How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet

How To Stretch Heels for Wide Feet? – 10 Best Ways to Break Them In!

Heels and females are meant to be for each other, but what if you have wider feet and those shimmery heels fit a bit tighter? A common problem to all wide feet’s! Is it just frittering away hard-earned bucks on heels that aren’t meant for you? No ways! There seem to be multiple fixes involving stretching the heels to make a better fit, but the query arises, how to pull heels for wide feet

We all consider heels for special occasions, and fitting seems essential for comfort and relaxation, but if you accidentally got tight shoes, go with the enlisted best methods to stretch shoes. Stretching the heels would enhance not only the length but the width alongside. So, you can look stylish, elegant, and spotlighted in high heels.

Want to stretch yours? Don’t worry. You found the right place to learn and ease turmoil by pulling your heels at a glance! Review the guide and get used to some valuable hacks to carry out daily to enhance shoe comfort.

How To Stretch Heels for Wide Feet?

How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet

Dealing with tight shoes might be problematic but not after the quick fix! Try out these multiple fixes to get your boots wider than the original for a better fit. Users can Freeze the Heels using freeze-and-thaw techniques. Rubbing alcohol, stretching with socks and heat, stuffing stockings, or newspaper stuffing also work. Besides that, if shoes are sensitive, contact professionals for extending with a stretcher. Other methods include slackening the Tautness with a blow dryer, applying moisturizer or shoe stretch spray, or wearing it for a longer time with gel or padded inserts. To get a detailed review, stay till the end!

Methods to Stretch Heels for Wide Feet?

1.) Freezing the Heels:

Have you ever thought of freezing your heels? If not, then try expanding using the Freeze and thaw method. Scientifically water shows enormous behaviors, including the expansion over below-freezing points. This scientific method helps your suede shoes to get expand. Sometimes it also works best for non-leather shoes. 

  • Take 01 0r 02 Half-filled Zip lock bags or if open, add water ¼ and securely seal them off. 
  • Take the heels and put the zip bags at sites that require stretching. Place the bags following the position of tight areas. 
  • Take the heels in the freezer overnight (12 hours). 
  • Waterbags gets freeze and expand. Expansion pressurizes the heeling material and makes them a bit wide. 
  • The following day thaws the heels and removes the bags.
  • Try the shoes; you will feel a change. In case you require more expansion, repeat the procedure several times.

2.) Rubbing Alcohol:

Various stretching sprays and solutions are available for stretch leather shoes, fabric, and vinyl materials. If the freeze-thaw method didn’t provide well-stretch shoes, try rubbing alcohol.

  • Go to the nearby market and get yourself rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with rubbing alcohol.
  • Take your tight shoes or heels and spray them with alcohol.
  • Damp the interior well.
  • Once done, wear the shoes and start walking about a couple of times. 
  • Rubbing alcohol helps in shoe materials expansion and getting for your feet size. 
  • Repeat 2 to 3 times for more accurate results.

3.) Stretching with Socks and Heat:

A slight mistake in shoe size might cause trouble wearing the shoe, but what’s the fix? Don’t worry; you can use the heat method to slightly widen the tight shoe. For this method, Wear thick shocks so that your feet become a bit wider for the heels; explain why it’s needed. 

  • Wear thick socks and try to slip into shoes.
  • Ensure you don’t rip off the heel strip.
  • Slipping into tight heels might seem uncomfortable, but the magic trick comes. 
  • The socks stretch out the heels, and the dryer does the rest.
  • Turn the dryer to medium mode and move around the heel for almost 3 minutes. 
  • The heat cause expansion and stretching of the shoes.
  • Try to flex the feet or make room in the toe box area. 
  • Once done, switch off the drier and cool down your shoes while walking.
  • Additional stretching would seem.
  • Remove your socks and try wearing them barefoot.
  • You would easily differentiate the before and after width of the shoes. 
  • Enjoy walking in your heels without feeling them tight! Good job!

4.) Professional Stretching with a Stretcher:

Sometimes it’s not that easy for shoes to stretch out at home because of the sensitive material they are prone to permanent damage. In that case, contacting or seeking professional help is worthwhile. You can find experts in a shoe repair shop (a cobbler or a shoemaker) that would help you stretch out shoes more professionally using stretchers or other techniques. 

Modernization has evolved professional to online sites, and upon contacting, users can hire one for the task. Cobblers charge almost $15-$30 for simpler stretching, but the overall cost may vary depending on the cobbler, and stretching technique opted for in your specific region. The more time-consuming and heavy work, the more price they charge based on expertise level!

5.) Slacken the Tautness with a Blow Dryer:

A blow dryer is all you need to achieve a nice fine shoe stretching but ensure it’s operated on medium heat. High heat might cause damage to shoe material. This process involves;

  • Wear either single or double thick woolen socks.
  • Put on the shoe; if a bit tight, slip your feet in to get a close fit. Don’t worry; the tightness is just about to vanish!
  • Turn the blower to medium heat and move around the shoe for a few minutes. 
  • The material would stretch a little, allowing space for your toes.
  • You can use leather conditioner once the dryer function ends.
  • Cool the shoes while you walk to adjust the width according to your feet.
  • It’s done, now try wearing it without socks, and it will fit nicely!

