How Much Does It Cost To Be Blundstones Resoled

How Much Does It Cost To Be Blundstones Resoled?

As a proud owner of Blundstone boots, I’ve put them through the wear and test of time. These durable and stylish boots are built to withstand the rigors of the world, but eventually, the need for resoling may arise. In this article, we’ll explore the cost and factors involved in getting your beloved pair resoled.

Note, that the average cost to resolve Blundstones can vary. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the cobbler and the need for additional repairs. It’s important to contact a reputable retailer or repair service near you for an accurate estimate. Remember, shipping costs may apply if there’s no local service available.

Providing these boots the TLC they need does come at a price, but considering how long a well-cared-for pair can last, it’s a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re a new owner or have been wearing them for years, it’s a common question you’ll eventually face. So, dive in and give your Blundstones the care they deserve!

How Much Does It Cost To Be Blundstones Resoled?

When considering a resole for your Blundstone boots, various factors influence the cost. The condition of boots plays a crucial role, especially the state of the leather upper and elastic gussets. A worn-out sole doesn’t always signal the end. Instead, a comprehensive refresh can offer a life extension to your cherished pair.

The types of resoling available depend on the sole type and damage extent. A professional cobbler or an authorized repair center typically provides an accurate estimate. 

How Much Does It Cost To Be Blundstones Resoled

They assess the need for specific repairs or additional services, like cleaning or reinforcing the durability of the upper part. Choosing a reputable shoe repair shop ensures quality materials are used, preserving the comfort and protection Blundstones are known for.

Your location and cobbler choice also impact the price. While some areas have competitive pricing, others might have a higher price range due to market differences. Opting for an authorized repair center might be a more sustainable option, ensuring longevity and transparency in the service provided.

A new sole revitalizes your boots, often making them feel entirely new. This money-saving approach not only benefits your wallet but also aligns with sustainable practices. Remember, the cost varies, but investing in a professional cobbler can be a worthwhile decision for your beloved Blundstones.

In my experience, getting my Blundstones resolved was akin to giving them a second life. The repair shop I chose was known for its expertise in handling high-quality boots. They provided a comprehensive refresh, replacing the sole and offering additional services that improved overall durability and comfort.

Factors like the cobbler’s choice and location played into the overall cost. I found that prices varied, but a reputable shoe repair shop often provided the best value, balancing cost with quality and transparency in their services.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Resoling Blundstones:

When it comes to resolving Blundstone boots, several factors can significantly influence the cost. It’s not just about slapping on a new sole; various elements come into play, making the price vary. As someone who has gone through the process, I can attest to the importance of understanding these aspects.

1.) Type of Sole:

The sole you choose for your Blundstones has a profound impact on the cost of resoling. You’re not just paying for materials; there’s also labor involved in fitting the new sole. Options range from rubber to leather and crepe. 

Each material offers different levels of traction and comfort, influencing your style and wallet. Rubber soles, while affordable, may not always align with your boots’ original look. Selecting the right sole is a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

2.) Condition of the Boots:

The condition of your boots significantly affects the cost of resoling. If your Blundstones are in good condition, you might only need a basic sole replacement. However, if they require additional repairs or refurbishment, the process becomes more complex. It’s not just about fixing the sole but restoring the boot’s overall integrity. 

An authorized repair center or a professional cobbler can assess your boots and provide an accurate estimate. The service they offer can lower the need for future repairs, as they’re seeking to improve the overall condition, thus influencing the cost.

3.) Estimating the Cost of Resoling Blundstones:

Getting a general estimate for resoling Blundstones can be tricky as the costs vary. On average, you might pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per pair, depending on the repair center and the factors involved. 

This range includes labor, materials, and potentially shipping costs if you’re seeking an authorized service. Always inquire about the policies of your chosen repair shop, especially regarding additional repairs. The location of the service can also affect the price.

In my experience, resoling my Blundstones was not just about the monetary cost but also about restoring a beloved pair of boots. It’s a journey from worn-out soles to rejuvenated footwear, each step influenced by the choices made along the way.

Understanding the Need for Resoling Blundstone Boots:

Resoling Blundstone boots is a key factor in extending their life. As a long-time owner, I’ve found that resoling saves money in the long run and reduces waste. 

