How to Tighten Hey Dudes

How to Tighten Hey Dudes?

Hey, dudes are trendy, fashionable, comfortable, versatile, lightweight, and a lot more than that which makes them one of the popular footwear that shoe lovers can wear without worrying about the sizes. 

For some people the biggest concern is regarding the fitting of the hey dudes as these shoes come true to size except for a handful of Hey dudes and some people may need to tighten or shrink the size depending on the foot type.

To be honest, you would enjoy the shoes best when they are snuggly fit and your tools and ankle feel relaxed. On the other hand, Hey dudes are extremely lightweight and made of recycled materials to protect the environment and make you feel more relaxed than sneakers or tennis shoes.

How to Tighten Hey Dudes?

To Tighten Hey Dudes you can stuff socks in them, tie the laces, shrink the size of the hey dudes, or get an oversized pair and all of these scenarios are explained in greater detail to let you make the informed decision about making your hey dudes tighter.

How to Tighten Hey Dudes

How to Tie Hey Dudes:

Although your favorite pair of stylish hey dudes are designed to fit snugly they do come with elastic laces allowing you to make them tighter does make them more versatile than traditional sports shoes or loafers as having so many tightening options to fit narrow or wider feet. 

Tightening With Laces:

You can tighten Hey dudes with laces using different knot methods and cut the excessive end of laces if they are hanging on the sides and make sure to not cure more than 5 inches and then burn the ends of the laces to seal the ends.

Wear Socks or Insert Soles:

The easiest approach to tighten your Hey Dudes can be to wear single or double socks with your shoes if you feel comfortable wearing socks with hey dudes. Similarly, you can insert additional insoles in both shoes to make them snug, and if none of these methods help you then move forward with the next options.

Single Knot Method:

Another considerably easiest approach to tighten hey dudes is to use the single knot method in which you just have to lose the knots on the laces and pull them tighter according to your comfort and then place a new knot next to each eyelet to easily tight a loose-fitting shoe.

Cross Over Looped Laces:

In cross-over looped laces, you can pull laces slightly according to your comfort and tuck one under the front lace and tuck the second under the front lace as well, and it is up to your to do it neatly to make them look good.

Loops on the sides:

The final method to tighten hey dudes is to wear the laces while wearing the shoes and once you have pulled them hard enough that you don’t feel uncomfortable and there is plenty of room in the toe box and your toes are also relaxed then you have to tuck the excessive laces under the side lace. It’s a pretty sneaky hack but make sure to avoid loop, bow, or double knot.

Shrinking Hey Dudes:

Shrinking hey dudes can help you enjoy their benefits as Hey dudes come in full size not half sizes so you may want to shrink them depending on your needs.

If you are unable to make shoes tighter by tightening knots on each side then you can shrink hey dudes of your loose-fitting shoes.

Let’s discuss how to shrink these shoes to make them snug-fit without pulling strings that sometimes ruin the design and overall shape of the shoes. And some people just don’t like making a bow or wrapping the shoelaces around the eyelets to tighten the shoes. For those, there are ways to tighten hey dudes.

Heating To Shrink Hey Dudes:

One of the most suitable options to downsize your hey dudes is to heat them on a heated stove for a minute or two during the heating process, the fiber molecules get crystallized, and due to this fiber shrinks reducing the entire volume of the shoe slightly yet permanently. This process is a one-way process and cannot be undone so be mindful when trying this method.

Hey dudes are not only the most stylish and affordable casual shoes but are also stretchable shoes like Sox model is produced using elasticated fiber that adapts to the shape of your feet and other models which are not stretchable are true to size. You can increase or decrease their size depending on your needs freezing in a freezer will shrink the textile and freezing the leather will expand it.

So, it’s important to know which shoe material you want to stretch or expand so that you can use the proper method to increase or decrease the size of the shoe. More sizing tips are available on the company’s product page.

Why Are Hey Dudes Popular:

There are countless reasons behind the popularity of these classical and traditional-looking Hey dudes.

Timeless Design:

One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of the Hey Dudes is its timeless design. Hey, dudes are designed to be worn with all-western-like outfits and can match any fashion choice.

These machine-washable shoes are extremely durable which means they are meant to last for years and on top of that you get to choose any color from a large variety of colors and unique designs like doodles, plaids, or patterns.

Similarly, the construction of these shoes with patented sole technology and thick memory foam makes you feel the shot soft and supportive like you are walking on a cloud. When it comes to walking, you can wear these shoes in a meeting, sports event, or at an informal gathering as they look good in all types of outfits.

