My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels

My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels

Are you amongst people getting blisters and infections by wearing converse? then we have the ultimate prevention guide for you. Many sports enthusiasts are of the view that my converse gives me blisters on my heels. This is a complaint that is rendered by almost every customer who selects footwear but does not necessarily takes care of his feet.

 Such issues are occurred as neglecting your feet, usage of poor socks, and not paying attention to the correct size. Usually, users also complain that infections are caused due to constant rubbing from the canvas material leading to blisters.

My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels

In this article, we will give you a guide to prevent yourself against infections. These methods include making use of band-aids, and tapes,  applying thick pairs of socks, utilizing blister blocker anti-friction balm and employing heel liners in footwear.
My Converse Gives Me Blisters On My Heels

My converse gives me blisters on my heel _Prevention steps:

Here is a  certain step against heel infection

Utilization of  Band-Aids or Tapes:

Converse shoes may cause blisters, and rashes due to rough and frequent use by athletes and sportsmen. Band-aids can help in preventing marks, rashes, burns, ankle pains as well as blisters on pinkies.

These band-aids are also quite affordable to purchase. They are specially manufactured for athletes to aid them in tasks. The authentic design and material of these band-aids enable them to stay put during long hours.

Making use of KT Tapes: 

These tapes are built to be ultra-light for sportsmen, however, the original in-built design of these tapes allows to prevent skin against infection for long hours. The benefit of this tape is that it does wonders in blister prevention and works great against infections. The rounded-edge design of the tapes allows the skin to breathe and heal within no time. The Kt tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic and also quite cost-effective as well. These are most sought after as they are viewed as the best blister prevention and heel protection products for users. They work best against pressure and shoe friction.

Fine material Socks:

If you are someone who complains that my converse gives me blisters on my heels then this is for you. Other than meditative products, tapes, and balms, you may use home tips such as using the correct material in socks for your footwear.

This may in turn enable you to feel comfort and ease in accomplishing daily tasks. Other than using products you can manage to wear fine material that may guarantee walking with peace of mind. It is recommended by experts to wear fine and thick material in socks that may lead to heel blister prevention in no time.

Application of Blister Blocker Balm:

If you want to use the best balm against infections then it is essential to use blister blocker balm. This is the antidote to heel blisters. It is regarded as an anti-blister balm and is known to form a barrier between skin and shoe canvas.

 Solemates Blister Blocker:

Instead of applying regular balms, you can make use of Solemates Blister Blocker balm which is amongst the top recommendations according to customers. This is advised by dermatologists to give protection against heel friction, toe rub, and heel blisters. It is nongreasy and easy to apply. It gives soothing properties and prevents blisters, and heel friction in no time. 

Employ Heel Liners in footwear: 

Heel liners are soft, padded, and possess double sides in tapes. This works as a perfect ankle cushion to prevent heel rubbing. They are extremely useful in the provision of comfort for users. Most heel frictions and blisters are caused due to frequent slipping of ankles. In such a situation heel liners function as the best antidote.

Sheepskin heel  protectors:

Sheepskin heel protectors are manufactured to provide moisture to feet as it serves as the best cushion preventing the feet from getting dry or smelly.

In a world of various footwear products and padding. You may make use of sheep skin pad protectors in footwear. These are way more comfortable and useful in case you are suffering from foot blisters or infections. However, care is advised not to use it if you are allergic to sheep skin.

Dispose of the shoe in case it is Overused: 

No matter how much you like a particular pair or brand, it is best to dispose of it after a time limit, since too much overuse of the same pair can cause blisters, rashes, or infections. In such scenarios, you should find a shoe that matches your comfort and gives ease. 

Choose the correct shoe size pair:

This is another reason why people complain my converse gives me blisters on my heels. Most consumers are unaware of their true exact size, therefore, it causes redness or even blisters on the heel. The reason why she is constantly biting heels is due to sizing issues of being too tight or loose. You may use trial and error method to find the best size for yourself

Eliminate Dryness in feet: 

The skin pores and clogging of heels may occur which is the result of dryness. Moisturizing the feet is extremely important for the removal of dead skin causing cracks. This will cause the heels to soothe and heal in no time.

Blisters are usually caused if proper care and attention are not given to feet. Therefore it is advised to give proper Moisture to the feet by applying moisturizers or balm to the skin which may heal and soothe the skin. Moisture can also be retained in feet by making use of quality socks.

Treat blisters using alcohol:

At times when all solutions fail to prevent blisters on heels then you may make use of an alight amount of alcohol by rubbing it against the skin. This should be done with clean hands. Ensure to wash your hands efficiently making use of this treatment.

Make use of a cotton patch

At home, You then use a piece of the cotton patch to clean up and soothe blistered heels. The skin may be cleansed with antiseptic as well. Apply some anti-bacterial cream on the heel blister followed by the application of a bandage which may soothe the skin for a long time.

Utilize insoles in footwear:

Insoles are regarded as high-quality products in providing a soft landing to heels. Its durable quality and shoe padding are useful and easy to carry for users.

While there is commercial shoe padding, there are also soft pads from old shoes that can be cut out by the requirement of the user. An investment in good quality insole and socks will never go wrong. This why it is advised to buy the best socks and products for the  comfort of your feet

Use Lubrication: 

While moisturization is good for the skin.Certain burns and heel blisters caused by shoe material lead to the tearing of the skin. However, implying the proper lubricants that are nongreasy. non-smelly,  long-lasting with anti-septic properties may reduce the chances of getting infections or burns. These lubricants can be petroleum jelly, vaseline, AD Ointment, and ASd ointment works wonders for athletes as it cures blisters and is affordable as well.

Apply freezing method: 

When shoes are way tight resulting in blistered heels, It is recommended to apply the freezing method. It makes use of two water bags that are o inserted into your converse. The low temperature leads to expanding the bag. This method is quite unusual and it works wonders for people with infected or blistered heels.


Customers complain that my converse gives me blisters on my heels. Converse shoes are like every other sneak brand which may suit you if not. They are fashionable, cool, and classy to wear and require care by the customers. It is best to be very conscious of one’s foot care and follow the prevention tips listed above to get the best foot care possible.

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