This practice aligns with being environmentally conscious, contributing to reducing footwear waste. Consumers who value quality and want to conserve resources appreciate this sustainable choice.

Resoling also contributes to aligning personal values with actions. By choosing to resole, we support sustainable practices in the fashion industry. It’s an effective way to save both money and the environment, making resoling a conscious choice for quality-focused consumers. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to environmentally conscious living and extending the life of our footwear.

Importance of Resoling:

Resoling Blundstone boots is more than a fix for worn-out soles; it’s an eco-friendly choice that breathes new life into a cherished shoe. This act of rejuvenation significantly extends the usability and years of the boots, minimizing the environmental impact associated with new production. By reducing demand for new shoes, resoling decreases waste and offers a new lease on life for your footwear.

Resoling is an important measure for those conscious of their environmental footprint. When you resole, you’re not just repairing; you’re making a statement. You’re choosing to reduce waste and impact by decreasing the need for new production. It’s a sustainable step forward, showing that even a single pair of Blundstone boots can have a long, rejuvenated life while being eco-friendly.

Signs Your Blundstone Boots Need Resoling:

  • Varying Lifespan: Understand that the lifespan of Blundstone boots can vary depending on usage.
  • Frequent Slipping: If you’re slipping more often, the treads may be worn down.
  • Thinning Treads: Thin treads are a telltale sign it’s time to resole.
  • Separating Soles: Watch for soles separating from the uppers.
  • Discomfort in Arch: Discomfort or lack of support in the arch area.
  • Worn Midsole: Check if the midsole shows significant wear.
  • Holes or Tears: Obvious holes or tears in the sole.
  • Expect Years of Use: With quality Blundstone boots, you can expect several years of frequent use.
  • Specialist’s Analysis: Have a specialist or craftsman analyze the condition.
  • Repair Services Recommendation: Repair services like NuShoe recommend resoling when necessary.
  • Universal Rule: There’s no universal rule; it depends on wear, style, activities, and terrain.
  • Experienced Eye: An experienced eye can often tell when it’s time to resole.
  • Enhancing Boot Life: Resoling can enhance and extend the life of your Blundstone boots.
  • Quality of Soles: Assess the quality and condition of the soles.
  • Frequency of Use: The frequency and type of activities impact tread and insole wear.

Benefits of Resoling Blundstones:

Resoling Blundstones is not just about giving your boots a new lease on life; it’s an investment in sustainable footwear practices. As someone who has traversed various landscapes in my trusty Blundstones, I’ve learned that choosing to resole them extends their lifespan, offering a myriad of benefits. 

It’s a worthwhile decision that saves money and maintains the advantages of your favorite footwear. Unlike buying new ones, resoling your Blundstone boots transforms them into a sustainable part of your lifestyle.

1.) Reviving Your Comfortable Favorites:

Resoling with factory-quality workmanship, like that offered by NuShoe in the USA, ensures your Blundstones retain their original comfort and shape. This process, which I’ve experienced firsthand, gives your beloved boots a second life, with the added benefit of personalized comfort that’s uniquely yours. 

The comfortable feel of a new pair without the hassle of breaking in? That’s the magic of resoling! Plus, the style and materials used in California-based facilities like NuShoe maintain Blundstone’s integrity.

2.) Contributing to Environmental Sustainability:

Opting to repair rather than replace is a responsible and sustainable choice, countering the trends of fast fashion. Resoling your boots is an environmentally-friendly action that reduces waste and conserves resources. 

It’s a small yet significant step in reducing your carbon footprint. Extending the life of your shoes reflects environmental consciousness and a shift in purchasing practices. The advantage? Less degradation of resources, and a boost to your green credentials.

3.) Saving Money:

Since 1994, services like NuShoe have offered a cost-effective way to keep your boots in top condition. Resoling is about half the cost of buying a new pair – a significant cost savings. 

By resoling your existing shoes, you’re not only saving money in the long run but also appreciating the value of what you own. Did you know that over 4,000,000 pairs have been resoled, demonstrating the benefits and cost savings of this service?

4.) Preserving Comfort and Fit:

The comfort and fit of your Blundstones are unparalleled. Resoling ensures you can continue to enjoy this level of comfort and support. It’s like getting a new pair of boots without losing the unique fit and comfort your feet have molded into.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Blundstones Resoleable?

