Nike Metcon Vs Metcon Amp

Nike Metcon Vs Metcon Amp

In the vast realm of the sports apparel industry, Nike stands tall as a pioneering innovator. Two of their most distinguished models, the Metcon and Metcon Amp, have garnered significant attention among athletes. This article delves deep into these workout shoes, shedding light on the Metcon 6 AMP, a cross-training shoe that’s perfect for everything from boot camp sessions to heavy squats.

We’ll juxtapose the regular Metcon 6 with its AMP counterpart, examining aspects like price, materials, and visual upgrades. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of their styles, colorways, and which might best suit your training needs.

Nike Metcon Vs Metcon Amp

Nike Metcon and Metcon Amp are both stellar offerings from Nike, tailored for athletes. While both shoes have garnered popularity, they cater to different needs. The Metcon is ideal for high-intensity activities, while the Metcon Amp offers additional cushioning and is built for stability and durability.

Choosing between the two can be challenging. Both are designed for support, comfort, and durability, making them suitable for CrossFit, weightlifting, running, and other high-intensity activities. Your choice will ultimately depend on your specific fitness goals and preferences.Nike Metcon Vs Metcon Amp


The Nike Metcon boasts a sleek, low-profile design, emphasizing lightweight support. Its upper is a blend of mesh and synthetic materials, ensuring breathability and support. The midsole, made of dual-density foam, offers cushioning and stability, while its rubber outsole provides grip.

In contrast, the Metcon Amp has an aggressive design tailored for intense workouts. Its upper, similar to the Metcon, ensures breathability. However, its midsole combines foam and rubber, and its outsole, made of rubber and TPU, emphasizes durability and traction.


For those prioritizing comfort, the Nike Metcon stands out. It’s lightweight, with a breathable upper made of mesh and synthetic materials. The dual-density foam midsole ensures cushioning, while the rubber outsole provides grip.

The Metcon Amp, while also emphasizing comfort, offers a slightly different experience. Its breathable upper is complemented by a midsole that combines foam and rubber. The outsole, a blend of rubber and TPU, ensures durability and traction.


The Nike Metcon is designed for stability during workouts. Its breathable upper, combined with a dual-density foam midsole and rubber outsole, ensures a stable experience during any activity.

The Metcon Amp offers similar stability features. Its breathable upper and foam and rubber midsole provide cushioning and stability. The outsole, made of rubber and TPU, further enhances its stability.


Weighing in at 12.7 ounces, the Nike Metcon is designed for comfort and performance. Its design ensures it remains lightweight without compromising on features.

The Metcon Amp, slightly heavier at 13.3 ounces, also focuses on comfort. Its design ensures it remains efficient, suitable for those who prioritize performance.


Durability is a key feature of the Nike Metcon. From its breathable upper to its dual-density foam midsole and rubber outsole, it’s built to last.

Similarly, the Metcon Amp is designed for longevity. Its features, from the breathable upper to the foam and rubber midsole and rubber and TPU outsole, ensure durability.


Priced at $130, the Nike Metcon offers an affordable option for athletes. It combines quality with value, ensuring users get the best of both worlds.

On the other hand, the Metcon Amp is priced at $160. While slightly more expensive, it offers features and design enhancements that justify the price point.


Both the Nike Metcon and Metcon Amp are top-tier offerings from Nike. They combine support, comfort, and durability, catering to a wide range of athletic needs.

While the Metcon offers a low-profile design, the Metcon Amp boasts an aggressive design. Both have their unique features, and the choice between them will depend on individual preferences and requirements.

Nike Metcon Vs Metcon Amp Pros & Cons:

  • Offers enhanced stability for dynamic movements due to its flat sole.
  • More affordable than the Metcon Amp.
  • Features a wider toe box, enhancing comfort.
  • The heel clip ensures the foot remains secure during intense workouts.
  • Weighs more than the Metcon Amp.
  • Less flexibility compared to the Metcon Amp.
  • Lacks the cushioning that the Metcon Amp offers.
  • The lacing system doesn’t secure as effectively as the Metcon Amp’s.

Which is Better – Nike Metcon Vs Metcon Amp?

Both the Nike Metcon and Metcon Amp shine in their own right, offering unparalleled support and comfort for a myriad of fitness activities. The Metcon, versatile in nature, is apt for exercises ranging from running to weightlifting, boasting impressive cushioning and a mid-foot support system. 

The Metcon Amp, tailored for more intense activities like HIIT and CrossFit, offers enhanced support, especially around the heel and midfoot. Ultimately, the choice boils down to personal preference and workout intensity.

However, given its lightweight nature, support, and design tailored for high-intensity workouts, the Metcon Amp might have a slight edge for some.

What are the main differences between the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP?

The Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP are both stellar offerings from Nike, tailored for athletes who demand the best. The Nike Metcon is renowned for its lightweight design, offering flexible cushioning, making it a top pick for high-intensity activities.

On the other hand, the Metcon AMP boasts extra cushioning for impact protection, combined with a robust construction ensuring both stability and durability.

This makes it particularly suitable for weightlifting, with its Flywire cables ensuring a snug fit. The Metcon offers a low-profile, stable platform, ideal for lifting, and is designed for maximum durability and stability.

In contrast, the Metcon AMP has a higher profile, providing more cushioning and support for longer workouts. The Metcon features a flat midsole for that low-to-the-ground feel, while the Metcon AMP has a more elevated midsole.

When it comes to the outsole, the Metcon’s is thicker, offering better traction, whereas the Metcon AMP’s outsole is thinner, more flexible, and responsive.

