How To Clean On Cloud Shoes

How to Clean On Cloud Shoes

Cleaning on cloud shoes might seem complicated due to their complex design, but we have gathered and organized all the information and techniques you need to achieve your cloud shoe cleaning goals.

Best Methods and Techniques for How to Clean on Cloud Shoes Easily – (Everything you need to know)

Most people love cloud shoes because they are the most comfortable running shoes, giving them confidence. But due to the frequent use of cloud shoes for running, they get dirty quickly. That is why it is paramount for people to clean on cloud shoes

What makes cleaning these excellent functionality and aesthetic shoes so complex that people are always searching for better cleaning techniques and methods on cloud shoes? Well, the answer lies in these outstanding shoes’ unique, complex, and challenging design.

We have gathered all the necessary information on the best techniques, tips, and methods to clean on cloud shoes and form a guide. Keep reading this article and follow step-by-step instructions to wash and clean on-cloud shoes and know about all supplies you will require in this easy process.

How To Clean On Cloud Shoes

How to Clean On Cloud shoes with Less Effort?

Continuous exposure to on-cloud shoes with different elements makes them dirty quickly. No matter the weather, these running shoes do not let their users compromise their comfort and always keep their feet dry. Due to continuous exposure to mud and sand, the tendency of these shoes to become dirty increases. Sand and also do grinding on foot and leg if not removed. 

 One can try different cleaning techniques on cloud shoes, like drying mud and washing them. Air dry the mud and wipe it with the help of a cloth or wipes. Another cleaning method of on-cloud shoes is washing, which includes both hand and machine washing.

How to Clean on Cloud Shoes step-by-step guideline:

Overwashing your on-cloud shoes can lower their shelf life and durability. But one can not leave them dirty because in this way, not only will shoes develop a bad odor in the presence of sweat and mud or dirt, but shoes will also become breeding sites for fungi, mold, and bacteria. 

This means you will destroy not only the material of the shoe but also your health. On-Cloud shoes are made of different leather types, which must be treated with care. By following the below-mentioned method, you can keep your shoes clean.

Cleaning of outsole:

    To clean outsoles, it is mandatory to ensure they are scorched. By doing this, mud and dirt will come out quickly from the shoes. If you dry the outsoles, the process can be easy and smooth.

After you dry the outsoles, you can beat the shoes against each other. If you do this, dried mud can easily scrub off the boots. You can also thoroughly hand brush outsoles and use a hand-washing technique to remove stubborn mud and dirt.

Cleaning of the upper:

First, remove shoelaces, lines, and innersoles; after this, remove mud and dirt with the help of a brush. You can also use water solution or soap, scrub the upper with the help of a gentle brush and rinse shoes with clean water at the end. 

Cleaning of insoles:

 The insole is the essential part of the shoes when it comes to cleaning because this is the main area where different strains of bacteria grow. This is due to the absorbance of sweat by insoles. As insoles absorb sweat, shoes can have a foul and bad smell. For these reasons, on-cloud shoes should be cleaned regularly.

Insoles can be cleaned by applying a mixture of baking soda, mild soap, and water; one can also use a vinegar and water mixture on shoes. After applying a blend of your preference, you can brush, rinse and air dry them. 

To dry shoes, place them in a place where humidity is low, and temperature is mild. To achieve Quick drying fan can be used, and you can also stuff newspaper and paper towels in shoes for quick drying. Direct heat and high temperature can damage the shape and material of shoes. 

Effective Ways to How wash On-Cloud Shoes :

Dirty running shoes can symbolize the struggles of an athlete who conquers his fears and finds his stamina on those muddy, wet, and rough tracks, or they can show the laziness of a runner who didn’t want to take off his shoes. Whether they represent negligence or pride, there are many ways to clean dirty running shoes.

Many factors determine the selection of cleaning methods; these factors include: 

  • Material of shoe
  • Level and extent of dirtiness
  • Dirt type 
  • Suitability of washing method

Two types of dirt can be present on on-cloud running shoes. The first is natural dirt from mother nature, such as wet mud and mudded water. The second type is runner instilled because it is composed of blood, sweat, and rubbing oils. 

