Does Zappos Sell Fake Shoes

Does Zappos Sell Fake Shoes?

What else could be extra hurting than spending on big and established brands and getting nothing but fake products? But for Zappos, it’s not the case. Being an iconic fashionista or shoe addict could make you come across the Zappos store. But what’s keeping you from waiting to shop? Do you think Zappos is legit or not? Does Zappos sell fake shoes? Well, of course not!

Counting on ZAPPOS’s authenticity would genuinely make you in love with the store covering thousands of products in the most trending and top brands. Zappos avoid counterfeiting and fraudulence and have a trustworthy source to ensure customer satisfaction and wait that is still ongoing! 

Our honest reviews will kick off the hater’s fake reviews, so be bold and get your stuff without the fear of getting fake Zappos (shoes).

Does Zappos Sell Fake Shoes

Does Zappos Sell Fake Shoes?

Under the ownership of Amazon, Zappos offers tons of different styles of clothing, bags, and accessories that all users would love to have. There is no concept for fake items; you find women’s shoes, men’s shoes, and kids’ shoes in one online superstore. Despite that, its versatility allows users to market a new pair of dress shoes, sneakers, or sandals under one general brand. You are focusing on shoes! Zappos offers hundreds of brand-name shoes in a convenient one-stop-shop, so you can easily purchase a good deal on footwear, a casual style, or an outfit idea for dinner through the easy process through Zappos without any chance of fraud and misleading.

Zappos is legit or a scam?

You would have heard various news regarding Zappos circulating over social platforms, but if that’s in the odds, they are fake. Zappos is a legit online marketplace that provides the best, most comfortable, and stylish pairs of shoes, clothing, and accessories. 

Manu users have exceptionally experienced the Zappos stuff and their quality, especially for that shoes, and find them perfect and most frequently featured. Zappos had worked hard to get to this stage, so reviewers are encouraged to be honest, as many things you can get in life through struggle and perseverance. is the perfect place to shop for the perfect pair for your style and needs. 

Is Zappos Owned by Amazon?

Yes, Zappos is now owned by Amazon, but originally it was a part of the online marketplace. Zappos is an online retailer known for selling a wide variety of shoes and other stuff and was initially founded by Nick Swinmurn, Tony Hsieh, and Alfred Lin in 1999. The company is US based and originally started by the name The site flourished into a more significant retailer, qualifying retailer’s websites for a lower price, and within years got numerous fulfillment centers

But after many years, Amazon was found interested and took ownership in July 2009 and purchased the market shares and warrants for over 10 million company shares with provided cash of almost a 40million dollars. Zappos founder Tony Hsieh died on November 27, 2020, from complications from burns and smoke inhalation sustained in a house fire. And till now, the company is under AMAZON making it flourishing and easy to find a pair of shoes you love. 

How does Zappos System Work?

Zappos adopted a decentralized system avoiding job titles, managers, and a hierarchy system. No one would be under the observation of managers or no need to be answerable like in hierarchy systems. Each operator works for a benefit and loss statement of its own, and skills are re-sold to other operators and to customers to provide them with the best. It’s like customer generated budgeting system that Zippos utilizes. Zappos allows operators to brainstorm and do whatever it takes to make customers happy; that is why almost 75% of sales come from re-orders. 

How Does Zappos Confirm Shoe Authenticity?

Zappos is an authentic and legit store, proven by their already-launched program “Zappos Authentic .”But what is “Zappos authentic”? Through the program, Zappos guarantees the authenticity of every product it sells and show to great lengths to ensure the authenticity of the products it sells. You could get a completely authentic product as the company has a policy against selling counterfeit products and takes measures to prevent counterfeit product selling and delivery. Their legitimacy still keeps shining as a lot of counterfeit items and fake products have slipped through the cracks, but they have managed quite well to handle the case.

What is Zappos VIP?

To a VIP customer, Zappos launched a VIP program to encourage their customers by providing reward exchanges where users get 1 VIP point over dollar purchases. So the more you spend dollars, the more you earn VIP points. The points could b increased by attaching your prime accounts for purchase, so what else do you need? Zappos VIP members may also qualify for rapid refunds and free standard shipping, and all customers get fast and free shipping. 

I once ordered a sporty sneaker better suited for more casual attire, but because of size issues which genuinely was my mistake, caused me to have a return which ended up refunding my gift card, and the returns policy was made quick and fast. So, through the VIP program, Get higher points, exchange them for rewards, and enjoy!

What Are Zappos Rewards?

Zappos keep launching a reward program through which reviewers are motivated solely by reward points. Despite these, other rewards come from time to time, and through these rewards, users could exchange points with item prices or sometimes a sweet discount at checkout time. Remember, Zappos does not offer coupons to the general public but to more specific categories. Search for current reward programs and check whether you are eligible or not to get the stuff at discounted rates. 

Does Zappos Price Match?

Yes, Zappos does price match once you find a relatively lower price for a product on the competitor’s marketplace or site. Zappos would likely go with retail prices to satisfy customers with the best available rates. The exception does exist where price matching gets avoided by Zappos, including auction websites, non-U.S. websites, discount-providing websites, membership, club websites, other outlet websites, third-party markets, and not least the resellers on No price match for coupons and discounts is available. 

How to Get a Discount on Zappos?

