How Many Jordan Number Shoes Are There

How Many Jordan Number Shoes Are There?

In the mid-1980s, the sneaker world witnessed a revolutionary collaboration between Nike and ex-Tarheel basketball player, Michael Jordan. This partnership birthed the iconic Air Jordan series, which has since become a cultural icon. From the debut of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985 to the subsequent releases, each design and colorway has been eagerly anticipated by sneakerheads. 

Michael Jordan’s legendary status in the NBA, marked by numerous awards, accolades, clutch shots, and big games, has solidified him as the greatest player of all time. His impact on both the game of basketball and fashion has been profound. As we dive into the history of this iconic brand, we’ll explore the evolution of styles, technology, and the basketball shoe boom that began in the 20th century.

The world of sneakers is ever-evolving, and amidst this dynamic landscape, the Jordan brand, born from a collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan, has etched its mark. The myriad of styles and colorways often leaves enthusiasts pondering the question: “How many Jordan number shoes are there?” To answer this, we must journey back to 1985 when the Air Jordan 1 was released. This was just the beginning. 

With each year, a new pair debuted, reflecting Michael Jordan’s legendary status, his big games, awards, and the motto that he is arguably the greatest player of all time. His influence transcended basketball, making a significant impact on fashion as well.

How Many Jordan Number Shoes Are There?

Since the release of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, the brand has grown to become a household name in the sneaker industry. Over the past 40 years, 36 distinct Jordan Number Shoes have graced the sneaker world, each with its unique design and flair. These models, from the iconic Air Jordan I’s to the Air Jordan XXXVII’s released in September 2022, have become staples in sneaker culture. 

The anticipation continues as sneaker enthusiasts await the debut of the Air Jordan XXXVIII’s in fall 2023. Each model, designed with Michael Jordan’s legendary touch, has set the floor on fire, making the brand arguably the most popular sneaker on the planet.How Many Jordan Number Shoes Are There

The Jordan brand, since its inception in 1985 with the Air Jordan 1, has firmly established itself as a staple in the sneaker industry. Fast forward to today, and there are 36 unique Jordan Number Shoes that have been unveiled. Each model, from the iconic designs of the early versions to the anticipated release of the Air Jordan XXXVIII’s in 2023, has left an indelible mark on the sneaker world. 

With a visual timeline spanning over four decades, the brand’s influence is undeniable. As we look back, it’s evident that each release, tailored to Michael Jordan’s essence, has not only met but often exceeded the demand and expectations of sneakerheads worldwide.

History of the Air Jordan Line:

In 1985, the world was introduced to the Air Jordan line, crafted meticulously by Nike designer Peter Moore. Named after the rising NBA star, Michael Jordan, the line broke ground with its bold red and black color scheme, defying the NBA’s uniform policy. This act of defiance stirred a controversy that transcended the basketball court, embedding the sneakers in a historical narrative of rebellion and individuality.

The controversy not only propelled the brand to iconic status but also marked the beginning of a journey characterized by innovation and boldness. From the classic allure of the initial designs to the futuristic appeal of the Air Jordan XXXV, the line has something for every sneaker enthusiast. Each release, eagerly awaited by fans and sneakerheads alike, continues to stir excitement, showcasing the brand’s enduring appeal and its commitment to evolving while retaining its foundational spirit.

How Many Jordan Number Shoes Are There?

Since the launch of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, the brand has consistently released sequentially numbered models, reaching 36 unique releases to date. Each model, distinct in its design and features, narrates a part of the brand’s rich history. The journey continues with the anticipation of the 37th installment set to grace the market in 2022, promising to add a new chapter to the illustrious Jordan legacy.

The Jordan brand has not only offered a range of sneakers but has also crafted a story with each release, weaving a rich tapestry of history through unique designs and colorways. As we stand on the cusp of witnessing the release of the 37th model, it is evident that the brand has fostered a legacy characterized by innovation, quality, and a deep connection to the basketball world, offering not just shoes, but a rich narrative and a statement of style and excellence.

Here is a list of all the Air Jordan models:

  • Air Jordan 1 (I) — 1985
  • Air Jordan 2 (II) — 1986
  • Air Jordan 3 (III) — 1988
  • Air Jordan 4 (IV) — 1989
  • Air Jordan 5 (V) — 1990
  • Air Jordan 6 (VI) — 1991
  • Air Jordan 7 (VII) — 1992
  • Air Jordan 8 (VIII) — 1993
  • Air Jordan 9 (IX) — 1993
  • Air Jordan 10 (X) — 1995
  • Air Jordan 11 (XI) — 1995
  • Air Jordan 12 (XII) — 1996
  • Air Jordan 13 (XIII) — 1997
  • Air Jordan 14 (XIV) — 1998
  • Air Jordan 15 (XV) — 1999
  • Air Jordan 16 (XVI) — 2001
  • Air Jordan 17 (XVII) — 2002
  • Air Jordan 18 (XVIII) — 2003
  • Air Jordan 19 (XIX) — 2004
  • Air Jordan 20 (XX) — 2005
  • Air Jordan 21 (XXI) — 2006
  • Air Jordan 22 (XX2) — 2007
  • Air Jordan 23 (XX3) — 2008
  • Air Jordan 2009 —  2009
  • Air Jordan 2010 — 2010
  • Air Jordan 2011 — 2011
  • Air Jordan 2012 — 2012
  • Air Jordan 28 (XX8) — 2013
  • Air Jordan 29 (XX9) — 2014
  • Air Jordan 30 (XXX) — 2016
  • Air Jordan 31 (XXXI) — 2016
  • Air Jordan 32 (XXXII) — 2017
  • Air Jordan 33 (XXXIII) — 2018
  • Air Jordan 34 (XXXIV) — 2019
  • Air Jordan 35 (XXXV) — 2020
  • Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI) — 2021
  • Air Jordan 37 (XXXVII) — 2022

