How To Charge Glow In The Dark Shoes

How To Charge Glow in the Dark Shoes?

Are you bored of having the same traditional sneaker and shoes of dull nature again and again? What if I got you a perfect idea of glowing dark shoes? Some of you might have them, but what if they seem dull? Have you charged them properly? If not, then why? Do you know how to charge glow in the dark shoes? This a standard query to all but not after this guide!

Buying glow-in-dark shoes seems a nice present to your child, but when out of charge, they are exactly like their old shoes, with no glow-in-the-dark. So to keep their charge in all possible conditions, we brought you the easiest fixing and query-solving tricks to let your night tracks and hiking’s been of fun and enjoyment and appears to be the coolest of all! Charge your flow in dark shoes using any of our enlisted methods but ensure you choose the right one!

How To Charge Glow in the Dark Shoes?

I bought a new pair of glow-in-dark shoes but didn’t know how to charge them. No worries at all! Glowing shoes don’t work until they charge, so the best and easiest way to assess the traditional built-in luminous shoes is by putting them under the sunlight to charge. Other methods include using direct light from the lamp and a UV source emitting black light (safe source). 

For LED shoes charging them through a USB cable is functional and offers lovely glowing but is not that intensive and longer than the traditional ones, but it still, a good option once fully charged. Avoid overcharging, in any case, to ensure shoes stay glowing for longer terms.How To Charge Glow In The Dark Shoes

What is glow in dark shoes?

Have you heard of shoes that shine in the dark? If not, you got the right place. As the name suggests glow in dark shoes are shoes with additional powers of glowing because of modification in the structure by introducing a glowing material (phosphorite) or LEDs that glow off when it’s dark outside. 

These shoes would light off based on the photoluminescence material, but what’s that? Any idea?

In Photoluminescence, a phosphor-pigmented material is utilized to absorb light and release it over time. These are like light storage batteries and, upon dark, seem to light up and prevent users from tripping or falling in dark sites. 

How do you charge glow in the dark shoes?

How can you glow up the shoes and ensure those shoes are glow-up models with the ability to charge? But how? Let’s check it out!

  • Direct sunlight: 

For charging the glow-in-dark shoes, put them directly under the sunlight for a limited time. Partially sun would require more time for the setting than a fully blazing sun. The sun would fully charge the shoes at a glance and help you glow in the dark with high intensity. 

Use the method when there isn’t any harm to the shoes under sunlight, as extreme light might be the reason for shoe discoloration (specific materials). 

  • Blacklight: 

What if it’s the evening when you have to say goodbye to the sun, but your shoes aren’t charged? No worries, the following method implies using UV light to charge the shoes. But wait, isn’t UV harmful to humans? We have a solution to this problem! 

For charging the glow-in-dark shoes, we use a specific type of UV; black light has low energy and long wavelength and is a safe source compared to standard ultraviolet radiation. A few minutes would be enough to charge your shoes. So, with the safety, you get the boots set!

  • USB cable: 

Neither sun nor black lit? What’s next? It’s time to charge the glow-in-dark shoes with a USB cable and mini USB port, but why! If shoes have led lights, they require cable charging!

  • Take the USB cable and plug it into the shoe mini USB port. 
  • Plug the USB, and the light will start to blink, ensuring the shoes are charging.
  • Leave it for 03 to 04 hours to get ultimately charged.
  • Once done, remove the cable and enjoy the glowing shoe
  • Lamp method:

  • Another method involves a lamp or direct light source providing light to get stored by the shoes. Place the boots directly under the lamp so that adequate light shines upon the shoes. Let them fully charge!

    Best way to charge glow in the dark shoes?

    Here are some tips and facts to ensure your glow-in-dark shoes stay best at every stage and provide a longer glowing life. Follow them!

    • Avoid Direct sunlight:

    One of our methods states to use direct sunlight for specific periods or hours; however, what if shoes are kept all day long under intense sunlight? That’s totally out of context! Sunlight is one of the great sources for charging but based on the sun’s intensity; you need to adjust the time for shoes to get charged under the sun. Only charge when the need for a predefined period avoiding overcharging!

