How to Get in Nike Employee Store

How to Get in Nike Employee Store?

For those who are ardent fans of the iconic Nike brand, the allure of the exclusive Nike Employee Store is undeniable. Imagine walking into a store that feels like a normal Nike outlet, but on steroids! With a vast variety of both current and past season products, the shopping experience is elevated to a whole new level.

The pleasure of visiting this store, especially for the first time in September, is akin to a child entering a candy store. Not only do you get to shop from a large variety, but products can be purchased at a fraction of their retail price.

The best part? The employee pricing offers a whopping 40-50% discount on your entire purchase. And if that wasn’t tempting enough, the state of Oregon ensures a tax-free shopping spree. My boyfriend and I had the privilege of using two passes, and from the moment we stepped through the front doors, the experience was surreal. This post aims to guide you through the entire shopping process, giving you a taste of what we scored on our shopping trip.

How to Get in Nike Employee Store?

To access the Nike Employee Store, you must either be a Nike employee or have a connection, such as a spouse, dependent, or friend who works there. Once affiliated, you’ll receive login credentials for online shopping or a valid store ID for in-person visits at locations like Beaverton, OR. This exclusive access allows you to shop the latest Nike products at discounted prices and enjoy special promotions available only to Nike’s inner circle.How to Get in Nike Employee Store

1. Be a Nike Employee:

The most straightforward and obvious way to gain access to the Nike Employee Store is by being employed by Nike or its associated brands like Converse and Hurley. Once you’re a full-time employee, you can enjoy the benefits of the store, not just for yourself but also for your significant others and immediate family members. Think of it as an exclusive nightclub, and being an employee is your guaranteed entry on the list.

If you’re genuinely passionate about the brand, consider browsing the company’s website or attending a job fair to find potential job openings. Once employed, signing up for the Nike Employee Advantage Program is your ticket in.

2.Know a Nike Employee:

If becoming an employee isn’t on your agenda, having a friend or family member who works for Nike can be your golden ticket. Employees receive a set amount of extra passes that they can share with acquaintances. So, if you have a friend working at Nike, they might just get you on the Company Store list.

3.Befriend a Nike Employee:

Building genuine friendships can sometimes come with perks. However, it’s essential to ensure that the relationship isn’t solely based on gaining a pass. It’s worth noting that bribing or buying passes from strangers can lead to trouble. If a friend decides to share a pass with you, they’ll sign you up using a special employee ID number.

4.Vendor or Nike Affiliates:

If you’re a vendor or an affiliate that sells software or services to Nike, you might just be in luck. Sometimes, after a meeting at the headquarters, vendors and affiliates receive special invitations. Additionally, being a member of certain groups or organizations, like the Oregon Golf Association (OGA) or the United States Tennis Association (USTA), can also provide opportunities for access.

5.Getting on the Guestlist:

Just like an exclusive party, there’s a guest list. If you’re lucky enough to be on it, you’ll receive a Nike Guest Shopping Pass. This pass, which has an expiration date, will require your full name and email address. For instance, during a planned trip, an old coworker might provide you with two passes for the Beaverton store. While physical passes are common, sometimes email confirmations can also grant you access.

6.Use an Employee Discount Card:

These special cards, available to employees, can be your key to the kingdom. Simply register the card and enjoy the employee discounts at the store.

7.Sign Up for the NikePlus Program:

Nike’s loyalty program, NikePlus, isn’t just for employees. By accumulating points, you might just earn your way into the employee store.

8.Take Advantage of Special Promotions:

Every now and then, Nike runs special promotions that might grant you access to the employee store. It’s a challenge, but with effort and staying updated on Nike’s affiliated promotions, you might just find your way in.

Welcome To The Nike Employee Store – What To Expect:

The Nike Employee Store, nestled within the sprawling Nike campus in Beaverton, OR, is a haven for enthusiasts of the brand. It’s not just another retail outlet; it’s an experience. Imagine walking into a space where exclusive Nike products, not found in regular stores, beckon you from every corner. This location is more than just a store; it’s a testament to Nike’s commitment to its employees and their families.

However, gaining entry isn’t as straightforward as strolling into any other store. There’s an exclusivity attached to it. Primarily, it’s meant for Nike employees and their close ones. But with the right connections and a bit of luck, you might just find yourself browsing through some of the most sought-after Nike products at discounted rates.

Checking In:

As you approach the Nike Employee Store, the first thing that might catch your attention is the massive parking lot. And the best part? Parking is absolutely free. Once you park and make your way to the front door, you’re greeted by personnel managing the door. It’s not just a casual hello; it’s the first step in the check-in process.

To gain entry, you’d need a Nike Guest Shopping Pass. This can either be printed or displayed on your phone. A crucial point to note here is that there’s no way of getting in without this pass. Once inside, don’t be surprised if they announce an item limit or a spending limit. Typically, you’re allowed to purchase up to 30 items, not exceeding a total of $3,000 in a single transaction.

If you have 2 passes, you can double those limits. The Nike team members on the floor are not just employees; they’re friendly guides ready to help. From the moment of entry, where you’re greeted and checked in by a Nike employee, to the time you push your shopping cart filled with your big haul, the experience is seamless.

Checking Out:

After hours of shopping and selecting the best Nike has to offer, you’ll find yourself at the checkout area. Depending on the time, especially in the afternoon, there might be a long line. But the efficient cashiers ensure a swift process. As your items are scanned, you can see the total on the screen, but here’s the magic – the employee discount.

