How To Break In Doc Martens Oxfords

How To Break In Doc Martens Oxfords?

Are your new Doc Martens causing you a fashion boot dilemma? Don’t let the rough and painful breaking-in process dampen your spirits. We understand the murder scene-like experience involving your delicate heels and the cries from your poor feet. But fear not, for we have the key steps to break in your Doc Martens oxfords quickly and painlessly.

Join the ranks of those who have gone through the sacred ritual, embracing the iconic and versatile nature of these durable boots. Whether you own a secondhand pair or are venturing into the realm of brand-new shoes, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to conquer the tough leather and make these boots a go-to in your stylish shoe repertoire.

How To Break In Doc Martens Oxfords?

To break in your Doc Martens Oxfords, follow this time-intensive method. Begin by wearing the thickest socks you have, preferably two pairs. Walk around your house in 10-20 min intervals, increasing the time each day. Use a hair dryer on medium or high heat, blowing it 6 inches away from your boots. Apply heat to problem spots for 30-second intervals. Walk around until the boots cool down to room temperature. Patience is key as you mold them to your feet faster. This rite of passage is worth it. Wear them on odd days, easing yourself into the new leather.
How To Break In Doc Martens Oxfords

Heel Pads Can Work Wonders:

When it comes to breaking in Doc Martens Oxfords, heel pads can work wonders. Designed to address the common trouble spot at the top of the heel, these easy-to-insert pads provide much-needed breathing room for the back of your feet. By softening up the rest of the boot, they alleviate the discomfort people often experience during the initial wear. With heel pads, you can give your feet the necessary comfort and support as you break in your beloved Doc Martens Oxfords.

Get The Perfect Fit:

When it comes to breaking in your Doc Martens Oxfords for the perfect fit, sizing down is recommended if you normally take a half-size. The boots should feel snug but not uncomfortable. If you experience discomfort, especially in the width, it indicates that the boots are too small. Rest assured, Docs will gradually soften and stretch as you wear them, ensuring a customized fit. For more guidance, consult our comprehensive size guide for detailed information on achieving the ideal fit.

Layer Up On Socks:

When breaking in Doc Martens Oxfords, it’s crucial to layer up on socks. Avoid thin ankle socks and opt for thick wooly or double-up on socks to protect against rubbing and tough leather. This not only provides a comfy barrier but also helps stretch out the footwear, the ultimate goal. The Double Docs Socks are designed for extra protection in friction points like the heel, ankle, and arch, making a significant difference during the first few days. Tight laces encourage the boot to mold to your foot while wearing thick socks for added warmth and faster softening. Grab some Double Docs Socks with extra padding for blister protection.

Wear Your Doc Martens In Intervals:

To break in your Doc Martens oxfords, it’s crucial to take them slow and wear them comfortably. Begin by wearing brand new shoes inside your house in short intervals, gradually increasing the time. Avoid blisters by swapping them when they start to ache. As you build up, venture outside for walks to the store or in local parks. The leather will naturally stretch and soften over time, contouring your foot. Take it slow to avoid nightmares of bloodied socks and choose quicker soft leather options like Nappa, Carpathian, or Virginia.

Put On Preventative Bandages:

To ensure a comfortable experience while breaking in your Doc Martens Oxfords, take preventative measures. Safely apply moleskin patches or preventative bandages to the back of your heel and any areas prone to blisters. This simple step helps prevent pain before it even occurs. Consider adding extra padding by doubling up on socks, especially on the heel where irritation commonly arises. Bandage up until your Docs reach a point where blisters are no longer a concern.

Stretch Your Docs When Not Wearing Them:

To break in your Dr. Martens and soften up the stiff leather, try these expert tips. When not wearing them, stretch the boots by filling them with socks or paper. Loosen the laces and use wooden shoe stretchers or at-home supplies. Take a cue from avid Docs wearer Sophie Seddon on TikTok and spend time manually bending the heel. This helps with the uncomfortable areas during the breaking-in process. Stretch out the leather uppers by using a can or newspaper overnight for the best results.

Use A Hairdryer For The Break-In Process:

To expedite the break-in of Doc Martens Oxfords, a hairdryer can be utilized. This process involves wearing the boots indoors and heating them with a hairdryer on medium or high heat. By holding the hairdryer about six inches away from the boots, the heat is applied to the feet inside for 30 seconds before moving on to a new spot. This technique, suggested by fashion stylist Christie Moeller, speeds up the shoe-conforming process. After heating almost all of the Docs, one should walk around in them until they cool down to room temperature.