    • Keep shoes clean:

    What’s kept clean stays longer, and the same implies to glow in dark shoes. The more you care about them, the more they glow up longer with the same old power and intensity because dirty shoes often glow less. So, ensure you clean your boots before charging. 

    • Could you give them a charge?

    Your shoes must be charged once a week even if you aren’t using them. For more often use, charge them before using. After setting, keep them in the dark place if not required to opt. 

    • Enjoy your shoes:

    Once you got optimum care for the shoes, it’s time to have some fun and enjoy wearing them out on tracks and hiking to add exciting fun to your life journeys. 

    How long does it take to charge glow in dark shoes?

    Charging glow-in-dark shoes specifically depend upon several factors, including the type of shoe, built-in battery, glowing material, and light energy source. The charging times vary for sunlight light, UV, and fluorescent. Sunlight charging would take time compared to UV ones. the same applies to the build battery condition. 

    If glow shows are constructed with LED lights, even the light mode matters, e.g., if the shoes are projected under Solid color mode, the charging would take 04 to 06 hours and will last up to 4 hours; however, for flashing mode charging, it would take longer to charge but will last up to 1.5 hours. 

    A long-lasting battery would be enough to get charged once for 02-03 hours to ensure the shoes light up at night. Such a battery won’t require per-use charging. Compared to this, what if the battery isn’t providing longevity? In that case, the shoes need charging for almost 04 hours to take no risk of low charging. 

    The long-life battery should also require 04 hours of charging time in cases where they opt for long journeys and extensive-time periods. So, despite the case, ensure that your shoes are ultimately charged before going out, as glow-in-dark shoes would work better once the battery seems fully charged and active. 

    What do you need to charge for glow in dark shoes?

    For charging glow-in-dark shoes, a power source seems of prime importance if the sun is available; you can quickly charge them; however, if not, consider charging through USB as the best alternative. Charge the shoes by finding the USB cable, charging source, and the shoes.

    A USB cable ensures you plug in the cable with shoes and the power source. Once done, the boots would start blinking, indicating they are charging. Upon completion, the blinking stops. The shoes are ultimately charged! Ensure you opt for a dark place to charge the shoes. Avoid overcharging that can cause harm to shoe excess of everything is harmful. 

    How often do you need to charge glow in the dark shoes?

    Charging the glow-in-dark shoes plays a crucial role in their luminous intensity and range, but what if you kept the shoes charging overnight? Overcharging cause harm to the shoes, so keeping this fact in mind, it’s essential to know how often the shoes need to charge. Charging depends on the shoe type, built-in glowing materials, usage time, and how long you want them to glow. 

    Glowing material does impact the charging because if shoes have LED lights, then charging them would take long and more often, but for traditionally built-in bright stuff, the charging would be less often as per the case and power source. 

    For users requiring glow-in-dark shoes once a week or a month, it’s necessary for them to at least charge the shoe before each use, i.e., once a week or month as per the case. Compared to the enthusiast who likes tracks and night trips and is primarily fond of glow-in-dark shoes, they should charge them at least once a week or per use, depending upon the time lapse they require to keep the shoes glowing. 

    Experts suggest charging once a week seems beneficial for the overall life expectancy and working of the shoes despite how often you use them, considering the lower limit of use. 


    Glow-in-dark shoes have become popular and entertaining for teenagers and adults or those requiring lit-up shoes while traveling at night or on trips, hikes, or journeys to attend. Charging them seems vital because the charge would decide how long they last. Once you trust them, test them to find out how long they stay active.

    By charging, time would be predetermined based on your needs and luminous intensity. Traditional ones opt for longer than LED ones, so ensure complete charging before use. Getting glow-in-dark shoes seems fun, along with high sort and quality. They also seem to be of a crazy yet cozy and stylish appearance, and you can opt for the glow to light up the dark!

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