue cleaning as there is nothing beneficial for removing the gum except that of Goo Gone. 

Other than this, Suede is vulnerable to Goo Gone therefore, if you are the owner of suede shoes and find a stubborn stain on them then despite affecting its material, the best way to err on the side of caution is to pursue a professional cleaner.

Arguments in Favour of Using Goo Gone on Shoes: 

Here are some potential reasons that force people to use Goo Gone on the shoes such as:

  • Goo Gone is a powerful solvent that helps to remove stubborn stains from shoes that deal with the solution of water and soap only. 
  • Goo Gone is a remover that is used to remove the stain from different surfaces like leather, rubber, or other materials like wood tiles, etc. 
  • Using a Goo Gone to remove the gum from shoes is a fast and furious method rather than taking a brush and continuously scrubbing it on the shoes while using water and soap.
  • It is an economical method of cleaning shoes. And buying a Goo Gone isn’t required to break into the account. It is relatively affordable to buy as compared to other expensive stubborn stain removers. 
  • This product is used by shoe professionals as well. So, if you have any ambiguity while using Goo Gone then take it to any shoe expert who uses Goo Gone. 

Arguments Against Using Goo Gone on Shoes: 

Though, Goo Gone is used to remove sticky and Bull-headed residue. Nevertheless, you will hear a few arguments against using Goo Gone because of the harsh truth 

  • Well, Goo Gone contains harmful chemicals like petroleum residues which can affect the material of shoes badly. Other than this, it adds insult to injury by making the shoe lose its color or by inducing cracks in shoe materials. 
  • Having a strong yet unpredictable impact, the chemicals of Goo Gone can irritate the eye and also affect the respiratory system due to its strong odor. 

Precautionary Measure While Applying Goo Gone on Shoes: 

Goo Gone is a strong solvent therefore it is important to follow ingenious ways of preventive measures to give a wide berth to any detrimental impact on shoe material and even on yourself. 

  • Apply the Goo gone on the small or hideous portion of the shoes to ensure that it is not affecting the shoe’s material or causing discoloration.
  • Goo gone is not friendly to the skin. So, make sure to wear gloves while working with it. 
  • Goo gone has a very harsh odor that exerts deleterious fumes. So, it is advised to use it in a properly ventilated area. 
  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove the gum from the shoe. 
  • Once you are done with the process, make certain that all the residue of Goo Gone is wiped off. For this use old cloth and clean the entire shoe.

People Also Ask: 

Can I use Goo Gone on shoes to remove other types of sticky residue apart from gum? 

Yes, you can use Goo Gone to remove residues like adhesive residue, oil stain, or tar. But before using the Goo Gone, read the product description for a safe result. 

Besides shoes Can Goo gone remove gum from other surfaces? 

Yes, you can use Goo Gone on several surfaces like carpets, clothes, wood, tiles, etc. Before, try a Goo Gone test on a small portion or unexposed area of respective surfaces. 

Can I apply Goo Gone on my Colored shoes? 

Generally, it depends on the material and the dye used. However, look for the product description as there are a few dyes that are vulnerable to Goo Gone. 

Final Crux: 

So, after having a huge discussion regarding Goo Gone and its use, we can sum up by saying that it is the most effective method of removing gum from shoes. Nevertheless, if you didn’t follow precautionary measures then it will be the most worse method. Therefore, a major spotlight is given to the words “ make sure” as slight negligence of yours will affect your most loved shoes badly.

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