What Color Shoes to Wear With a Wine Color Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Wine Color Dress?

Well, the fall season is just around the corner and we need to prepare our wardrobe as per its spark. It means providing a new transition from something light to dark. 

And therefore Wine color is the utmost desire of women to have in their closets. It is one of the shades of red which is the most enthusiastic color to put on at the time of fall because of its chasmic tincture.

But, Here a query pops up deep down in the mind, How to style this wine color dress? Well, This is the major question that every woman asks on the arrival of the fall. 

Since wine has become a most notable hue for shirts, sweaters, jackets, and even tops. 

So, if you are stuck with this problem then read on! And entertain yourself by knowing marvelous color combos of shoes, starting from the most classic to unexpected colors for the most stunning yet modern look.

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Wine Color Dress?What Color Shoes to Wear With a Wine Color Dress

Here is a list of classical yet elegant colors that make you look stunning. 


Black color shoes are always the safest choice to consider with wine color dresses. They not only maintain the elegance of your dress but also fabricate a glossy and sophisticated look that adds vibrance to your deep hue outfit. 

Black flat or heel glitters the charm of elegance, making it the remarkable option to wear for a formal occasion or nights out. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd add a touch of glamour with a metallic finish such as black patent leather or black glitter. This provides a vivid indication that black is one of the versatile colors that provides a charismatic look to the wine color dress while keeping the overall focus on the dress itself. 

Nude or beige: 

Looking forward to dressing up formally but, am unable to decide what to pick with wine color dress. 

Well, rush towards your closet, pick up the nude or beige color shoes and you will end up Oh wow! 

Nude or beige color is the universal color that adds functionality and radiance to your wine color dress. 

They are quintessential to wear in the fall because it fabricates your look where everyone ends up while saying gorgeous.

So, get yourself a pair of nude or beige shoes and enjoy a confident, stunning look throughout the day. 

Metallic Color: 

Wine color dress with Metallic shoes! Lovely. 

Metallic color shoes look fabulous with wine dresses in the foam of the heel for a special event like a party, wedding, or night out with friends. 

This contrast of color instantly drives attention toward the outfit. You can elevate the game by picking a lace or shiny design in these colors of footwear.

For the moment, muted metallic color heels are identically glaring as the bright ones. This means it is exemplary if you desire to have a bit down the yet fascinating tone.

These metallic color footwears always provide a monochromatic look that proves to be discernible. 

Wine or burgundy Color shoes: 

Looking of wine color shoes with wine color dresses is a splendid and bold choice to opt for. But here you need to be a little concerned because the wrong shade of wine color shoes will deteriorate your whole look. 

So, to stand out of the crowd and want a bewitching look you can pair your dress with one shade dark of your wine hue. 

Other than this, the style of the footwear depends upon the occasion. If you want to dress up for a formal event the heel is good to go. But for a more casual yet sophisticated look pumps or flats sandals are hilarious. 

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Wine Color Dress? – Unexpected Color Combo 

If you want something different but breathtaking, then dive deeper and get to know some unexpected color combinations of the shoes 

White Color shoes: 

White Color shoes with the wine color dress are a beautiful contrast that makes it exclusive even more. Therefore, never miscalculate the potential of white color because it always ends up providing a chic look without putting off too much from your dress

Moreover, it is quite essential to balance your look when paired with white color. Add white color jewelry, a necklace, a ring, or any other accessories to create an overall classy touch. 

Navy Blue: 

Navy blue shoes with wine color dresses are an unexpected and appreciable alternative. This variance is perfect to create a sophisticated and dignified look for any occasion.   

Choosing navy blue shoes depends upon the occasion you are going on. For formal events navy blue strappy heels or pumps create a timeless look. Similarly, for casual yet comfortable options navy blue flats and sandals will steal a glance. 

Blush Pink: 

The mingling of Blush pink and wine color is exquisite if you are looking to have a more feminist yet heart-catching appearance. 

This color footwear is perfect if you are going to a party, prom, or night out. It radiates your entire look, making you breathtaking and stupendous. 

Moreover, to have evenly touch, add some neutral or metallic accessories.  

Emerald green: 

Emerald green and wine color are two luxurious hues that complement each other remarkably. The magnificent yet captivating look that comes with this combo, is sure to turn heads. The wine color of your outfit adds richness while Emerald green puts forward a vibrant pop of color, perfect to endure the spark of glamor. 

Furthermore, this pair is phenomenal to wear for events like weddings, prom, nights out, or even for a black tie event. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What occasion is best for a wine color dress? 

The wine color is a versatile hue that can be worn up on any occasion like weddings, vacation parties, cocktail gatherings, and other business-related events. 

What accessories look good with a wine-colored dress? 

The choice of accessories depends upon the occasion you are going on. However, some popular options are metallic color jewelry, heels, ankle boots, a belt, and clutch, or a side bag.

Can I wear a wine-colored dress at day events?

Yes, you can wear wine color dresses for day events but make sure to wear light color accessories to keep your look formal yet stunning.


In a nutshell, all the colors of the shoes mentioned above are remarkable for any fashion-savvy woman. So, keeping in mind the theme of the event you can opt for any color of your choice.

Make sure to wear related accessories to create an even, charming look. 

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