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Types of Aesthetics

Aesthetics are a set of philosophical values adopted by an individual who wants to appreciate and celebrate the love of beauty. The kind of beauty one wants to appreciate depends on the person’s taste. Aesthetics include arts, imagination, beauty, taste, and the person’s mindset. People of two different aesthetics live in two different worlds, and the phenomenon of life is entirely different.

Here are some types of aesthetics of fashion, art, education, and love.


The Goth aesthetic is the style that contains a lot of black color in the appearance. Painting the

nails with black nail polish and applying black lipstick is the most common practice of goth aesthetics. Goth fashion started in the UK in the 1980s. During the roof-breaking growth of punk music, their fans adopted goth fashion to be identified by their favorite music genre.

Goth and Emo styles are pretty similar in terms of their visual appearances, though they have different origins.

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Keeping everything simple and neat is the minimalist aesthetics approach. Black, white, and gray are the colors of minimalism. Even in art, they tend to keep things simple and coherent. Minimalists avoid chaos and usually spend most of the time trying to simplify their surrounding area. The less variety there is, the more mentally satisfied minimalists will be with it. Minimalists get a star tattoo on their wrists to signify peace and to show their identity.

These are the complete opposite of goth aesthetics. Minimalism was started after the second world war. It was inspired by purism and suprematism, which preached peace.


It is a form of artistic expression that depicts what will happen in the future. Painting is the most used art form used by retro-futurists. People with the most apprehensive minds end up becoming retro futuristics. The famous video game “Cyberpunk 2077” is the best modern example of retro futuristics.

It started around the 1950s, but the name retro-futurism was given in the 1980s. It is made up of two words; retro means nostalgia, and futurism means the promotion and acceptance of what the future offers. Brown and dark shades of gray are colors of retro futuristics.

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Streetwear is a casual and chill aesthetic that is mainly concerned with clothes. They usually wear things that are comfortable and easy to carry. Hoodies and sneakers are the favorite outfits of streetwear, with sweatpants to go with them. Oversized tees and zippers are trendy in streetwear aesthetics.

It first became popular in the 1990s in New York. It is a mixture of New York hip-hop culture of the time, sportswear, and a little bit of California fashion. Pink and shades of blue are the colors of streetwear aesthetics.


Preppy is also known as the “Ivy Style.” It is the most popular American aesthetic you can find. It has polo shirts and tennis shorts as a benchmark outfit. Light blue, light brown, green, and silver are the colors of the preppy aesthetic. It started around the 1900s and became popular in the mid-twentieth century. Brooks Brothers are the first brand that recognized the style and officially released it; Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger came after that. Then the “Ivy league” sort of refined the preppy aesthetic.

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Dark Academia

Dark Academia is the higher education aesthetic that concerns the teaching of Gothics. Poetry, literature, and language history are taught in the dark academia. It is misguidedly related to the study of dark arts, but it’s not true; dark academia just teaches language while wearing black clothes. They promote the adaptation of genderless clothes like long coats and formal shoes.

The most famous books of dark academia are Dead Poets Society If We Were Villains and Black Chalk. Dark academia books have been written throughout the twentieth century, but the formal term was given in 2015. It gained popularity through a tumbler trend.


Grunge aesthetic is similar to the goth aesthetic concerning color code. Grunge aesthetic emphasizes deformity of the natural body through uneven layerings and oversized clothes. It is not visually appealing and looks like it came from a dark place.

It was started in the 1980s by many metal and rock bands. Obviously, like any aesthetic, you can’t name a single band that invented it; it was like a natural thing adopted by most bands. Beige, dark brown, and black are the colors of grunge.


Cottagecore is a unique aesthetic. It refers to the traditional practices of rural life. It celebrates the skills of pottery, baking, gardening, and sewing. Though it is open to people of all genders, more interest is shown by the LGBTQ community for some reason.

It is the most recently started aesthetic; it was started in 2017 on Instagram and got famous in 2019 when TikTok influencers showed interest in it. Clean white and skin are the colors of cottagecore. Cottagecores try to make the farmhouse look light colors.

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Cubism is an artistic expression in a different kind of perspective that is not experienced in real life. Cubist paintings show sceneries in two-dimensional figures. It is the most mind disturbing form of abstract art that can be found. The hues of tan and red are the colors of cubism.

Cezanne Cubism(1900-1906) was the first form of the artform. Later the famous duo of Picasso and Barque started Analytical cubism(1907-1912) and synthetic cubism(1913-1920). The latter two forms of cubism came from a very dark place. Usually, dimensional figures of the effects of wars were depicted in the paintings. They described the destroyed personalities and pain that war left behind.


Let’s end things with something cute; lovecore is all about romance. Love for the things you wear and the people around you that you care about. Hearts and kisses are the identities of lovecores. All shades of pink are the colors of lovecores. The name was given in 2010; this was also invented on Tumblr.

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