Tip :

This method is agreeably better with fabrics like leather and suede boots. 

6.) Socks or Newspaper Stuffing:

Do you need more money to contact an expert for shoe stretching? No worries using home remedies like stuffing socks and newspaper works better most of the time. All you need is to;

  • Please take a few pairs of socks or newspaper sheets and roll them out.
  • Stuff them inside the shoes near the shoe’s toe box or areas that require stretching.
  • Tuck them well to avoid any deformation.
  • Let them remain stuffed and tuck them over a day or two; tilt il get a bit wide. 
  • After the specified time, remove the socks and roll.
  • Check out the shoes. If not stretched well, repeat for a few more days.
  • The process seems lengthy but costs you nothing

7.) Apply Moisturizer:

To quickly fix the shoe width, moisturizer can help you out! But how? Let’s check it out!

For some users with sensitive feet or who adore old shoes, wearing new shoes can often be lesser compatible and might irritate the toe region. At this point, opting for other fixes might take time, so to get a quick relief apply moisturizer (Vaseline, etc.) to your feet. 

A moisturizer keeps the feet safe from getting harmed as new tight shoes cause blistering problems. Apply Vaseline and wait for its wonders! But Vaseline would work for 1 0r 2 hours; beyond that, there are chances of blisters and bunions with tight shoes. 

8.) Shoe Stretch Spray:

Those who don’t want to break their feet in those tight shoes or avoid comfort try purchasing a shoe stretch spray. The outstanding product does magic to your tight shoes within the first application. The stretch spray easily stretches out materials like fabrics, canvas, leather, and vinyl. Apply on the shoe’s interior and put them on. You would find them relaxing and easy to wear. 

9.) Wear For a Longer Time:

New shoes are sometimes tight despite their proper size, but is it problematic? If the size is ok, then no worries; the slight tightness is because your shoes are brand new, and once you keep them worn for a more extended time, your feet will adjust better. 

10.) Gel or Padded Inserts:

With stretch and sprays, experts suggest also opting for gel or padded inserts that would help your feet stay relaxed and comfortable but ensure some gel pads might tighten, so check them out before use. You may find:

Ball of foot cushions: for reducing the pressure heels put on the foot’s ball region. 

Gel heel liners: eliminate wide feet rub against heels and reduce chances for blistering

Insole inserts: for better cushioning and getting comfort for wide feet 

Arch insertsfor high-arched feet to provide support and comfort

What are the Most Comfortable High Heels?

Prevention is much better than cure, so why not get the best wide shoes? Need help finding a relevant store? No worries! Browse the enlisted stores to get new, comfortable, supportive footwear. 



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How can I widen my high heels? 

If your high heels are hard to fit, try stretching them out using the freeze-and-thaw technique. For this, take a plastic bag and fill it with water, tightly secure it, and then smoosh within the heel tow box. Once you are done, take the shoe and put it in the freezer; you heard it right, freeze the shoe! The water in the bag also freezes out, incommoding their magical expansion, and in this way, the heel expands and stretches to fit you easily. Repeat several times to achieve better results.

How do you loosen a tight heel? 

Tight heels might be troublesome and cause discomfort while walking, so lose them using the stretch method. In this method, you have to sit like a boss! Yes, put one knee over the other and ensure the ankle resides on the other leg top. 

Hold your ankle and toes while gently pulling the toes backward until a tight stretch falls on the foot’s bottom. Keep sitting and holding for almost 20 seconds; now check how to loosen the shoe. Try using the technique multiple times to gain the desired fitting for comfort and ease. 

How do you break in shoes with wide feet? 

There are multiple ways you can break in shoes with wide feet’s but warming them up seems a less time-consuming and efficient way to achieve better results. Wear woolen or thick socks, then try on the shoes. It might feel uncomfortable but make sure you break it up to some limit. Once done, take a dryer and set it on low mode. Run the dryer around the shoe; this causes the shoe to expand and would help your wide feet fit in the shoes. 

Can you get your heels stretched?

Heels can get stretched by using shoe stretchers. The shoe stretcher stretches out the shoe length and works on its width, so the wide feet issue gets easily solved! Despite that, professional cobblers also have efficient stretchers that stretch your heel to make them fit your feet. To avoid problems, consult an expert cobbler for the task, as too much stretching can ruin the shoe. 


Every woman’s dream is to look stylish at every event and heels add more elegance and charm to the look, but those with wider feet might have tight toes. Solve the issue by reviewing the top 10 most working and worthy tricks that solve the problem. From quick to secure fixes, all vary in range.

Find which works best for you and let you rise, shine and look stunning in those high heels. In stretching the shoes causes any damage, then try contacting expert cobblers to have you get the task done. Try out the enlisted stores to get wide feet and comfortable heels to avoid any issues.

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