Benefits of Owning Air Jordans:

Owning a pair of Air Jordans transcends the mere act of wearing shoes; it is about being part of a legacy. The sneakers, synonymous with comfort and style, are crafted from high-quality materials, promising durability and a timeless appeal. For collectors and enthusiasts, each pair is a piece of history, a testament to Michael Jordan’s enduring legacy in the basketball world and beyond.

Air Jordans are not just footwear; they are a symbol of empowerment, a nod to one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. Owning a pair is akin to owning a piece of history, a blend of style, comfort, and legacy. It offers an experience, a sense of belonging to a lineage of excellence, and a statement of style that speaks of quality and heritage.

Air Jordans vs. Other Sneaker Brands;

In the competitive sneaker market, Air Jordans holds a revered place, standing tall amidst brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. The secret to their sustained appeal lies in the deep connection to Michael Jordan’s legacy and the NBA, offering fans more than just a pair of sneakers, but a piece of history, a testament to excellence on the basketball court, and a symbol of style and quality.

Air Jordans offer a unique proposition in a market flooded with high-quality sneakers. Their connection to Michael Jordan, a name synonymous with basketball excellence, offers them a unique place in the hearts of fans. Owning a pair is not just about style and quality; it is about being part of a narrative of excellence, a story woven through years of basketball history, offering a unique blend of style, quality, and heritage.

Future of Air Jordans:

The Air Jordan line stands as a testimony to innovation and quality, showing no signs of slowing down. With the 37th model set to release in 2022, the brand promises to continue its legacy of offering cutting-edge designs that captivate fans globally. It is more than a shoe line; it is a cornerstone of sneaker culture, a blend of good design and quality craftsmanship that promises to add value to any shoe collection.

As we look forward to the release of the 37th model, it is clear that the Air Jordan line is more than just a series of shoes. It is a narrative of excellence, a journey through time, offering fans a piece of Michael Jordan’s legacy, a legacy of innovation, quality, and a deep connection to the spirit of basketball. It promises to continue to inspire, offering not just shoes, but a story of excellence, a journey of innovation, and a testament to the spirit of basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the total number of Jordan shoes released to date?

In the dynamic world of sneakers, the Jordan brand stands as a timeless icon, continuously evolving since its inception in 1985. The first-ever beacon of this revolution was the Air Jordan 1, paving the way for a series of popular successors including the renowned Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 12, and Air Jordan 13. As of now, the market has witnessed the release of an estimated 36 distinct Jordan models, each year bringing forth a new addition to this ever-growing lineage. The brand not only popularized a fashion statement but also introduced groundbreaking technologies with each release, making it a household name in the sneaker industry.

How many retro versions of Jordan shoes are available in the market?

Jordan’s retro versions have been a hit among fans, bringing back the classic designs from the past with a fresh touch. The market currently hosts an estimated 20 different retro versions, offering a nostalgic journey back to the iconic designs that once ruled the streets. Among these, the Air Jordan 1 Retro, Air Jordan 4 Retro, and Air Jordan 11 Retro hold a special place, offering fans a chance to relive the classic Jordan era with a modern twist.

Are there any limited edition Jordan shoes available in the market?

For the aficionados seeking exclusivity, the Jordan brand offers limited edition series that are released in scarce quantities, making them highly sought after. These editions include masterpieces such as the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Shattered Backboard”, the rare Air Jordan 4 Retro “Eminem”, and the iconic Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam”. These limited releases not only offer a unique style but also hold a special place in the Jordan legacy, making them a prized possession for collectors.

What is the price range of Jordan shoes?

When it comes to acquiring a piece of the Jordan Legacy, the price range can vary significantly based on the model and edition. On average, a new pair of Jordan shoes will cost between $150 and $200. However, for the enthusiasts willing to invest in the rare gems of this collection, the price can skyrocket, with editions such as the Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” reaching upwards of $10,000, and the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Eminem” being valued at over $20,000.

Where can I buy authentic Jordan shoes?

To ensure you are getting the authentic Jordan experience, it is imperative to purchase from authorized retailers. Renowned outlets such as Nike, Foot Locker, and Finish Line stand as reliable platforms offering high-quality, genuine Jordan shoes. While venturing into the market, one must remain cautious of counterfeit products, emphasizing the importance of choosing authorized retailers for a long-lasting and authentic Jordan experience.


The Jordan brand, with its rich history and iconic status, continues to evolve, offering sleek designs and unmatched performance. Each model, from the classic Jordan 1 to the futuristic iterations, offers a unique blend of style and functionality, promising to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences, and ensuring that the Jordan legacy continues to thrive, offering style, quality, and a deep connection to the world of basketball.

As we stand on the cusp of witnessing the release of the 37th Jordan model, it is clear that the brand offers more than just shoes. It is a journey through time, a narrative woven through years of basketball history, offering a blend of style, quality, and a deep connection to the spirit of basketball. Each release is not just a pair of shoes; it is a statement, a testament to quality, style, and a rich history of innovation and excellence.

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