Why Do Merrell Shoes Stink

Why Do Merrell Shoes Stink?

Merrell shoes are a notable footwear brand that is popular because of their durability, comfort, fit, and great support. But unlike the other footwear, these shoes can also be exposed to the bad, irritating smell of the shoes because of the following reason.

Why Do Merrell Shoes Stink?

Skin Bacterias:

As you know, Numerous bacteria reside on our skin, especially the feet because it is that part of the body which is not always but mostly packed up, covered with dark and little exposure to the area. Therefore, this place has become the favorite place of bacteria. The lack of ventilation in our feet while walking, running, or even hiking makes sweat pop up in the feet. This sweat and skin bacteria collectively result in making shoes stinky. 

So, to avoid the bad smell of the shoes make sure that you are wearing appropriate breathable Merrell footwear as the more the feet are exposed to the air, the fewer Bacteria will grow on the feet’ skin, and there will be least chance of production of the unbearable smell of the shoes. Why Do Merrell Shoes Stink

A condition of Hyperhidrosis:

Hyperhidrosis is a biological term that means sweating more than the normal person in every part of the body. Therefore, you just need to give your hundred percent in keeping your feet dry and sweat-free to protect your Merrell shoes from bad odor.  

Athlete’s foot:

It is a condition where a fungus attacks your foot, especially the area between the fingers. This fungus produces a malodorous odor in the shoes. So, to avoid this deadly situation it is advised not to wear your Merrell shoes if you are facing athlete’s foot otherwise they will stink. 

Wearing the Merrell shoes without socks:

If you wear your shoes sockless then the sweat will directly penetrate the shoes. This sweat is the origin of bacteria production which is the main reason for the pungent smell. 

Wet  Merrell shoes: 

If you suddenly step into the water and do not dry them thoroughly then it initiates a claggy, unhygienic abode in the shoes which lights a fire for bacteria and rotten smell. 

Well after knowing deeply about the root cause of the bad smell of Merrell footwear. You might be looking forward to getting rid of this situation. 

Therefore, we have enlisted numerous ways that help you to manipulate it effortlessly. So, let’s get started 

How to Deal With the Stink of Merrell Shoes?

Here are the following tips that make dealing with the stink of Merrell shoes a Child’s play. 

Take great care of your hygiene:

Wash your feet daily with soap because it helps you to get rid of foot bacteria that results in shoes being stinky. Give the sole of the feet a solid scrub and also clean well between the fingers because it is the place that is most vulnerable to the fungus. 

Other than this, make sure that your feet are fully dry before wearing the shoes. Otherwise, your efforts of keeping the shoe stinks-free will be ruined. 

Clean your shoes regularly:

Clean your shoes daily by using Mild detergents. For this use a bristle brush or old cloth to remove the loose dust from the shoe. Then use lukewarm water to wash the inside of the shoes. Here you need to remove the laces and insole to give them a thorough wash. Once you’re done with it, allow the shoes to dry completely at the room temperature 

Use Baking Soda: 

Baking soda is the best oxidant to remove the stink from the Merrell shoes. Therefore, pour a small quantity of it into the shoes and leave it overnight. The next morning when you remove the baking soda from the shoes, you will find your Merrell footwear odorless. 

White vinegar:

Another option to wipe away the bad smell of the shoe is to use a mixture of water and white vinegar. Spray white vinegar 2 to 3 times onto the shoes and let it reside for 30 minutes. When you get back to your Merrell footwear you will end up saying. Oh! yeah, the pungent odor is gone. 


You can also use:

  • Peels of lemon or orange 
  • Spare bar of soap 
  • Essential oil like tea tree oil to vanish away the odor.

Ways To Protect Merrell Shoes From Stink:  

To fortify your Merrell shoes from the irksome, disgusting smell, accompany sharp ends bellow 

Wear socks: Wear a good and neat pair of socks every time you put on Merrell shoes. Because socks can absorb the sweat that pops up on your feet and avert it to penetrate the shoes. 

Tip: Wear a sock that has moisture-wicking properties i.e. wool or synthetic blends as it keeps the feet dry and wet-free.

Must have two pairs of shoes: You should have alternate pair of Merrell footwear because if you kept on wearing the same pair of shoes regularly, then it arises moisture in the shoes, resulting in the production of a fusty smell. 

Use Antiperspirant: There are several products in the market that combat the pungent smell of the shoes such as shoe sprays, powder, etc. So, look for those shoe deodorants that contain organic ingredients i.e. Tree Tea oil, It not only absorbs the smell of the shoes but also takes strong action against the bacteria that cause the odor in the footwear. 

Regular cleaning: If you want to protect your shoe from stink then regular cleaning of the shoes is highly recommended as it removes dirt, sweat, and smell-causing bacteria from the shoes. 

Store them at the proper place: Store your shoes at a place, where you feel air can easily pass through them. The more they are exposed to the air, the fewer will be the chances of getting a bad smell. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do Merrell shoes provide waterproofing ability in their shoes?

Merrell design waterproof or water-resistant shoes but not all its footwears are waterproof. Therefore, to look for them check the description of the product or you can go for the label “Gore-Tex” or ” waterproof” 

Are Merrell shoes good for running? 

Well, Merrell manufactures hiking and trailing boots however a few of them are good for road running. 

Are Merrell shoes true to the size? 

Merrell mostly provides comfort yet an appropriate fit. But this fit varies from person to 

person, therefore you need to check them by consulting the Merrell size chart or you can try them on. 

How can I Order the right size of Merrell footwear? 

Generally, Merrell is true to the size but to entertain yourself with the right size of the shoes measure your feet length and width-wise and then seek guidance from the size chart. It will assist you in looking for appropriate sizes that exactly fit your feet. 

Does Merrell provide any customer service? 

Yes, Merrell provides customer service which includes a return policy within 45 days if footwear does not suit you. Other than this, you can also check it on Merrell’s website if you want additional information.

Final Verdict: 

So, the battle with a bad odor is a problem for every single person. You should not be embarrassed about it because most hygiene hike lovers do face this problem as well. 

Here you just need to take proper care of any model of Merrell shoes. Bacterias are the major cause of shoes stink, therefore, to withstand it you just need to keep your shoes clean, dry, and wet-free.

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