The runner encounters both while running, so taking care of your shoes is essential to increase their life expectancy. If you maintain your shoes, they will last longer than those which are not.

Different methods are used for the washing and cleaning of on-cloud shoes. These methods include:

Hand Washing method:

Because of the hectic routine, it is tempting to wash on-cloud shoes with the help of a washing machine. But there are better-recommended methods. Also, it can cause you the durability of your favorite pair of on-cloud shoes. 

If on-cloud shoes are not too dirty and you only need to clean them to freshen up their look, you can do mild cleaning with your hands. You will need some supplies for this purpose, but these supplies can already be available at your home. 

These supplies include:

  • Bucket or large bowl
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • Warm water
  • Soft-bristled brush (toothbrush or shoe brush)
  • Towels for drying
  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Newspaper
  • Needle nose pliers or a flathead needle

For the easy and quick removal of mud, let it dry first; after drying the ground, you can beat the shoes; in this way, dirt will come out quickly. After that, remember to remove the laces; otherwise, the laces can be damaged, and you will face difficulty washing your shoes. After removing the laces, you will get full access to the shoes’ inner area, and it becomes much more manageable.

Loose and soft dirt can be removed by simply using a soft blistered brush such as a toothbrush or shoe brush but for the caked-on dirt, make sure to use mild soap. Please ensure not to use regular household soaps or cleansers; you can use liquid washing detergents or baking soda.

If your shoes require deep cleaning, you should soak them in warm water. For this purpose, you can completely submerge your shoes into a bucket of warm water or can absorb them into a sink full of warm water. You can also leave them for 10-15 minutes like this. 

Clean off debris and dirt; scrub the shoe’s surface with a brush. If stains are tough, you can also use elbow grease. You can also mix toothpaste and baking soda and scrub that on tough stains but remember to rinse away any remaining residues afterward. 

Press the front, heel, and edge of the shoe gently while scrubbing dusty parts. After you are satisfied, use a clean white cloth to remove the soap residue. Rinse the shoe with clean water to remove soap; repeat this step 3 times or until you are sure all soap is gone.

Ensure not to put shoes in direct sunlight for drying; always put them in cool, dry places. Remember to stuff shoes with a towel or newspaper to absorb any extra water and prevent the shape from damage. 

Cleaning with washing Machine: 

Cleaning on-cloud shoes through the washing machine are not recommended because it can damage your shoes. While washing your shoes in the washing machine, please remove the laces; otherwise, they will get intertwined with other stuff. 

Use cold water, and please set the machine on low spinning. You can also put towels into the device if you can’t do that. They will keep the machine’s balance load and prevent shoes from entangling and banging—also, stuff towels into shoes.

Tips for washing and cleaning cloud shoes :

  • Never use heat to dry shoes because it can damage them by deforming, expanding, and reshaping them. Heat can also melt inner adhesives. 
  • Make sure you do not use an abrasive brush because it can cause severe damage to the lining of the shoe.
  •  Refrain from brushing too hard.

FAQs about how to clean on-cloud shoes:

1.) Can we wash cloud shoes in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash them in a machine because they are lightweight and durable, but this method is not recommended as it may damage your shoes.

2.) Is the use of bleach on,- the cloud safe?

No, because harsh chemicals of bleach will frail stitching, and shoes will fall apart eventually

3.) Can I wash my On Cloud running shoes with clothes?

Yes, you can but make sure you do not overload your machine.

4.) Can I put my On Clouds in the dryer?

You should avoid putting your on-cloud shoes into the dryer because it will damage the adhesive and cause the shoes to fall apart.


On-cloud shoes are low maintenance, but cleaning them over time is essential to expand their shelf life and prevent them from having a foul smell. Hand washing can be done by hand and machine, but the most reliable and shoe-friendly way of cleaning on-cloud shoes is hand washing. Always use mild soaps and stuff shoes with towels to keep them in their original shape.

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