On one occasion, a shopping spree that totaled $800 for brand-new goods came down to just $498 after the employee discount. And if you’re wondering about tax, Oregon offers a tax-free shopping experience.

A pro tip for those planning a trip to the Nike Employee Store: arrive early. Not only will you get a better selection of products, but you’ll also avoid the larger crowds and longer lines.

Nike Employee Store – Essential Tips:

If you’re planning a visit, especially on a weekend or a Saturday, aim to get there early. The parking lot can get full pretty quickly. And while the check-out line moves fast, it’s best to avoid peak times. One of the best perks? Nike employees get a whopping 50% off their entire purchase. If you’re using a Nike Guest Shopping Pass, you can expect a 40% off on your transaction. Remember, these passes are non-transferable and aren’t valid on or other Nike stores.

While shopping, prioritize. The store, resembling an airplane hangar, is vast. Decide on your priority items first. And always try before you buy. With the rush, common sizes might become unavailable. For instance, the Nike Yoga line, with its new ‘Infinalon’ fabric technology (a great Lululemon alternative), might run out of popular sizes like S or M.

Lastly, keep yourself hydrated and energized. With the potential of spending 3.5 hours or more, it’s good to have water and snacks. And while the discounts are tempting, set a limit. It’s easy to get carried away, but remember, self-control is key. After all, you can always return and shop again!

Types of Merchandise:

The Nike Company Store is a haven for Nike enthusiasts. Unlike the typical Nike factory stores or outlet stores that often carry older stuff, this store is a treasure trove of new, in-season merchandise. When you step onto the floor, you’ll find it’s organized and well-stocked, making it easy to navigate through the various sections. From toddlers to kids, women’s apparel to men’s apparel, the store is a comprehensive showcase of Nike’s best.

The footwear section is particularly impressive. Rows upon rows of shoes cater to every need, be it running, training, or casual. While the store predominantly features the Nike brand, you’ll also come across Air Jordans and even Converse footwear. A unique feature of the store is the “hash wall” adorned with green stickers, indicating discounted items.

For those hunting for signature stuff, there’s a plethora of branded products from icons like Lebron, Kyrie, and Jordan. And if you’re wondering about the price difference, items here can be 40-50% off compared to outlets and factory stores.

Colors, patterns, and clothing styles are abundant. Whether you’re looking for Nike Yoga, Nike Running, Nike Golf, bras, athleisure/casual wear, or even plus sizes, the store has it all. The bags/accessories and basketball sections are equally impressive. Given its popularity, it’s advisable to visit on a weekday to avoid the weekend rush.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the Nike Employee Store?

The Nike Employee Store is not just another Nike outlet. It’s an exclusive store primarily meant for Nike employees, their family, and friends. The exclusivity doesn’t just stop at who can enter; it extends to the merchandise as well. Here, you can find exclusive products that might not be available at regular stores. The main allure, however, is the opportunity to save money on premium Nike products.

What types of items can I find at the Nike Employee Store?

At the Nike Employee Store, the range of Nike products is vast. From apparel to footwear, accessories to equipment, the store is a microcosm of the Nike universe. Catering to toddlers, kids, women, and men, the store ensures that every age group and gender is covered.

The in-season merchandise is a major draw, but there’s also a section dedicated to past-season and clearance stuff. While the inventory is vast, some popular items might run out faster than in typical Nike stores, especially during a sale.

How much can I save at the Nike Employee Store?

When it comes to savings at the Nike Employee Store, expect to shave off anywhere from 10-30% compared to the regular retail price on various items. It’s a haven for those looking to purchase premium Nike products without breaking the bank.

Where is the Nike Employee Store located?

The primary Nike Employee Store is nestled in Beaverton, Oregon. However, it’s not open to the public. To gain entry, one needs valid store IDs and proof of identity. Apart from the Beaverton location, there’s another Nike Company Store in the United States, specifically in Memphis, Tennessee. Both the Beaverton and Memphis locations are exclusive and require proper identification for entry.

Who is allowed to shop at the Nike Employee Store?

Access to the Nike Employee Store is primarily reserved for Nike employees and their family members. However, there’s a provision called the Nike Guest shopping pass, which allows those on the shopping guestlist, including vendors and Nike Affiliates, to enter. These passes can also be extended to friends and family of the employees.

What is the discount at the Nike Company Store?

For Nike employees, the perks are substantial. They enjoy a whopping 50% off on their purchases. Those entering with a Nike Guest Shopping Pass can avail of a 40% discount.

What are the store hours at the Nike Employee Store?

The Nike Employee Store operates from Monday to Friday, with specific hours on Saturday and Sundays. It’s advisable to check their official website or contact the store directly for precise timings.

Is there an item limit at the Nike Employee Store?

Yes, there’s a purchase limit at the Nike Employee Store. Shoppers can buy items up to $3,000 per transaction/pass. Exceeding this limit might result in staff intervention upon your arrival at the checkout counter.


The chance to shop at the Nike Employee Store is a dream for many Nike enthusiasts. With the right information and a sprinkle of patience, the doors to exclusive discounts and products can open for you. Whether you’re considering becoming a Nike employee or leveraging connections, the Nike Employee Store experience is unparalleled. The eligibility requirements and application process are clear-cut, ensuring a smooth journey for those eager to dive into the shopping experience. So, gear up, gather your information, and embark on a shopping adventure like no other at the Nike Employee Store.

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