As a Blundstone enthusiast and an experienced cobbler, I’ve often encountered the question: Are Blundstones resoleable? The answer lies in their unique construction. Blundstones, known for their durability and comfort, have soles made of high-quality rubber or polyurethane compounds. This design allows for effective resoling, extending the boot’s life.

Resoling a Blundstone is not just a repair job; it’s a maintenance ritual. The leather uppers and softness underfoot demand quality repairers who specialize in Blundstone repairs. 

Heritage Series, for instance, can be re-stitched, ensuring the boot retains its original functionality and comfort. The cost of resoling varies, but finding a reputable cobbler who understands the materials and construction is key.

When my own Blundstones needed a new sole, I turned to a local shoe shop that specializes in quality footwear repairs. They used a liquid rubber layer – a runner for enhanced durability and comfort. 

The benefits of resoling? It’s not just about saving money, it’s about preserving a piece of heritage. Blundstone’s guarantee for their boots is complemented by the services of skilled cobblers, making resoling an integral part of the Blundstone experience.

How Often Should I Resole My Blundstone Boots?

Addressing the need for resoling your Blundstone boots can save you both money and future repairs. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and conditioning, reduces the risk of extensive damage. 

As a general rule, inspect your soles regularly. If you notice significant wear, especially from frequent walking on harsh terrain, resoling in the early stages is recommended. This practice not only prevents further issues but can potentially prolong the lifespan of your boots.

Factors like frequency of use and excessive terrain exposure influence when to resole. A general guideline is every 1-2 years, depending on how often you walk in them. 

Resoling at the right time can prevent early deterioration and reduce the need for extensive repairs. Frequent cleaning and conditioning can also prolong the lifespan of the soles, ensuring your boots remain sturdy and reliable for years to come.

Can I Resole My Blundstone Boots Myself?

Attempting to resole Blundstone boots at home can be difficult and intricate. Without specialized equipment and training, replicating the original condition is challenging. 

Removing the old sole and attaching a new one requires proper techniques to secure the best outcome. Subpar results may damage the boots further. In my experience, it’s recommended to entrust this task to a professionally trained cobbler for a restored finish.

To ensure your Blundstone boots are resoled correctly, seeking a professional is possible and often the best choice. They have the specialized skills and equipment needed to replicate the original look and feel. 

The process of resoling involves removing the old sole and attaching a new one, a task requiring experience and precision to prevent damage and secure a proper condition. The results of a professional resole are typically more reliable and satisfactory than a DIY attempt.

Is It Worth Resoling Blundstone Boots?

Resoling Blundstone boots is not just about saving money; it’s a sustainable choice. With a new pair, breaking them in takes time, but resoling keeps the comfortable fit and feel of your favorite boots intact. By replacing worn-out soles, you extend the lifespan and maintain functionality, offering support and traction akin to a new pair, while still enjoying the familiar comfort.

Opting to restore Blundstone boots through resoling is both cost-effective and sustainable. It prolongs the life of the boots, ensuring durability for years. This approach not only adds a unique touch to your footwear but also upholds the comfort and fit you’ve grown to love, making it worth every penny.


When facing the decision to resole your Blundstones, it’s not just about the cost. It’s an investment in extending the life and durability of your beloved boots. The exact dollar amount may vary based on location, damage, and repair shop. But don’t hesitate or hold back; think of it as giving your favorite footwear a new lease on life, striding forward on adventures with renewed comfort and style.

Each pair of Blundstones has its unique character, and resoling is a chance to tailor this character to your specific needs and style. Exploring different soles, considering the extent of damage, and choosing a repair shop that can provide quality service – all these factors contribute to the long-run value of your investment. You’re not just preserving the boots, but also ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Ultimately, resoling your Blundstones is about continuing to extend their life in a timeless and personalized way. It’s a worthwhile investment, both in dollars and in experiencing the world in boots that are tailored to accompany you safely and comfortably. 

So, when you’re facing the costs of resoling, remember, it’s more than a one-size-fits-all price tag – it’s about extending the life of your footwear, preserving its style, and ensuring you get to continue your adventures in a pair of boots that’s truly yours.

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