Apply Leather Conditioner To Your Docs:

Applying leather conditioner is crucial for breaking in your Dr. Martens Oxfords. Use the Wonder Balsam, a waxy product specifically designed for these boots. Knead and massage it into the leather to soften and protect them from natural elements. This process requires patience, but the outcome is worth it. Plan and have plenty of time to properly break in your Docs, ensuring they’re comfortable with any outfit. Don’t rush, as the excitement can lead to a heel catastrophe.

Whip Out The Wonder Balsam:

Whip Out The Wonder Balsam, a shoe care product by Dr. Marten’s is essential for Doc Martens’s owners. This miraculous Wonder Balsam, containing a mix of lanolin, beeswax, and coconut oil, works wonders on the leather. Regular application softens the boots, adds a protective layer, and imparts a subtle shine. To break in new pairs, simply rub the balsam inside for a smooth start. It nourishes, conditions, and tames leathers, proving to be a handy solution in surprise situations.

Soften The Leather:

To break in your Doc Martens Oxfords, it’s essential to soften the leather for a comfortable fit. Massaging the footwear with your hands simulates the effect your feet naturally have when you first start stomping around. Through this process, the leather gradually softens, allowing for a better fit and improved comfort. Work the leather by massaging it, and with each step, the leather will continue to soften, adapting to your feet for a personalized feel.

How do I soften my Doc Martens quickly? – What do you need?

To soften your Doc Martens quickly, there are a few essential items you’ll need. One of them is the Boot and Shoe Stretch Spray. This method is quick, easy, and effective in stretching out your boots. It allows you to style those chic boots without wasting any time. Pairing the spray with a Shoe Stretcher yields even better results. A two-way shoe stretcher is ideal as it can stretch the width of the boots as well. This combination works well together and ensures a quick and even stretching process.

Another important item is an extra thick pair of socks. These socks serve multiple purposes. Not only do they help in breaking in your shoes, but they also protect against blisters. They assist in pushing the sides of the docs out, helping them mold to your feet and create a second skin sensation. Even after the initial stretching and breaking in, it may take a few tries for the boots to mold perfectly to your specific feet. Thick socks make this process pain-free.

If certain areas of the boots start to cause discomfort, you can consider using Moleskin pads, specifically Dr. Scholl’s. These pads help soften the blow by providing cushioning and can be cut to the desired shape that fits best within the problematic area of your shoe.

By using these essential items – the Boot and Shoe Stretch Spray, Shoe Stretcher, extra thick socks, and Moleskin pads – you can effectively soften your Doc Martens quickly and ensure a comfortable fit.

How do I break in Dr Martens’s sandals?

Breaking in Dr. Martens’s sandals, similar to regular boots, follows specific guidelines for faster results. To start, put on thick socks to prevent blisters before the leather is broken in. Wear them indoors for short periods, gradually increasing the time. If you want to speed up the process, try the blow dryer technique. As they break in, take them outside for quick errands, but always bring an extra pair of shoes. Protect your feet by adding blister prevention measures like moleskin pads. Keep wearing them daily until they’re fully broken in.

How long does it take to fully break in Doc Martens?

Breaking in a pair of Doc Martens is a process that requires time and patience. On average, it takes around 3-6 weeks to fully break into these iconic boots. However, there are ways to expedite the process. You can use heat techniques or wear them with socks to increase the break-in period. Although they may become wearable sooner, the optimal break-in period remains at approximately 3 weeks. So, whether you choose to speed up the process or let it unfold naturally, rest assured that your Doc Martens will eventually mold to your feet for maximum comfort and style.

Can I use the wonder balsam on patent leather Doc Martens?

The wonder balsam is not recommended for use on patent leather Doc Martens as it will give the boots a more matte finish, which may not be desired. To maintain the shape of your boots and prevent deep creases, it is advised to use a shoe stretcher in the appropriate size. In case your Docs become extremely wet, employing a shoe stretcher during the drying process can help prevent the formation of large creases or breaks in the leather.

How do I avoid my docs from looking too worn?

To maintain the pristine appearance of your Doc Martens and prevent them from looking worn, it’s crucial to take proper care. When breaking in your shoes, be mindful of the quickness, as it can lead to break lines and creases, which are normal but can make them appear worn. To counter this, apply a balm specifically designed for leather shoes. This balm not only adds moisture to the leather but also helps prevent the creases from becoming more obvious. By following these steps, you can effectively avoid your Docs from looking too worn and extend their lifespan.


In the quest to break in your Doc Martens Oxfords, remember that the process extends beyond physical discomfort. It’s a journey of embracing the iconic nature and versatility of these boots. As you conquer the tough leather, ponder the transformative power of enduring moments of discomfort for the sake of fashion and self-expression. Breaking in your Docs is more than just a fashion rite of passage; it’s a metaphor for embracing growth and change. So, step into your new boots, walk with confidence, and let them remind you of the strength it takes to break barriers and make a bold statement in your unique way.

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