Large Selection:

Hey, Dudes are versatile shoes manufactured in Italy and are crafted with comfortable fabric, and memory foam-based footbeds to give you sustainable comfort. The wide selection of men’s and women’s as well as Youth allows everyone to enjoy these adaptable shoes equipped with elastic laces.

The only models of Hey Dudes that are not stretchable are Wally and Wendy and except for these two options you can choose any Hey Dudes that will expand according to your feet size and you can also get slip-on models to sandals and booties from Hey Dudes.

Finally, Hey Dudes comes in different styles with plush fleece linings and they also produce many moisture-wicking models that keep your feet cool and dry.

Hey, Dude’s Eco-Friendly options:

The prime reason for Hey Dudes to go viral among fashion lovers is not the design but the Eco-friendly construction of the shoes which means this footwear is built with sustainable recycled materials that help in preserving the environment. 

All the materials are recycled even the leather is also recycled and that gives plenty of people the peace of mind that the materials are natural and vegan and ethically sourced. 

Except for those models which are not vegan-friendly, they have cork-lined or canvas-lined insoles. Even some models are made of recycled plastic to minimize wastage and these shoes are reliable, durable, and keep the environment clean.

Hey, Dudes is an enriched product line for all types of genders who want to stay up to style and allows you to wear these shoes to your office space, college, yoga class, coffee shop, or at any event. Thanks to the high-end fabric quality, elegant colors, and creative and stylish patterns making these shoes blend with any occasion.

Moreover, there is a huge variety to select your favorite pair and as these shoes are affordable you can get multiple pairs for different sex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Hey Dude Supposed to be loose?

Hey, Dudes are supposed to be loosely fit but thanks to the laces you can adjust them whenever you want. Compared with other shoes, Hey Dudes are slightly loose, making a comfortable fit as they are true to size.

Using them as everyday walking shoes can slightly stretch your shoes as well so you can pay attention while purchasing and get a slightly smaller size if you have narrow feet. Hey dudes are much more lightweight than other shoes and that can make them feel loose sometimes but wearing them will give you the best idea.

Once you try them you can decide about sizing down or sizing up according to your style and requirement. For example, men wearing 9.5 can go with a 10 size, and women with 8.5 can go with an 8 size. It also boils down to the type of worker wearing shoes like those working long hours and wearing the shoes all the time will end up stretching the shoes as for so long time shoes can swell so getting a tighter shoe may be an ideal option to fit snug on your feet.

Are Hey Dudes Supposed to be Snug?

Most Hey Dudes models are made of elasticated materials and designed in such a way that they adapt to your feet and fit snugly. Those looking for more adjustment and fitting can also use the laces to get the desired fit.

Moving on, Hey Dudes are designed to stretch a little bit to give you the comfortable feeling that many other shoes don’t offer your feet feel congested and after some time starts getting hurt, and over long periods that impacts the shape of your feet negatively. Therefore, the stretchable upper part and memory foam-based footbeds ensure utmost comfort and the option to make them more tighter or loose allows you to wear these shoes for long-lasting periods. The comfortable walking experience with fingers and toes moving independently without touching the front of the shoe makes your feel relaxed for longer durations. So mid-foot and hind-foot persons can get the maximum benefit from this shoe.

Hey, Dudes in smaller size build for females are snugger in terms of fitting as their feet are much different than men’s feet and that’s why Hey dudes for men are designed for wider feet that fit perfectly without being uncomfortable and also don’t limit motion.

Are Hey Dudes Wide or Narrow?

Hey, Dudes are one of the best casual shoes on the market suitable for all types of dresses and occasions and what makes them more interesting is their breathable and lightweight construction and ultra-soft sole that makes them great pairs for walking and working. So whether you have narrow or wider feet, you can always choose the right size of your hey dudes according to your feet type. Thankfully, Hey Dudes have cushioning and padded soles to keep your feet comfortable for as long as you wear them and avoid shocks as well. Plus, you get ankle and arch support as well, and wearing them for long hours won’t feet strained by feet.

Are Hey Dudes comfortable to wear all day?

Hey, Dude is not only stretchable and breathable but also versatile which means you can wear them for different occasions as well as all day for dealing with different errands or for work like if you work at a coffee shop or any other shop where you are standing all day. But, wearing it for longer durations will cause swelling in your shoes and that will lead to stretching which means you can face sizing problems if you got a slightly loose size for your feet. Therefore, be conscious about this while buying Hey Dudes and get a slightly tighter unit so that if it stretches it still fits snugly on your feet.


In the end, you can tighten your hey dudes as you desire and you can also make the decision about choosing the right size of the shoes to avoid overstretching them as wearing them for a long period can increase the size of the strands means the overall shoe size will get bigger which you can surely tighten using laces as well but keep in mind that reducing the size with laces can change their shape as well.

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