Metcon 6 AMP Versus Nike Metcon 6:

Nike, a brand synonymous with top-tier workout shoes, has once again raised the bar with the introduction of the Metcon 6 AMP. This all-purpose cross-training shoe promises to elevate your performance, whether you’re tackling boot camp routines, heavy squats, or seeking optimal traction. But how does it stack up against the regular Metcon 6? Let’s delve into the details.

Redesigning the “Upper”:

Nike’s innovative approach led to a complete redesign of the “upper” in the Metcon 6 AMP. This revamp has significantly enhanced airflow and breathability, making it a staggering 18% more breathable than its predecessor, the Metcon 5. The upper is adorned with a myriad of tiny holes and cracks.

These are meticulously designed to be small enough to maintain the shoe’s fit but large enough to be visibly noticeable, ensuring optimal breathability.

Performance and Durability:

The Metcon 6 AMP isn’t just about aesthetics. The foam cushioning beneath the heel has been re-engineered to be more substantial, providing wearers with a more secure feel.

The forefoot, on the other hand, has been made more adaptable, ensuring it can withstand high-impact movements. A robust screen print has been added, enhancing the mesh’s durability without compromising its breathability.

This shoe offers a sturdy base while remaining impressively lightweight. The additional inserts have been strategically placed to provide support during squatting movements, making the Metcon 6 AMP arguably the best iteration of the Metcon series yet.

Enhanced Support and Transition:

Users can expect unparalleled strength and support, thanks to the shoe’s dual-density drop-in midsole. This ensures a more dynamic transition, catering to a variety of workout routines. The Metcon 6 AMP is built to last. Its haptic topcoat is resilient enough to resist abrasions from diverse terrains like turf, asphalt, and even rope.

For those seeking maximum grip and stability, the shoe’s tread pattern ensures seamless ground contact. Additionally, the shoe comes equipped with a removable Hyperlift insert, allowing users to adjust the heel height to their preference.

Aesthetic Appeal:

While the Metcon 6 AMP boasts of enhanced performance features, it doesn’t skimp on style. The AMP versions are visually more striking, offering bolder designs and a diverse range of colorways. Some even come with unique prints, like the “I am not a robot” design, adding a touch of flair to your workout ensemble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What type of workouts are the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP best suited for?

Both the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP are designed to cater to different workout needs. The Nike Metcon shines in high-intensity workouts, especially weightlifting and CrossFit.

Its low-profile platform ensures maximum stability and support, and its thicker outsole guarantees excellent traction and durability.

On the flip side, the Metcon AMP is tailored for longer workouts, such as running, HIIT, and circuit training. Its elevated midsole offers enhanced cushioning and support, while its thinner outsole is designed to be more flexible and responsive.

The Metcon AMP also provides additional stability and support for lateral movements, making it a versatile choice for various exercises.

Are the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP comfortable?

Absolutely! Both the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP prioritize comfort without compromising performance. The Metcon offers a low-profile platform combined with a flat midsole, ensuring a close-to-the-ground feel.

Its thicker outsole aids in absorbing impact, providing extra cushioning. In contrast, the Metcon AMP, with its higher profile, features an elevated midsole that offers more cushioning and support. Its thinner outsole is designed to be flexible and responsive, ensuring a smoother ride.

Both shoes are designed to provide a secure fit, enhanced by lightweight cushioning, ensuring maximum comfort during workouts.

What types of materials are used in the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP?

Nike doesn’t compromise on quality, and this is evident in the materials used in both the Metcon and Metcon AMP. Both shoes feature a lightweight, breathable mesh upper, ensuring optimal ventilation and support. The Metcon’s midsole is crafted from lightweight foam, ensuring cushioning and responsiveness.

In contrast, the Metcon AMP boasts a thicker foam for added cushioning and support. The outsole of the Metcon is made of durable rubber, ensuring traction and stability.

The Metcon AMP, however, uses a thinner rubber, emphasizing flexibility and responsiveness. Both shoes also come equipped with a heel clip for added stability.

Which Nike Metcon or Metcon AMP is best for my needs?

Choosing between the Nike Metcon and Metcon AMP boils down to your workout preferences. If you’re into high-intensity workouts like weightlifting and CrossFit, the Metcon is your go-to. It offers a low-profile platform, a flat midsole, and a thicker outsole for maximum stability and traction.

However, if your workouts lean more towards longer durations like running, HIIT, and circuit training, the Metcon AMP is a better fit. It boasts a higher profile, an elevated midsole for enhanced cushioning, and a thinner, more responsive outsole for a smoother ride.

Nike Metcon 8 AMP vs Nike Metcon 8 FlyEase AMP vs Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 – Comparison and Review:

Nike’s Metcon and Metcon Amp are among the best training shoes available in the market. Athletes seeking durable, reliable, and comfortable shoes will find both these offerings meeting their needs. Both shoes provide excellent support and cushioning, with unique features setting them apart.

These shoes are designed to help athletes unlock their full potential, elevating their training sessions. Whether it’s style or function, the Nike Metcon and Metcon Amp seamlessly blend both, ensuring athletes don’t have to compromise on either.


In retrospect, while both the Nike Metcon 6 AMP and the regular Nike Metcon 6 have their merits, the AMP version, with its captivating designs and higher-level features, might appeal more to a specific target market. Its exceptional traction, breathability, and design make it a top choice for those engaging in WODs and high-intensity workouts. Regardless of the choice, both shoes promise a blend of style, function, and performance.

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