Zappos offers various discounts for specific categories, among which Students will receive a discount, as will teachers and military members, for all items up to 10%. All you need to do is search, enter the site to provide details, and hurrah; you get your 10% discount on everything. (Only for limited personnel categories)

Does Zappos Use Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is the top choice at checkouts to make footwear and clothing shopping easy. So yes, Zappos uses Amazon Prime, and through prime purchases, users get rewards and sometimes fairly nice discounts. So, what are you waiting for? Use your Amazon Pay wallet for easy shopping to get the best complement to your wardrobe. If you are Focusing exclusively on shoes, pay through a card, and get the perfect pair of Zappos shoes for men or women as per your choice. 

Does Zappos Offer Gift Cards?

Zappos offers gift cards, an excellent option for gifting shoes to a shoe fan. Despite that, Zappos also provides a great selection of clothing and accessories, numerous popular brands, and exclusive collections at a single site. Remember, after-pay isn’t that standard method for gist cards. 

Does Zappos Have Coupons?

No, Zappos doesn’t have coupons for all; however, a specific class of individuals gets discounts or rewards as per the case. Using a prime account can easily qualify for free expedited shipping by signing up for Zappos Rewards. Despite that, Zappos may surprise individual customers with a unique coupon code specially sent to that particular customer to enjoy shopping for their favorite brands at discounted rates. 

How Fast Is Zappos Shipping?

Through a prime account, you get free expedited shipping on your orders within 04-05 days as per the location and standard shipping concerned. Some brands might arrive within a day, so go shopping with Zappos and get incredible products along with the fastest standard deliveries free of cost. So don’t get curious about your orders; Zappos is just a few days far from reaching your doorstep. Remember, the return could take extra days per the case and item. 

What Payment Options Does Zappos Take?

Many payment options exist for Zappos, but the most common and preferred one includes Amazon prime, which quickly checks out and cuts the desired amount without any extra or hidden charges. Add your card credentials, or link the card with Zappos to get your favorite item delivered to your doorstep.

What is Zappos Return Policy?

A return policy refers to guidelines and facts that need to get considered when returning a product for the pre-mentioned reasons. Like other online stores, Zappos provides the facility to produce through a return policy and return the shoes for a full refund. Zappos can send them back for free; you only need to use your Amazon Prime account to get free expedited shipping on your orders. Policy states, “the return over 365 days but product should be worn or used and kept same in the original packaging”. You could repurchase the boots as your choice, and you are unlikely to be unhappy with the shopping experience. 

How to Return Shoes to Zappos?

Suppose purchasing a product is wrong in size or any other issue. In that case, a return policy can be considered for a total return within 365 days, while refunding on exchange must be sent within 14 days. Consult customer service and ask them for a return, then submit the details and deliver the main parcel with the unworn product in the same packaging to the Zappos center; within the limited time, you would get either exchange or a full refund. Remember to deliver the product within 14 days. 

In case they wrongly delivered, which I suffered ended up exchanging my boots for a size proper to my feet. The exchange was slightly complicated, but once I opted for a top-notch customer service team for a swift solution, the customer service was phenomenal and solved my issue politely and immediately.

Does Zappos sell knockoff shoes?

Suppose you are wondering about having a great pair of shoes but doubting the store’s legitimacy; then you need to be on the right side. Zappos does not fraud their customers or sell knockoff shoes. Users can find lightly used shoes in good condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones, but that would be their choice. Zappos is helping reduce waste by purchasing pre-owned shoes that provide good support and boost up activities you enjoy to lead an active lifestyle. So those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle could try using the Zappos shoes and stuff with the issue of any fraud. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can Zappos be trusted?

Yes, Zappos is a trusted online marketplace under the Amazon umbrella. It has a great selection of shoes online as they carry a wide variety of styles and brands in original condition that always seems fantastic to the eyes and in use. Zappos Shoes for Women offers an outstanding category comprising various brands, and I am delighted with my experience. So, keep out false accusations and embrace the legit and authenticity of the online service. 

Does Zappos sell defective shoes?

No, they don’t sell defective shoes unless the show is preloved with some minor damage. Those purchasing new ones would be defect-free, but in case of the wrong ones, consult customer service, and they would solve the issue in the best possible manner. 

Does Zappos take used shoes?

No, it’s not written in their return policy to take used shoes. Only shoes unworn within the original packaging are accepted within 14 days of the purchase. 

Does Zappos replace stolen packages?

Yes, Zappos would counter the issue with a possible solution: send you another or return money in case the parcel gets stolen. Consult customer service to solve the problem. 

Can you exchange worn shoes on Zappos?

No exchange for worn shoes seems available on the Zappos store. In case of any issue with the item you purchased, consult the website and try not to use or damage it, as it won’t be eligible for exchange or return. 

Did Zappos stop carrying Nike?

Nike isn’t available in small to large retailer shops as they cut ties with many stores and expanded their business using Nike stores, apps, and online marketplaces. So, trying to get Nike shoes on Zappos, we are sorry you won’t get one. 


Zappos features wholly-owned subsidiaries, and their selection is unbeatable, comprising early access to sales. Zappos seems a great option if you’re looking for a bargain. Despite that, we are delighted to conclude with the facts that there isn’t any fraud or misleading through Zappos, and users can enjoy best off shopping.

Suppose you are a fashionista or a shoe addict. In that case, Zappos provides versatility ranging from classic black dress shoes, counterfeit shoes, Sperry boat shoes, Guy’s shoes for Sandals, Salt Water Sandals, and even the Steve Madden sandals with gladiator sandals as well.

Other stuff, clothing, and accessories are provided through Zappos, so go to and add your favorites to your cart.

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